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  1. Hello all! I am currently in the summer between the first year of IB and the second. Over the first year I came up with the title of: How has the globalization of food in Thailand affected the health of the population in terms of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes? I am interested in studying medicine in university in the future and decided to do a medicine related EE in geography as there are no experiments required (unlike the group 4 sciences) and it provides a different aspect of medicine, and I decided to focus it in Thailand as I live here and know the cult
  2. Hello! I am a year 10 students who is in the process of choosing for my IBDP subjects. I have gotten interested in doing medicine and the only science subject I could get is biology HL. I couldn’t take chemistry because I didn’t take it in my IGCSE. So do I still have a chance to become a medical student with only bio HL and no chemistry in any Australian universities? Thank you for you answers
  3. This is a topic for all who need to change their IB subjects. I am in my first year of the IB diploma and I am taking Biology SL and Business and Management HL while i had not known that to go into medicine i would have to take Biology as HL and Chemistry HL. The question is that is it allowed according to the IBO to change from one sbjects to another ( in my case from Business and Management HL to Chemistry HL) and also is it allowed to changed from an SL level subject to HL ( from Bio SL to Bio HL). THANKS
  4. Hello. I was wondering wether I should take AI SL or AA SL. I enjoy calculus and algebra more than statistics but I am not that comfortable with non calc. However I am worried that medical unis might not prefer AI SL? Would it be better to take AI SL and get a 7 or AA sl and get a 5/6? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! I’m wondering if anyone has applied to Ireland , Medicine courses. I’m an IB student, my hLs are : bio, chem, eng, bm, and SLs : math and ssst. My predicted grade is around 36-38 (at least). Hoping to go to any uni in Ireland such as RCSI, Trinity, UCD, DCU. Any tips? Experience? Thoughts? THANK YALLLLL
  6. Good afternoon, IB folks! It is my first year in DP, and only when the first half-year had ended, I realised that I want to change my specialisation. My HL subjects: Business and Management, English B and Russian A1; SL subjects: History, Maths and ES&S. I picked these subjects as kind of evil of the lesser kind because I had no clue what I wanted to practise in the future. Now I'm determined to become a surgeon. I talked to teachers at school and generally (theoretically!) changing B&M and ES&S to Chemistry HL and Biology HL is not that much of an issue (in comparison w
  7. Hello everyone ! I am an IB student graduation 2021 ( EU citizen ). I was interested to study medicine in the UK for the past 3 years, but since Brexit is happening and the fees are rising even more than before I decided to step back. I still wanted an English speaking country so I chose Ireland which has fees at around 4,000$ annually. My question is now is here anyone who tried to apply to med schools in Dublin, Cork etc.? Maybe give some tips on deciding a uni, or best accommodation, experience etc. I would be forever thankful !
  8. Hello so as the teacher advised me to consider carefully about my IA experiments, I would like to do an experiment about medicines. Could you please suggest me some good experiments about them? I thought about the synthesis of aspirin but the teacher said that it takes too much time. Also, since aspirin hydrolysis is already done by another student, it is preferable to avoid this topic. Thanks for your attention!
  9. Hey! I want to study medicine at Oxford or somewhere else in the UK (I am May 2021). Although I know it will be extremely hard, I want to do my best in order to get into Oxford. So do you have any advice on what should be there in my Personal Statement to maximise my chances of getting in? Are here any people who are studying/have studied medicine in Oxford and could give me any tips or answer some more specific questions? Thanks in advance guys! 😊
  10. Hey, I started IBDP Year 1 in September and I've chosen Maths SL Analysis & Approaches. I'm now experiencing some difficulties (as majority of my classmates) because we had a very bad Maths teacher last year. I was always quite good at Maths and that's why I decided to choose AA. However, now I'm considering changing from it to Maths SL AI. I want to study medicine in the UK in the future (I'm dreaming of studying at the University of Oxford or University College London). My question is, is it much better to have Maths SL AA than AI. I checked the universities' websites and they
  11. I am in year 12 and doing my IB, I did not take Biology at any level. I do, however, have HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I am wondering if I will still be able to do medicine in Germany. My subjects: HL Physics HL Chemistry HL German B SL English Literature SL Maths A&A SL History
  12. Hi I'm looking to go into the medical field in university but I'm not sure whether I should take HL Math or HL Psych. As of right now, I really want to study neuroscience in uni and I know Psych would help with that but at the same time, HL Math might be really important especially with calculus and all. My current subject choices are: HL Biology, Chemistry, Psych/Math SL English Lang Lit, Chinese B, Psych/Math Please let me know what you think is best and in general what you think of the subject combination. I know it will be extremely challenging and I'm scared but I l
