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  1. i'm in my second year of ib and up until now I had been very unsure of what i wanted to study in university i'm quite interested in food science and nutrition so I think i may want to go towards those subjects in university. Some prerequisites state that i need to have taken one science at HL and I have only taken chemistry at SL, obviously i cannot change subjects now because I am in my second year and it is too late do i have no chance of being able to study this subject in uni?
  2. Heyy! I am a student who is currently in Y11 and is going to study the IB Diploma starting next year. I would like to study astrophysics or law in uni and here are my current option choices: HL Physics, Maths AA, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish, Chemistry The problem here is that I absolutely love theatre but equally love chemistry and so I cannot choose between the to. The majority of the universities I have looked at and even spoken to do not have chemistry as a requirement but a few recommend having two sciences instead on one. I am passionate about both subjects, get the
  3. I need help... I don't know if I should choose Chemistry HL, I was a Core IGCSE student and I'm not very good at chemistry or an overall intelligent student , I was in the top 5 but as a class we are not very good anyway.Should i choose it i have until the 3rd of November to choose my options. Ohhhh. I'm also a hardcore procrastinator and never really do things on time. Is CHEM HL really hard? or if i study will i be able to do it
  4. Hey guys! How are you? I would like your suggestion on the option that I should choose for my paper 3 Physics HL. I wanted to take relativity, but my teacher is strongly recommending imaging. Please put your suggestions below. The options are: A: Relativity B: Engineering Physics C: Imaging Astrophysics Thank You. All the best for your exams. 😄
  5. I am in year 11 and I am doing AQA GSCE Psychology, which I really am not enjoying. I get A's and a few A*'s. I started doing Economics GSCE but changes to Psychology within the first two weeks because our teacher was extremely bad, meaning I have no prior economics knowledge. I'm extremely oriented towards humanities and my math isn't that good. I want to study Politics or Law in university. Right now, I really don't want to do Psychology for IB (we need to choose our subjects by next week) and I have a read a bit of Economics and it seems really interesting. My strong point is my memory. SO
  6. Hey, I'll be writing my IB retakes in a few days and I'm kinda behind already and I'm retaking them cause i only got a 4 in my May boards due to a mitigating circumstance. Guess Im a bit late to prep already but I wanna increase my score by atleast a point or two. I wan wondering if the study guide along with a few past papers would be enough to assure me a 5 or low 6. Mainly I'm not sure of which option to chose for paper 3. I did materials in the May paper but only got around 22/45 in Paper 3. I am retaking bio as well and so many of the option B topics seems similar. I wanted to
  7. Hi! So I'm starting IB next year, and I just need some help/advice on choosing my subjects. (Technically, I've already confirmed them, but I still have under a week to make adjustments.) My current choices are: HL Chem, Econ, Maths // SL English A Lit, Chinese A, and Music (though I am probably going to drop to HL Chinese B and take 4 HLs) However, I am now doubting whether I should swap SL Music with Biology. I am not sure what I'll be taking in university, however, I do know that I do not want to major in music. I'm leaning towards maybe the more "sciency" side, say, maybe Pha
  8. So recently, I've been having some doubts about my IB options (I'm beginning IB later this year in August), and I'd just like some advice from anyone who has experience with IB or any of the subjects mentioned below. Sorry for the long post, but any help would be greatly appreciated!! (Current choices are: HL - Chemistry, Maths, Economics // SL - English Literature A, Chinese A, and Music) I really messed my IGCSE options up, so when it comes to choosing the right subjects for IB, I become pretty paranoid. Here's my situation: I don't really know what I want to do in uni/the future, but a
  9. Hi, My school has selected medicinal chemistry for the options topic, however, I'm currently struggling with it due to it containing excessive amounts of biology and organic chemistry. I'm doing HL physics and think I would do a lot better at the energy option. Is it possible for me to answer the energy option in paper 3 instead? For maths HL we are only given questions on our option topic and for English we have to refer to the texts selected by our school. However, for sciences I know that the paper 3 contains all topic questions. Would the examiners still mark the questions I've compe
  10. . D1.docx D2.docx D3.docx D4.docx
  11. So there's a new syllabus for the May 2016 exams... We only have to do 1 option (I'm doing biochemistry). I was wondering how everyone's studying for Section A which is based off of the compulsory labs? Does anyone have any idea what kind of questions will appear?
