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  1. chow


    I'm wanting to do my IA on anything to do with voting, i keep hitting roadblocks in my work and i cant decide between a few ideas 1) modelling different systems, and seeing which is the most representative of our population (im running into issues here because i cant find a way to incorporate continuous data, but im not sure if working with discrete data will be a high enough level) 2) predicting the next election (im running into issues because im not sure whether conditional probability will work, i was thinking i could use bayesian stats or binomial distribution but im not sure)
  2. Hey does anyone have any ideas on what I can do my math ia on? I take Math A&I. I have to do an ia this year and I have no idea what I can do a math ia on.
  3. This survey is for my math IA and is anonymous. I would really appreciate it if you could fill it out and answer honestly. Thank you in advance!♥ https://forms.gle/Bvd1dJiMi7pH3pbC6
  4. Hi guys I have a math Ia due by the end of this week, and I basically am not close to finishing. Im using probability and statistics to find the outcome of a football (Soccer) tournament. I need to find ways on how to do this. So far I used the poisson distribution to predict outcome of matches, but does anyone know how I can use the graphs in my IA (like how should I analyse it). And im also looking for other methods of calculating a match outcome, one where there is only loss or win for the knockout stages. The tournament I am predicting is the Euros 2020. Yes I know it has passed, but I'm t
  5. So I'm currently working on my IA project and I'm debating between using statistics and probability (AI and AA), calculus (AA), or a mix of both. If you're wondering, last year I had AI math and this year the class did a majority vote for AA (yes I know it's super weird but with covid, AI and AA classes were mixed together and they're pretty similar according to my teacher so). Anyway, my topic is how a cure for Alzheimer's disease would affect mortality rates in the U.S. and what that would that look like on a graph (or whatever math visual). I'm using HIV/AIDs as a reference since dementia c
  6. My aim is to understand the use of Pythagorean theorem and SOHCAHTOA in calculating the location of an end effector in 3d space. Any feedback is appreciated
  7. i’m starting my maths IA and my proposal is due tmr, im in AI SL and so far i’ve thought about doing somthing gymnastics related, analysing the data and maybe finding a trend between height and how good u score… somthing like that maybe?? i don’t know tho, i asked my teacher and she said that is very simple (it is i know) and that i would need to go deeper or develop my idea better in order to score well. i’m also not sure what area to do it, probability idk etc. also i kinda want to change my IA to somthing anime related ?? any ideas ? helpppop
  8. Hello! I was interested in doing an IA around zero waste fashion designing like Yuima Nakazato's work, and looked into non-euclidean geometry and developable surfaces but all of them seemed to be beyond my course. Is there any topics I can explore related to fashion design that encompasses perhaps tangent lines to curves or standard euclidean geometry? Also I was watching a lecture and it was talking about flexibility? Perhaps I could also use that but I wasn't very sure of the concept. I hope someone can help!
  9. Hello i've decided to do my math ia on finding the length of a curved road These are the steps i need to follow to find the length of the road : Find the road on google maps Find a curve that fits the road but i don't know ho to fit the curve into the road by polynomial regression and matrices next i need to find the arc length through calculus does anyone knows or ever did a math ia on the topic pls reply im in dire need of help idk what to do here's a link to a file explaining the steps to find polynomial regression : http://web.iitd.ac.in/~pmvs/courses/
  10. Hi, I am doing my math IA with the probability of a food commercial occurring during network television and I don't really know what type of probability I should use for the main math portion. I have already gathered my data so some ideas would be appreciated!
  11. Hello everyone, I am investigating to what extent perceived facial attraction is quantifiable using the golden ratio-more specifically how attractive a face is considered depending on how closely it conforms to 'Marquardt's Phi mask'. The survey is very fast, easy to answer and above all entertaining (I have spent many hours laughing whilst editing these photos!). Here is the link: https://www.surveylegend.com/s/3q7k Thank you!
  12. Madena

    Math IA

    I want to do my Math IA in correlation, and I'm planning to look into the correlation between drinking age and drunk driving accidents in different countries but I cant find any reliable source or efficient data at all! does anyone know of a website that offer such data? I'm also considering to look into the correlation between drug use and poverty or drug use and crime rate or something in that filed. Is that appropriate? And does anyone know of a database or website that offer such data? Many thanks in advance!
  13. 29 downloads

