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Found 15 results

  1. On 28th April 2017, in BM paper 1, section B, the 10 marker question was (according to the data given and new data in section b) should john opt for the 3D printer. What should have john done please comment with the reasons
  2. Does anyone have notes or study tips for Amharic (HL or SL)? The subject is under 'Language A Literature' and its on Wednesday May 10, 2017. Any websites, notes... would be useful. Thanks!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Tok question from the May 2017 session. It helped me get an overall A on the subject (25 out of 30). I had a C on the presentation so this must have been graded 19/20.
  4. Hello, guys! I hope that you are all doing great after the results day. I am thinking about requesting remarks in the following subjects: Dutch A: Lit SL 6 ( 3 points away from a 7) Biology HL: 6 ( According to the component grades, I had 79.6% whereas the upper-grade boundary is 80%) Economics SL: 5 ( 61.6% whereas the upper-grade boundary is 63%) Chemistry HL: 5 (61% whereas 64% is a 6) Other questions: 1. For Lang A: Lit SL, is Written Assignment also remarked (I had 19/25)? 2. For Bio, should I just pass the 80% mark (e.g. with the additional 0.5%) in o
  5. Hi guys! I'm doing my first year of IB, in Spain, studying it in Spanish (though I'd prefer it in English!) I had, as well as you my history exam of Secondary Level, and I was wondering how it had been for you; I'll tell my impressions: The first paper, for me, was South Africa and USA, rights and protests; I could have done it quite better, as I knew all the necessary data. I didn't do it as good as I had expected. In the second paper I had to choose questions from the Cold War and Wars of the XX century. Actually, I hadn't prepared them too conscious, of 123 pages of Cold War
  6. This year I thought that the Maths P1 would be easier. I guess I was mistakes in TZ2 at least the test was quite chalenging! Can anyone else tell me if he/she found it challenging ?!
  7. Which topics do u guys think are most likely to show up on actual May 2017 exam?
  8. Hi, I have my HL biology exams in less than 2 days, and i haven't done much revision for it, since no matter how hard i try, i just don't seem to understand the content, I have just been revising my Option topic to try and get higher marks, so that my overall mark can be higher. Do you guys think this is a good idea?? or what would you suggest?
  9. Well, I am taking the IB exams in 5 days and I haven't done much studying. I have only covered my maths option and briefly all biology. Both of these subjects are HL. However, do you think it is doable to study maths HL and bio HL in 5 days? If yes, can you please suggest some ways?? I'm in desperate need of some advice.!!!
  10. Hello All, As the May 2017 exams are coming up I have a question regarding English Literature A at Standard Level. I wonder whether it is worth writing about 3 texts in the paper 2 essay or whether 2 texts are sufficient in order to achieve a high mark.
  11. Hi there. I take BM HL and I have my mock exam next week. I didn't think I had anything to worry about CUEGIS because I had pretty extensive notes, which I had prepared from a YouTube video by HKExcel, but I lent that notebook to a friend, who has misplaced it. That video has been taken down too, so I'm freaking out because this is not the time to set about making notes. I should be solving papers, but without those notes, I feel diffident about tackling papers. I feel I need to refresh my concepts, since I haven't been as regular in revising as I should've been. Please suggest me tips and res
  12. Hey guys, I have been kinda exasperated and anxious with my History HL exam now in may: more than being a very demanding subject, it has a less padronised program and so can be considered to be harder to get top marks. Don't wanna seem kinda sponger but if you could give a few tips, talk about your situation with the subject, discuss the subject itself and, if you may, attach some notes or practicing answers to past papers (this was actually something not only I but also more people could benefit from, because for every subject you must have an effective writing, which enables you to get
  13. Hello, I currently have 5 months left until my final IB exams.. and was wondering what is the best way to revise for Spanish paper 1 and 2 in order to get a 7.. Thanks
  14. Hey, I was just wondering that if I revise my friends notes which she used for her 2016 ess exams, will there be a problem for my 2017 exams? as in, is there a significant difference between the two or do they both cover the same topics and same things needed to get either level 6 or 7.. Thank you
  15. Guys would this topic be good based on the last option in the maths extended essay guide. "How electronic calculators have changed the way we used to solve products and quotients of numbers using logarithm"
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