  12. Hey, everyone! So I'm going to have my exams in May 2016 and my Chem teacher is teaching us Option D (Medicine n Drugs) right now.. And to be honest, it's just really difficult and I'm not sure if I can keep up with that. I'm planning to take on Energy instead, but of course I would need to study it on my own. Thoughts? Oh and what options are you guys taking?
  13. Sooo, opinions? I did not find the paper that difficult (although I'm unsure about some of the answers), but the whole of my class, including a few math geniuses, claimed it was absolutely horrible, and now I'm kinda panicking whether I misunderstood everything. How about everyone else? Oh, and to everyone who's already finished their exams, CONGRATS! WE MADE IT! WE ARE FREE ELVES!
  14. I was practicing some Chemistry P1 for the upcoming Chemistry final exam. I noticed that in the May 2008 Paper 1, it asked about the NMR Spectroscopy: "Which compounds show three main peaks in their H NMR spectra?", three choices of organic compounds were given I thought NMR Spectroscopy was part of Option A? Or is this just a case of the exam being outdated? I don't even know which of the core topics would include it originally.. They cannot include questions from Options into P1 and P2 at all, right?
  15. Hello all, With the paper 2 coming two days later, I wanted to clarify if my method of studying for the paper 2 works. By looking at past paper 2 questions, three questions from different topics in an option are asked. Furthermore, no two questions are from the same topic. For example, in the option health, if the learning outcome "discuss physiological, psychological and social aspects of stress" is asked, the other outcome "Evaluate strategies for coping with stress" is not likely to be asked. (instead, the other questions will most likely be about obesity etc) Therefore, I would like to
  16. I just started the human biochem option (SL) and I am TERRIBLE at it. Any advice for how to learn and study it? Thanks so much!
  17. 68 downloads

    Here is my detailed IB physics HL notes that I took during my IB years. This part contains notes for 2 HL options (Astrophysics & Relativity). Hope it is useful for those taking physics
  18. 52 downloads

    This is a word document of a check list of everything you need to know for Paper 2. - helped a lot with revision for me. Topics: A - Freshwater B - Oceans and Coasts D - Hazards
  19. So, how did it go? In my opinion, compared to Paper 2, it was really easy and doable. Didn't expect that after the first two papers...
  20. Hi Guys, I have another doubt, this time in Paper 3, Squeeze Theorem. I have a question f(x) = x^3 sin(pi/x)cos(pi/x) lim f(x) x -> 0 How do you solve this question, and in general more questions like this through Squeeze Theorem? Thanks!
  21. How many people in your school choose 4 HL subjects? I'm planning on taking 4 HLs but I worry if I've overestimate myself as I'm not a very outstanding student in MYP5. But I have the courage to work very hard in the coming years. I want to get into Ivy League University, do you think it'll be fine for that if I get at least 43 in 3 SLs and 3 HLs?
  22. Hey there, I just have few questions about Paper 3 (esp. Chemistry and Physics). I understood that there are a bunch of options you can study (some SL only, some SL and HL, and some HL only of which you have to study two in total... correct?) and I also understood that Paper 3 is all about the options... "Several short-answer questions and one extended-response question in each of the two options studied" - Physics Syllabus Guide, First Examinations: 2009, about Paper 3 So there are (according to the PDF document I have: http://www.ncbis.net/Editor/EditorImages/Physics.pdf ) 7 options for SL s
  23. Hi, I'm in year 11 in the UK and have decided to do IB. I've chosen most of my subjects but I can't decide between Spanish and Chinese. I do both of them at GCSE and am predicted A*'s. Does anyone have any advice for which one I should do?
  24. Hi! What papers (1, 2 and 3) of Biology SL/HL do you think are the most difficult? Can you post them with their TZ as well? Thanks
  25. Hello, I was just wondering which of the options are easier or more interesting from the Part 2: Options? and which ones have you guys studied? Abnormal Psychology? Developmental Psychology? Health Psychology? Psychology of Human Relationships? Sport Psychology? Thanks! (:
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