    Stuck on your Math IA? This is a list of potential topics for your Math IA, approved by my IB Math teacher.
  14. hey guys i'm in the process of setting an idea for my maths ia and could use some help i have a decent idea about modelling where i model the worlds highest jump and the worlds longest jump. then i will also find the area of both to determine which jump is bigger( idea was inspiration from a video) i could really get your advice and any tips because i have never done a modelling ia before any advice on if the maths would be sufficient and any tips to expand it if not also with desmos am i allowed to autofill a line for me that plots my points thankyou
  15. Hi guys, I have been quite frustrated lately with my searches so I came here specifically. I am a pre-IB student in Poland, public school first gen, our first graduates finished IB DP just a year ago or so. Many people at my school are more inclined towards visual arts, history and geography hence why these classes are standard. However I haven't heard of a single person taking HL math and our math teacher said the course is so hard she would only let one person from our class take it. So now we have winter break, I can't really contact her and ask for sure if the class is offered or not and t
  16. My last topic was too complex for me so I decided to change it to something simpler but I'm having hard time developing my ideas. I'm planning to do my math IA on something about projectile motion and baseball using calculus. My current idea is "what is the most ideal angle for a batter to hit a home run with the least force possible?". I know that I will take air resistance into account, but I may neglect drag force caused by wind as the calculations may be too complex. Also, I'm not sure if I should include the calculation for momentum of ball-bat collision or not as it may be too physics-li
  17. Hi everyone, I need help from all of you. I am in year 2 right now, I changed my school, I moved to a new school last year and started the IB in July. I haven't done my best in the units and all, and our end of year exams were cancelled due to COIVID-19. My anticipated grade is a 31/42 I understand that my teachers barely know me and can't predict too high anyway. These are my grades MAA SL: 5 Physics HL: 5 Chem HL: 5 Economics HL: 5 English A Lit SL : 6 French B SL: 5 My grades are extremely underwhelming, and I know I can do better,
  18. Hi everyone. I'm having a little trouble with my Math IA., I would like to do the topic "The Mathematics behind Medical Testing", where I would speak about false positives / false negatives and the probability of getting them. However, I don't know where to get data from. Am I supposed to make up a hypothetical situation / disease and then make fake numbers for it ? Is that even allowed..? I would be using conditional probability to find the probability of a student testing positive for the XYZ disease, actually having the disease. I would be using the conditional probability
  19. Hi, I need to find ideas for my MATH SL IA and want to do Probability. My 2 ideas are either Probability in testing in medicine (false positives). Problem is I don't know what to do with the idea (what math to use) Normal distribution (any topic, just measuring distribution). If you could help me with ideas on any of the two as in what topics to include to get the highest grade I would be thankful. Is it enough to do a Chi squared test, normal distribution graph and use the equation? (for Normal distribution idea) Please I need urgent help and thanks
  20. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  21. I AM PANICKINGGG!! I thought about doing my IA on modelling a rollercoaster but I am not sure on how to approach it and how to use good enough math on it. Maybe polynomial regression. Any other good ideas for a Maths SL IA???
  22. Hi! I am thinking on doing my Maths IA on modelling a rollercoaster. I do not know how to approach this topic or how to make it personal. Any suggestions?
  23. Hi My math SL IA is the correlation of a country’s health care spending and its rate of tuberculosis. I feel like this doesn’t have enough math. Is there any way I could add more math to it.
  24. I've started my Math SL IA (finally) after not being able to find a topic for months, whatever I found I either didn't understand, was too simple, or my teacher said there was too little math in it. Currently, I'm working on an IA on the Tower of Hanoi, which happens to also be in an IB sample IA. I'm using the same aim and methods in the sample, but I am planning to cite the sample in my references and use my own words and personal engagement. I told my teacher about the similarity to the sample and she approved my topic, but I'm worried I'm plagiarising and will be penalised f
  25. Hey everyone, my IA is on basketball, specifically seeing if there is a correlation between the wingspan of a player and their career 3 point %. Ideas I have right now for the math in relation to this topic however are really thin. I pretty much only have the correlation between them using the r value. I've been stressing out about this a lot as this is definitely not enough math to get a decent to good mark on the Math SL IA. Does anyone have any suggestions for further math I could do with this topic? Thanks!
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