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  1. Hello, does anyone know where I can find the mark schemes for the Math Studies papers? I'm currently doing the May 2015 TZ1 paper for practise and I have no idea how to grade myself/what the correct answers for the questions are. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I got my component results for the May 2015 exams today, I think I may get Visual Arts (SL Option A) remarked. I got a 6 but I'm very close to 7, please please help me out. Im naturally talented in art and I worked so hard especially in IB2, I thought I did very well. All of my teachers were stunned by my exhibition, I was confident I'd get 7 as I was keen to meet all the descriptors throughout my works and showed clear development and technical skill over the years. My IA is 19/20 so that's safe- but my studio got 14/20 which was extremely uncalled for because all of my submitted w
  3. I am pretty sure we can now discuss paper 2! SO guys, TZ 1 and TZ 2, what did you guys think? How did it go for y'all?
  4. So, how did y'all find Paper 2? I believe it was TZ0 so we were all doing the same one. I chose #3 on Health. We did similar prompts to that in class, plus it's literally all you hear about in medical TV Then #6 (the argumentative portion) seemed to be a breeze! I was in separated classes in primary school so having some real-life experience probably helped me out for this. I feel like this one was definitely much easier than May '14's argument piece.
  5. Omg, people, that was just too easy. Honestly, I didn't even prepare for exams but was worried about paper 3, since I knew only the ratio test (hate memorizing, I like problems that are solved using logic). However... THIS WAS JUST SUPER EASY. Do you think that boundaries for this year will be higher?
  6. It was a disaster! Holy broccoli it was crazy. 1. Time was Extremely limited. I needed a solid hour to attempt all questions to the extent of my knowledge. 2. The questions weren't easy either! I probably left around 50-55 points untouched out of the 120.. assuming I get everything else correct (which I probably wont) it was still extremely difficult! Tell me how you guys did! Hopefully It didn't go as badly for you!
  7. Hey everyone. I've literally been counting down the minutes till I could post about the French AB Initio paper 1 exam. Only 3 people in my school take it (including me) and I was the only one with different answers (especially the true or false bit). Anyway, I found text C the most difficult one because that wording was all meant to be a trap. What did you guys think?
  8. That this year's exams in general was much harder than previous years? I was surprised at the difficulty of the questions in Sl Chinese ab initio, not to mention that physics SL wasn't a walk in the breeze either...
  9. How did you guys do? I took Biochem and Environmental? I found it ridiculously easy.. Biochem Qs: Do you guys remember which groups were present in the cholesterol and aldestrone and which were only present in the aldestrone? or where the aldestrone is produced? What about ways to avoid food deficiency? and what were Benefits of the Linolenic acid? What did you get for the Iodine number? Environmental Qs: Does VOC count as a greenhouse gas? What were the Anaerobic and Aerobic elements you put? (I had Nh2/H2S and No2/So2) I think only my H2S was right.. Don't know why I screwed up that o
  10. Again, no one started this so I thought I'd take the initiative. Thoughts on paper 2? TZ1 and TZ2 I'm TZ1 and let me tell you, I did NOT like that stupid hydrate question :/ But Question 6 of the Section B was nice
  11. No one started this thread yet so I thought I'd do it What did you guys (TZ 1 and TZ 2) think of Paper 1?
  12. Hey guys, how'd you find physics HL papers 1 and 2? As far as TZ2 is concerned, I found paper one much tougher than the last few years. The sums were time consuming given the small time limit of 60 minutes. It took me almost 45 minutes to finish the first 25 sums, and the rest 15 were still thankfully less time consuming and I could finish it. Btw. There was a question on green light being emitted from two point sources, which had just NOT been resolved. So the options asked how to resolve it and there were two contrasting ones: red light and using a circular aperture. Both would increase t
  13. How did it go for you? and which text did you use?
  14. which question did you choose in Section B in paper 2?
  15. Hey all! It's been over 24 hours since we've done paper 1 of Philosophy (yikes). How did everyone find it? Section A was great with regards to the photograph of the twins! What did you guys do for Section B? I had ethics and political philosophy. I found ethics to be a little bit tricky, whilst breezed through political philosophy. Good luck everyone
  16. Here is a really effective SWOT analysis sheet. SWOT_Analysis.pdf
  17. Can anyone send me chemistry HL and maths SL past papers please?
  18. Hello everyone The case study is out. We could have possible discussions here, whilst sharing our thoughts and ideas.
  19. Bummed exam time is coming closer? Tired of days spent doing nothing but labs and lectures? Here's a solution for you: Massive snowstorms! Putting you out a week or more each time, these blizzards will make you dream of calculus and crave DCP's. After missing over a month of IB, the ensuing feeling of panic and frustration that comes with knowing you're slowly losing any in-class prep time you had left will actually encourage you! You will feel motivation to stop procrastinating, no due-dates needed! Stress is the new adrenaline. IB Students in Eastern Canada are a few days short of h
  20. So my Written Assignment is due next week but I have some questions that need answering.....Please Help 1. First of all, how is the structure: is it structured into three paragraphs with A,B and C? Or is it an essay that just satisfies the three headings 2. I want to do Christmas in Japan and Christmas in India; is that appropriate for a written assignment? 3. 200- 350 words translates to how many characters in Japanese? 4. The first heading " Description" says to state the facts (bit vague here since I dont know whether to state facts about history of Christmas in Japan or jump into w
  21. Sup guys! The May 2015 Examinations are about 2 months away now. I was wondering what your plans are on how you'll go about studying for the exams? When do you plan to start, how do you plan to organize your subjects and studytime with school-time, etc. Thanks!
  22. Hello everybody! I know the question is straight forward, but I think it is useful for y'all to know about my chemistry background. In my school, chemistry SL is done in one year meaning that we have been high-tailing on the fast lane, leaving the strugglers behind, and really grinding through the syllabus. So yeah, I have studied the core already but I feel like I have forgotten everything that we did in the beginning of the year because of the galore of information we are getting bombarded at. Also, we are on the verge of studying the options right now ( medicines and drugs, environmental
  23. So, hello everyone. I have been doing an essay on the first title of the prescribed title for ToK May 2015. At the end of the statement, it is stated that we need to evaluate the statement with references to two AoKs, does it mean that we cannot use more than 2 AoKs to explain it further? Please help.
  24. Hello IB-ers I just wanted to know your opinions on which topic is the easiest to broad your ideas. And can you be specific a bit on how you're going to broad it? For me I'm still confused either title 4 or title 6. And in title 4: "With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.", is it possible to have counter claims? Cause it seemed to me that it is very hard to find many good counter claims, since it is true that shared knowledge shape personal knowledge, in many ways. THANKS GUYS
  25. Hey guys, I just saw the tok essay prescribed titles and thought to share in case someone hasn't seen them yet. What do you think of this year's questions? Do you like/dislike any in particular? I can't choose from any myself. They all seem confusing and absurd... 1.There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. 2. “There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.†To what extent do you agree with this statement? 3. “There is no re
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