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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, this is my first time posting in this website. I've only recently discovered the vast amount of resources and the great advice that the community had provided. Currently, I'm a Year 2 student being stressed out in IB taking Physics HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, ITGS HL, Mandarin B SL, and English Lit and Lang A HL. I know that in my year 1 adventure in IB, I haven't been trying hard enough in all of my courses where it results in me almost failing Physics and Chemistry. I've noticed that my mental state isn't exactly in its best form since I get beaten down a lot by bad test grade
  2. 1) So, I realised that I've trapped myself in an endless cycle where I often have to frantically write or revise until two in the morning. How do I break out? Personal deadlines don't always work. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep personal deadlines because, number one, the tasks usually take wayyy longer than expected, and number two, if I plan to do something that is due in a few months on a certain day but I have a deadline or a test that same week, I will usually focus on the more urgent task and forget about my plan. But you can only do that so often until it's the week before t
  3. Hey guys! I'm in Business sl and I am doubting a little about what my RQ should be. I want to do my IA about motivation, possibly centered on my mother's business (it's a pretty big school chain, and currently in UK and Spain.) and the motivation of their teachers. I am not sure about how to center it. My main ideas: How could Company X improve the motivation of their teachers in its spanish schools? Should Company X implement Y theory (Pink's, Maslow's...) to improve teacher motivation in Spain? I'm stuck!!! Please help
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently entering my second month of IB2 and during the past month, I have been finding that I have gradually been working less harder, and losing the "First-year" Enthusiasm that I always start off with. This has caused me to increase procrastinating and ending my study sessions earlier. I have looked through the web regarding ways to motivate yourself but it all just says that I have to remember the outcomes and all that. Was wondering if you guys had any pointers to help me out here. Thanks! Side Note: I work every single day of the week, but take a semi-day of
  5. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/7hlmaths I would really recommend every current, and prospective, IB student to read this blog post. Are you going to make 2016 your year? What steps are you going to take to bettering yourself? Is this going to be your year? I know it is.
  6. Hey , I was just wondering how you get motivated to do all your work? I´m so tired and when I´m at school I only think to get out.... help
  7. I have a week till I start school, and I feel like I've been doing homework all summer, but I still have so much left. I keep sitting down to work on it, but I can never get much done. Any one else have a similar problem, or any suggestions on how to remedy it?
  8. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has been to a IB summer course before. I have won scholarship to a summer course abroad but I still have to pay for the flight, which cost a lot!! It is only 5-days long and I am not sure if it would worth all that time and money. Please help me out, I must respond to the course administrator asap. Thanks! )
  9. I mean, how do you push yourself. I find myself studying on the day before an exam and while this does give me the drive I need; I'm always left wondering how much better I could do if only I'd studied earlier. How do you push yourself to studying and working consistently. Is it maybe a symbolic visualization of something you see yourself do? Elizabeth Murray, a homeless teenager to Harvard graduate saw herself running on a track and jumping over hurdles as and when they came. That's what motivated her. Is there a deeper purpose behind your actions like maybe developing a cure for cancer or
  10. Hi everyone! What is currently motivating you in this course? or if you have completed the course, What was the driving force behind your study? Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi, so I'm in the first year of my IB, and when I started out, I realized that there wasn't (or that I couldn't find) any helpful tips or advice for IB students all in one place, and thus, decided to create this thread. I think it could really come in handy for ALL the students on this forum. So go ahead, post any helpful advice or tips you've learnt- both academically and socially. Here are some of mine: - Even if you have a super-huge-worth-75%-of-your-grade assignment due tomorrow, it really helps if you have some sort of control over the situation. Do not freak out- deadlines have been me
  12. Hey! I have my finals may 2014 so I start my IB2 year now. I would need some help with my extended essay. my topic is about sports motivation, so would this question be to broad ? : How does motivation affect competetive sports performances, and how does it differ in age groups? Would anyone have ideas how to get a better question, detailed and not to broad, but a question which would give me a chance to write a lot ? I dont really have any idea how to start or what to do so please give me some ideas how to get my ee started and finnished!
  13. Hey guys, just curious to this question, but what really drives you to working hard in school? I feel that it being my senior year this coming fall, I really have no other option than to do well in my courses. But I don't wanna just be miserable and force myself to do tons of work for the sake of getting in to uni etc. Cause for me, I am mostly really unmotivated with a lot of things, and just wanna give up with everything. So what really drives you? (and not even just in school, what helps you get through the worst of times when you just really wanna give up?)
  14. I just started IB and this whole CAS thing is such a bother for me since I am so lazy to do all of it so how do you become motivated to actually go out and earn those hours? I think I must have around 60 hours so far but there is so much more to go.
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