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  1. Hello, I'm starting the IB diploma program in September and I want to major in Psychology. My school doesn't offer IB psychology anymore, so I'm signing up for the Psychology HL online course offered by Pamoja. Has anyone here tried doing online IB courses before? How was it and how were your results in the end?
  2. anyone who’s done ib on pamoja.....I want to switch from cp to dp but am not able to due to seat time requirements. I want to propose making up the time online through pamoja. do you have to pay for the courses,,, and can I just do half the course on pamoja and the rest in school?? PLEASE HELP ASAP!
  3. I am just starting IB psychology HL on Pamoja and I am lost. What should I do? How do I catch up all the work and with what ressources? help
  4. Guest

    Online IB Classes

    Hi, So Iv'e been offered by my IB coordinator to take one of my subjects online through Pamoja, as my subjects did not align with my schools subject lines. I'm not sure whether I should take it or not. My subjects are: HL English LangLit HL Global Politics HL Economics SL Biology SL Maths AI SL Spanish ab initio I would be taking HL Economics online. This is so that I could take both Global Politics and Economics together, which I could not do without the online course. Without the online course, I would have a class for Economics and would hav
  5. I am planning to take my Extended Essay online from Pamoja. I also take philosophy SL from Pamoja and am quite successful (my grade for the first term is 7). I mainly want to ask people who have taken an Extended Essay with Pamoja before about how it works. How was your supervisor? How was the programme as a whole? What are the challenges you faced and what benefits are there to taking the Pamoja extended essay course?
  6. I'm currently doing two courses on pamoja: psychology HL as well as french ab initio. I'm finding french okay however psychology is very challenging for me. The physical textbooks the school provides us, an online textbook that the school provides us (kerboodle) and this pamoja course all contains different information and it's really stressing me out. And all these words on the screen just really stress me out in general. I took psychology in GCSE and got an A so I thought I'd be fine but I am really struggling. I really wanted to do something in the field of psychology in the future but this
  7. I'm thinking of switching chem to Film SL. I'll be taking the course through Pamoja though since my school doesn't offer it. Can anyone give me a brief overview of what the course would be like? Also where can I find the new syllabus and if you have any insight on Pamoja (are the teachers good and etc) that would be nice.
  8. So I'm considering dropping Chem HL down to either Chem SL, Art SL, or Film SL (Online). I'm thinking of studying computer science but I found out that I don't actually need Chem for the universities I'm planning on applying too. I would say that I'm more creative than technical (Math and etc) but I love technology (interested in VR and design aspect of tech). I'm starting to struggle in Chem HL because my teacher isn't good but I have tried self studying but I don't think I can maintain good grades if I continue. (Also my math and physics teacher isn't good as well so I have to stud
  9. Hello all, I am Pre-IB student looking for options to take Economics either SL or HL in DP. My school does not offer these courses, so I wish to take them online. I already decided that I am going to take Philosopy SL online due to my passion for the subject, but I am unsure of Economics. How is the learning environment in Pamoja online courses? What are its strengths and weaknesses in terms of its ability to foster academic development? Especially, what is the degree to which the teachers are supportive? Less importantly, are there any other online courses? I heard of the Elite in London
  10. Hello, I wanted to ask for your evaluation of the online programs of Pamoja, specifically those on philosophy and economics. What are its strengths and weaknesses; how supportive are the teachers; what are the additional important things that you can tell me? I am a pre-IB student planning to take these courses online, even though I am not so sure of taking economics. Anything will be helpful. Thanks
  11. Hi! I'm a pre-ib sophomore and I'm new here. I need to decide my subjects for next year soon, and I want to make sure I choose the best classes for me. My main questions are what I should take for my sixth subject and whether I should take Math HL or Math SL. I plan on taking Bio SL, Spanish B HL, History of the Americas HL, Math SL or HL, English SL or HL, and French ab intio online or something else as a sixth subject. The only sixth subject options at my school I believe are Econ HL and Visual Arts HL. I found pamoja and saw that they have online options for sixth subjects. I love lang
  12. Now at the start of my 2nd term, 2nd year, I'm facing a choice... I'm very sure that i want to study an Economics course at a "better" University, One thing that I noticed (and I hope, not to late) is that both LSe (London School of Political Science and Economics), University of Cambridge and -Oxford requires Math HL (a score of 6 and 7) (LSe seems to accept Math SL but prefer HL) [Correct me if Im wrong] I have Math SL, and Math HL isn't offered at my School but I've seen that you can take Online course, at Pamoja (Fee: initial $300, and later $1000). The fee is something Im p
  13. Hey guys, So I'm taking HL Psychology on Pamoja (currently in week 12: UNIT 3: Biological Approaches to Behaviour) and I'm struggling a lot. I find it hard to keep track of everything I've read about even when taking notes. The class moves kind of fast and my teacher constantly tells me that I don't use enough psychology terms. I've tried constantly reading each rubric for how to answer questions and even listing down words I don't understand to use it in the future. I'm engaged in discussions and I continue to keep trying harder to hit all the necessary things when answering an SAQ. If a
  14. Hello Everyone, So I will keep this short and hopefully, someone can answer my question. I am currently enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course and I'll admit I am not doing very well at all and am quite concerned about my progress. Also, the teacher we have is terrible. He is five weeks behind in grading, cancels lessons five minutes after they should have started, and all in all its just been a terrible experience. My question to you is this - Can I switch courses from French to Spanish? We are in week 11 of the program, however, I believe I should be able to catch up in the Span
  15. I want to drop SL chemistry for film but that will take a lot of convincing to my teacher since IB has been going for 2 months already and it is too late for me to change. My school doesnt offer the subject but theres an online course: pamoja film and i didnt know about this until yesterday and im really really interested in film. does anyone have any experience with pamoja though? im just afraid of regretting the decision (if im allowed to change) because its an online course and stuff... hows the work load?
