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  1. Does anyone have any notes on the bullet point "Impact of the First World War on civilian populations of two countries from the region between 1914 and 1918" in topic 13 for the History of Europe, Paper 3? If yes, could you please share them with me? Thank you!
  2. Hey guys! How are you? I would like your suggestion on the option that I should choose for my paper 3 Physics HL. I wanted to take relativity, but my teacher is strongly recommending imaging. Please put your suggestions below. The options are: A: Relativity B: Engineering Physics C: Imaging Astrophysics Thank You. All the best for your exams. 😄
  3. So I am working on putting together notes on Bullet point 15: Versailles to Berlin: Diplomacy in Europe (1919-1945) and I am really struggling to find good resources to base my notes on. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone, For graphs, there are cases when they label quantity (in millions) on the X-Axis. For example, there is a tariff graph and a question asks me to calculate consumer expenditure. Would I still gain marks if I wrote the answer as "(Price value) per kg" even if the X-Axis label states quantity (in millions) kg?
  5. What are your predictions for paper 3 questions that could come up? Market structures (costs) maybe?
  6. Hi, its my first time writing here, so i don't really know how this works. Its my first year of IB and in two weeks i have my mid terms. I really want to prepare for my exams and i tried to google some Paper 3 economics practice questions, however, i couldn't find any. I already did all the questions that cover the material we did in class until now (demand and supply, equilibrium, elasticity), but there were only three questions and i feel its not enough. I really struggle with paper 3, i feel like paper 1 its easier because you can explain your ideas more clearly. So my question fo
  7. Psychology paper 3 mark scheme HL View File 57f40ad1baa3c_HLPaper3MarkschemeMay2013.pdf Submitter nourmah Submitted 10/04/2016 Category Paper 3  
  8. Psychology paper 3 HL View File 57f40acf1c321_HLPaper3May2013.pdf Submitter nourmah Submitted 10/04/2016 Category Paper 3  
  9. How did you guys find the paper? Which of the questions did you select?
  10. Guest

    Mathematics Paper 3

    Who's taking Statistics and Probability as an Options topic for Paper 3? What topic do you find most difficult, and how are you preparing for the exam?
  11. Guest

    Math Paper 3

    Are you guys ready for tomorrow's paper? What option are you taking up?
  12. Hi guys, I know we have had separate discussion rooms for Chemistry, but I thought we can talk about Paper 3 specifically here :). How's everyone Paper 3?
  13. Anyone doing Option B in Physics HL? Wanna discuss here?
  14. It's been more than 24 hours I'm pretty sure, so how did you guys all do? I chose questions 17, 18, and 20: Nixon's domestic, Fidel Castro's retention of power and the domestic impact of the Vietnam War. I hope I did okay. I know I won't fail that's for sure.
  15. Hey do any of you know where I can find practice question for option C? So far I've only done the specimen paper and questions from the oxford textbook. Also are there any data analysis tips/tricks I should know about for paper 3? Thanks!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    My redacted Chinese Civil War Essay, for History Paper 3.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    My redacted essay about the Fall of Tokugawa for History Paper Three.
  18. Fall of Tokugawa Essay 14/20 (7) View File My redacted essay about the Fall of Tokugawa for History Paper Three. Submitter stephleaf Submitted 04/25/2016 Category History
  19. Chinese Civil War Essay 15/20 (7) View File My redacted Chinese Civil War Essay, for History Paper 3. Redacted. Submitter stephleaf Submitted 04/25/2016 Category History
  20. Hi, Mi Maths HL book (Pearson's Baccalaureate) contains a multivariate calculus question in the options section for calculus, e.g. the P3 section, and I'm just taking horrible amounts of time to finally solve it and I wonder if my P3 is going to require me to solve things of this kind. The question was: the definite integral from 0 to k of (x/(sqrt(k^2 - x^2)) I have had to do partial fractions, several layers of integrations by parts, trigonometric substitutions, weierstrass substitutions, and uncountable other substitutions, and this exercise alone would easily have taken me
  21. The syllabus changed so there were changes to the optionals in HL Chemistry, anyone have questions that the IB/Teachers might ask on tests regarding Paper 3 Option D - Drugs and Medicine? I've already seen the specimen paper btw.
  22. Hi, My school has selected medicinal chemistry for the options topic, however, I'm currently struggling with it due to it containing excessive amounts of biology and organic chemistry. I'm doing HL physics and think I would do a lot better at the energy option. Is it possible for me to answer the energy option in paper 3 instead? For maths HL we are only given questions on our option topic and for English we have to refer to the texts selected by our school. However, for sciences I know that the paper 3 contains all topic questions. Would the examiners still mark the questions I've compe
  23. So there's a new syllabus for the May 2016 exams... We only have to do 1 option (I'm doing biochemistry). I was wondering how everyone's studying for Section A which is based off of the compulsory labs? Does anyone have any idea what kind of questions will appear?
  24. So as you all know, the paper 3 case study is about CGI. I just wanted some insight in how you all are preparing for it cause this year they seem to hit us with a sort of weird chapter, while last year it was about networks... So yeah, any tips on taking notes/prep? I honestly seem to be lost with paper 3, I think I'm going to fail Computer Science
  25. 31 downloads

    This is an international paper 3 essay on Alexander II's emancipation of serfs. I got an ib grade 7 for this essay. Hope this helps!
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