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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! What are you guys doing for your math exploration topics? Could anyone suggest a few to me? I really don't know what to do. Thanks! ______________________ IB makes me wanna
  2. Hello, I have to write a written task 2 about A Streetcar Named Desire. I do have two questions: - does anybody know to which part this book belongs; part 3 or part 4? - does anybody know which genre this book is; tragedy, melodrama, or dramatic convention, or is the genre just drama? Thanking you in advance, Debora
  3. This was the first week of IB, at least for me. I don't know what is happening right now. Not only that the course is rigorous... but also got no idea what to do..!! Biggest problem for me is things like CAS,TOK,IA and EE. oh my god.. i don't know how should i have to plan all these. Once i looked at the exams date and there was Internal Assessment in every subject. What on the earth is that?? Can Anyone help please i am kinda scared right now..
  4. Okay, so our biology teacher is a noob and we need help. She doesn't know what she's doing at all. She gives us the same tests that she gives her standard biology classes and we haven't covered the whole book at all. What do I do? I know for a fact that whatever she does won't help. So how do I save myself? What can I do to teach myself one of my least favorite subject? Please help me. I am dying and I don't want to fail.
  5. Hi! Please help me! I want to do my Math IA on something involving Korea and/or K-pop!!!!! I have no idea if I am allowed though to use as I'm not even sure where to find info for!
  6. Hello, I am currently a student in the IB program (high school) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What average do I need to get accepted into U of T, Mac, UWO, Mcgill? Do # of volunteer hours/ school clubs increase my chance? Which is a better uni for undergrad and why? ( I've heard U of T is not so good). What advice would you give me/ any other important info I should know abt? Do the chances of an IB diploma certificate improve my chances? Then, I want to go to Dental school/ Med school...not sure yet but I currently like Dentistry. Also what are the pros and cons of U of
  7. Hi! Having completed Math SL and scored a 7 on the exams, would math HL be an okay transition in terms of difficulty/understanding concepts?
  8. Hi guys, I've been accepted into the IB program and I chose Bio, Chem, and Geo (for socials) as my HL courses. I don't really know what to expect since I'm getting mixed opinions from other people. Some say that HL Bio and Chem are manageable and some say it's overwhelming. I definitely do not know how Geo HL will be because... I haven't actually studied Geography before. >_> Teachers at my school say that Chem HL covers a LOT of content and Bio is a lot of work. I'm kinda getting nervous now cuz I feel like I might not be able to keep up with the workload or smthing. Also
  9. Alright, let me explain how to play this game. The previous poster will post three things about him/her, and the next poster has to guess which one is the lie. ( only one of the three has to be a lie) Let me start -I'm a surfer -I think IB is a waste of time -I love reggae
  10. Next year I am starting IB and I am really not shure about my subjects to choose. What do you think? Bio HL Chemistry SL Ang HL Polish SL Math HL Psychology SL I love both Biology and math but I am not sure is it a good combination. What courses can I take after this? Maybe I should take Chemistry HL instead of Math and study medicine in the future? Is Chemistry HL difficult? How abouth math HL? What u think? Pleasse... and thx
  11. Hey everyone, I'm currently doing my EE in chemistry without a coordinator... my research question at the moment is so "How does changing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide affect the intensity of light produced by fluorescent dyes measured in lux (lx)?" I had an epiphany earlier today and realized that concentration wont effect the amount of energy released, resulting in the intensity of light remaining the same. I'm hesitant in thinking so as I showed it to a chemistry teacher and they said it was okay, however their judgement is highly questionable lol... Could anyone give me a li
  12. Hey, I have my CS paper 2 mock in a week and I am not sure how to study for it. I took topic D (OOP). Im not sure if i should start mugging up a whole lot of alogos and codes or just do the definitions. I don't really get the syllabus cause the specimen papers ask questions totally off topic . Help me out if anybody has a plan of attack to this hellish paper 2. Thanks guys.
  13. Hey EVERYONE!!!! ME AGAIN! I got an offer from Exeter to study law. It is a conditional offer and it requires me to get 36 points. I am never getting that point...I applied to Exeter because the requirement was 36-34 (yes first is 36 back to 34 :/ ).... What should I do? Call the undergrad admission? or who?? http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/law/staff/ i got this list of people related to law in exeter and I want to email or call one of them (maybe ask if they can lower my required points?) EXETER is like my top choice and I dream about going there but I am really worried ab
  14. https://docs.google.com/a/isn-nice.com/forms/d/18t0Z9ZfdkdoCEwZdMBqqGa1_MsXjt2SpBJcZpjFZ6M8/viewform?usp=send_form
  15. I will be giving my ib dp exams thi may 2014, I have already paid and registered as an IB-DP candidate. BUT, we have our mocks starting from the 19th of this month, and so if i fail any subjects, can the school put me in the certificate program? Thanks
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