  16. In 10th grade we need to pick our IB courses, and I really want to take ESS. Unfortunately, my school doesn't offer it. Are there any plans to add ESS to the Pamoja site?
  17. Hi guys, I am currently learning online with Pamoja, but all it gives are grades in percentage, no level grades. Does anyone know what is the percentage grade boundaries for math HL?
  18. Hi! I'm about to enter my first year of IB in August, and I'm taking SL Psychology through Pamoja. I haven't seen many threads about online courses, specifically psychology, but I'm sorry if I'm mistaken and these questions have already been answered. Basically: What was your experience in taking psych through Pamoja? Did you have a good teacher? Did you like the layout of information? Is this class really difficult? (I'm wondering if I can bump it up to HL, if that's not a hassle for an online course.) Would you recommend getting a textbook? (I'm looking at the Pearson B
  19. I am currently doing psychology HL as an online course (pamoja) and I absolutely hate it, I regret picking this subject so much. I just find the psychology so difficult, i feel like I don't understand anything. I also have my end of year exams soon (grade 11) and i have no idea where i should start with the revising. What are some good ways to start studying? Do you guys have any tips for me? I would really appreciate it Thank youuuu
  20. Hi! If you could take a moment to help me out I would be SUPER grateful. So I have to choose my subjects in the next few weeks and I'm struggling with what to choose for my Group 3. I am only (kind of) certain of 4 things: Biology HL. Chemistry HL. Math SL. French SL. English SL. (You can let me know if you've taken something similar to this and if you believe my choices are a good idea:) ) My dilemma is over what my Individuals and Societies course will be. My school offers only History and Economics as in class subjects, but if interested (like I am) students can take Psycholo
  21. Hello world, Currently I have the option of taking ITGS online and I was wondering if anyone who's done it or is doing it can give me some information on if this is a good option? I've been trying to find some online course taker IB results but to no avail. What I'm really interested in is, what portion of the people who do online courses get 7s? Any tips and advice at all regarding this general topic would be very much appreciated! Thank you~
  22. How exactly do people feel with an online course in pamoja for ab initio courses? I want to do well in ab initio cause it starts in the beginning, so are there any tips for me? How many hours do people study for ab initio on average? What is the exact syllabus and how do we prepare for the finals?
  23. Hi, I'm currently in the Pre-IB, and I'm pretty sure I will choose both biology and chemistry on higher level next year. The thing is, I am very good at remembering things and have always had quite an easy time doing schoolwork - but how hard are these subjects on HL? I've heard that the HL biology is very much about memorizing stuff, while I really haven't heard anything about HL chemistry except for it being the hardest HL together with HL mathematics. The following are the subject combinations I'm going to decide between Irregular: English A1 SL Swedish A2 HL
  24. Hi, I taking pamoja economics SL course this week. I am pretty scared because I have never done any online course before. Can someone give me some advice?? How does they grade you ? Which part of the course is the most important to get a good mark? A guy from grade 12 from our school said that he never participate in the discussion and Blogs & Wiki and he still got an 7... So are they important? Cuz English is not my first language so I might not do well in discussing. I am really worried about my performance... And...Any trick of getting high mark? Thanks for responding my
  25. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there are any people in this website that are going to take, are currently taking, or have finished the Math HL online course through Pamoja Education. If there are any of you that are currently taking it or have already taken it, please share your experience! Is the course harder than the usual classroom course? How do we get marked (Online tests?)? I just want to know the experience that anyone of you guys have concerning this online course! Thanks!!
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