  13. Dear associates, I need your help. My Extended Essay subjects & topic are due soon, but I am struggling with the choice. I am determined to study medicine after graduating, and thus I want my EE to be relevant. However, when it comes to related sciences, Biology and Chemistry, teachers in my school strongly advise against them, claiming that students get the lowest grades for these subjects. I am interested in them but not much competent in either Bio or Chem, as I picked them only a month ago (this is another story 😂). Those of you who are experienced in the sciences or anyone
  14. Hi all, I am starting IB next year and I'm starting to have my doubts. I've been reading a lot online and it's putting me off, so I'm trying to regain my confidence. I was just wondering whether Australian Universities like/favour IB students? Thanks,
  15. Okay so I am a first year iB diploma currently taking Chem, Maths, Bio HL and English, Italian and Geography SL and with 40/42 predicted grade. I now have to choose the subject and idea for my EE and since I'd like to do medicine then at uni my teachers have all advised me to get informed about the World Studies extended essay as they thing it will be a great opportunity to endorse a global health issue related topic. I now have two queries: Has anybody done a World Studies Extended essay on a health related topic and can give me advice? What would a possible medical student do as extended es
  16. Are there any medical universities in Canada that accept Math studies? My HL’s are biology, chemistry and psychology
  17. I have the UMAT in a few days and I'm not entirely sure about it. I know you need HL Chem to study in the UK but I don't do it. I'm willing to change but Chemistry is difficult for me at times. I am not sure if our school has registered our IB subjects yet. They said they were about to. Can you amend registrations? Also, if I decide to do it, do I have a chance at doing well in the BMAT? I haven't prepared at all but I hear that Section 1 is kind of similar to UMAT. I do Maths Studies so I don't know if I am at a disadvantage. As an Australian student, would my predicted gr
  18. Hi so I have decided to write my extended essay on the world studies topic of Chinese traditional medicine. However now that I have chosen this topic, I am not sure where to go next. I wanted my research question to be something a long the lines of "to what extent is chinese traditional medicine effective...". I wanted to answer this by comparing the treatment and its results for chinese traditional medicine with those of western medicine for a particular disease, however I am finding the research for a particular disease to be quite hard. Do you think I should continue to research for a disea
  19. Hello. I'm very confused and I feel like I can't talk to my parents about this anymore or any of my teachers, so I'm trying here. My dilemma: I would say I'm quite wishy-washy in terms of what subject I want to study. I know I want to do something science related, but I don't know what exactly it is at this point. My parents want me to study medicine because their reasoning is that I should go for a job where I won't have to work for anyone (they're against me entering the corporate world and to an extent, I agree with them). Now my problem is that I'm not exactly against doing medicine, there
  20. Hello Everyone i was just looking to see Medicine Universities in Australia and im completely lost and have no idea what to do.So could anyone outline the australian medicine process for me, please?? ( i have an australian passport but i do IB in Dubai)
  21. Hey all, Currently enrolled in the IB Program, I am still undecided on two subjects that I wish to pursue: engineering and medicine. Leaning more towards the medical field, I had chosen my courses mainly based on that decision; however, I am concerned about the amount of stress it might bring during my junior and senior year. My selected courses include: HL Math, HL English Lang. & Lit., HL Chem, HL Bio, SL Psych, and SL Mandarin Ab Initio My concerns include what subjects are required to enroll in a medical program in the United States or the United Kingdom (mainly for HL),
  22. What jobs require HL math? Does medicine require HL math? Or does it just look better to have
  23. Many websites are saying that high school students should have LinkedIn. Would LinkedIn be useful for someone applying to undergraduate Medicine in Australia? If it is useful or you have done it, do you have any tips?
  24. Hello! So, I'm applying to medicine, and have a question. Is it possible to skip grades in a medical school IF you can get over all the material faster than the course itself? I'm just asking if it's possible, I'm just curious, so if anyone knows, please share your thoughts.By the way, I'm applying to UK, but you can also tell me about any other country if you know. Thank you.
  25. Hey there! So I am planning to apply to the UK as an international student. In high school I am doing the IB diploma and my predicted will be around 40-41 with HL biology (7) HL chemistry (6) HL Psychology (6) SL Eng (6) SL Mandarin (6) SL Math (6-7), my UKCAT score was average 650 with a band 3 SJT. I really wanted to apply to imperial, UCL, King's, Brighton Sussex and possibly anything for another school. According to my grades and UKCAT, what do you guys think would be my best option? and do you guys think King's would consider me as they highly value UKCAT score? Any advice would be amazin
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