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  1. Hey! I want to study medicine at Oxford or somewhere else in the UK (I am May 2021). Although I know it will be extremely hard, I want to do my best in order to get into Oxford. So do you have any advice on what should be there in my Personal Statement to maximise my chances of getting in? Are here any people who are studying/have studied medicine in Oxford and could give me any tips or answer some more specific questions? Thanks in advance guys! 😊
  2. Hi, I am learning physics HL. And my school has provided me with Oxford 2014 Physics Course Companion by David Homer and Michael Bowen-Jones, but I feel it misses out some topics or content as per syllabus. So is there any better book? Please suggest...
  3. I'm a month into IB and my classes so far are: HL Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Arabic B; SL Economics and English LL. However, I've been rethinking what I want to do in the future and have been moving away from engineering/physics towards more Maths and computer science. If I decide to drop chemistry for comp sci, my schedule will be as follows: HL Maths, Physics, English LL; SL Comp Sci, Economics, Spanish AB. My school doesn't offer computer science Higher Level. I'm worried that this setup is not as strong as the first one with regards to me applying for mathematics at Oxford. Also, witho
  4. How do I make sure I get into Cambridge? Even if I don't get the required grades?
  5. What are the best IB textbooks and revision books? I went on OSC ( Oxford Study Course) website and I saw multiple revision books, an app that contains all parts of the syllabus for all subjects, with knowledge tests ( SmartBacc) . They also have free IB math videos. It loos amazing. Do you recommend Oxford? What about Cambridge or Pearson? How good are they? Which companies are best for eh subject??? Link to OSC https://osc-ib.com/
  6. I'm a first-year IB student taking Maths HL and our class is currently using the Oxford textbook (the one with the purple flower on the cover). Personally, I find that the explanations/examples are lacking in this book which is a real problem since I practically have to self-study the subject because the teacher is crap. Also, lots of people say the questions in the Oxford book are a lot easier than the questions on the actual Maths HL exam. I have every Maths HL textbook on PDF so getting them won't be a problem. I just haven't gotten the time to reference any other book besides the Oxford on
  7. I am currently in the process of selecting my IBDP courses, and was curious about subject requirements for engineering at Cambridge University. I intend to choose: HL: Maths Physics Economics Arabic SL: Business English Lit and Lang
  8. Hey I'm deciding where to apply to uni for 2017 term. A year ago I was really hoping to achieve good grades so that I could apply to Oxford University for their Engineering course; however, now that I finished the IB I'm second guessing my self. I got 43 points with 776 at my HLs BUT I got a 6 from Math HL. I just couldn't manage the work load at the end and there were huge issues with teaching at my school throughout the two years of IB (only one person has managed to get a 7 in my school and that was three years ago LOL) On Oxford's website they say that they require 7s from both mathe
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering about the application process for architecture in certain unis. I know that Cambridge only does an interview + writing and drawing assessment, but what about UCL, Sheffield, Cardiff and Bath? I heard Sheffield wanted you to do an task showing your street, but I haven't found anything else on the other unis. Thanks
  10. Hi I was wondering if there was someone, who was accepted into Oxford medicine, and would be prepared to share what grades, work experience, bmat score... they had.
  11. Hello, I am starting IB in a few years, and I was thinking of practicing and solving problems by myself beforehand. Can you recommend me which textbooks have the most content, explanations, and problems? Our school uses harris & hease, but I don't think there is much content to it. Thanks
  12. Is it recommended to write my EE in biology if I'll apply for law later? Or should I better switch to history or sth? Do unis look at EE? Or does oxford especially pay attention to it? Thanks for any advice!
  13. I've tried to research but yenno, better to have all inputs. But how is Oxford? Specifically their science program? I'm not sure if I want to apply to Oxford because I'm pretty sure you have to be (basically) a 100% student to receive admission into Oxford.
  14. Here's a friend of mine, a current first year Oxford student, explaining about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for succeeding in the IB. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/lifestyle Hope you guys find it useful, Let us know if you ever have any questions
  15. Hello all, I'm starting my second year of DP next year, and I want a textbook for SL Physics to work with. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Oxford book here but I don't think it's for the new curriculum (though I could be wrong). I've also read lots of mixed reviews about it. I don't want to drop upwards of $50 on a textbook that won't help me. (Not to mention I need one for chemistry too, that post is here.) My
  16. Hello friends! I'm starting my second year of DP soon, and I want to have a textbook for HL Chem to work with this year. We don't use textbooks in my class, but last year I had a hard time without something physical to refer to when pre-writing notes. Also, I'd like to have something that's IB-specific. I have a Barron's study guide for general chem, and it's very good (my favourite brand for all study guides), but I need something to help me prepare for the exam itself. I was going to go with the Pearson HL Chemistry book here but it doesn't look like it's for the new curriculum. It's the b
  17. Hi guys, any idea on where to buy the new syllabus oxford study guides? As in the newer version of this: http://www.amazon.com/IB-Chemistry-Oxford-Diploma-Program/dp/0198390025 I can't seem to find it anywhere, is it even out yet? Thanks in advance
  18. Hey guys, I heard that Oxford doesn't accept people who have ITGS, Business&Management, Design Technology, Theatre, Visual Arts, etc. because they are way too easy and even if you got 45/45 points and 777 at HL you won't be accepted. Is that true?
  19. Hey guys, I'm doing May session 2016- my dream uni is Oxford, PPE, however I am not very strong at maths (I'm doing SL) and I've been wondering is it possible to get an offer with predicted 5? Do you know anyone who had a 5 predicted/ or happened to you? I am wondering, because I know that Oxford doesn't really consider applications for PPE with math studies, but well, if it doesn't give offers to people with 5s, I might switch to studies and do better and apply to other decent uni. Can anyone help me from their experience? Thanks a lot in advance
  20. So, I am planning on applying to Oxford (god forbid I get my hopes up, I'm basically not expecting anything but just gonna give it a shot and see what happens, might as well try and fail than never try at all). Ofcourse I need to achieve all the grades, but for applying it would really help (and ofcourse i'm interested) in reading some books on these 2 topics. Does anyone have any recommendations for economis or management books? I heard freakonomics was supposed to be pretty good.
  21. Hey! So, has anyone got an interview from either Oxford or Cambridge this year? When are you going and what course have you applied to? Figured we could panic together!
  22. Hi guys, I've been receiving loads of requests for help with mainly Jurisprudence and PPE statements for Oxford. There is one PS for PPE that I really cannot judge properly. I would like your thoughts on it. Just drop me a pm! Yii Yann
  23. Hello IBSurvival! This is my first post here but I've been reading this forum ever since I started going to a international school (March this year). Anyway, I just started my IGCSE's and so far it has been a smooth jurney, BUT today my maths teacher asked me after lesson if I would like to do additional mathematics, as I've had really good grades and on my last test I had an average of 98%. I have overall pretty good academic results, last year I've had an average of 6.7 out of all my subjects... There are only 2 people taking this class right now and so far they didn't do anything hard, bu
  24. I want to apply to universities in the UK for Biology (life sciences, biological sciences, natural sciences, etc). Any suggestion on what will be the best ones for international students? And how much will I need to get in? I also plan to apply for Oxford. My IGCSE percentage was 92.3% and I received a 41 in my IB1. What chances do I have of getting in?
  25. I've just started the International Baccalaureate, and I'm quite passionate about the subjects Philosophy, Politics and Economics. However, I am worried that my subject combination might prevent me from getting in, as I am not studying History or Mathematics at higher level (as I believe they recommend on the Oxford website.) My subjects are: HL Economics HL Art HL English HL Physics (probably going to drop to Standard Level) SL Maths SL Spanish ab initio Ignoring the other factors (intelligence, passion for your subject etc.) that contribute to being accepted by Oxford, would these su
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