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Found 13 results

  1. I'm currently working on modelling COVID deaths within a certain period of time. The scatter plot my data generated looks like a bell curve, but it isn't a normal function (image attached below). I need to know the general template for this graph so I can finish my IA. thank youuu
  2. So for the past weeks I have been thinking about my maths IA but I am just really unsure about my topic. I was thinking about a research question like this : How long would it have taken for every human to get covid 19 if there weren't any restrictions. I am doing maths AI in HL and I would just like to know your opinions or suggestions about my idea.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Mathematics HL Notes-Core by IBling.
  4. I started the IB almost three months ago and I chose from the beginning to do maths SL. Now I regret that decision so much. I really wish I could switch from maths SL to HL but is it actually possible? I read that once you have started with Marhs SL you cant upgrade to HL but I haven’t asked to the IB coordinator yet. My Maths teacher thinks it wouldn’t be a problem for me to switch to HL and I really want it because I feel like I’m not using my full potential and I’m so frustrated. Maths SL is too easy for me and I’m above the level of the class. I don’t want to stay in the SL class if it’s
  5. Hey so I was wondering if there were any IB resource banks for videos and TOK topics in Maths. I'm in my first year and cant seem to find any. Due to this I've kind of lost out on marks. So could someone please help me out thank you
  6. Hey guys, what did you think of Paper 1 and Paper 2 Maths HL? I found Paper 2 quite difficult especially question 11 in Section B. Paper 1 wasn't too bad for me. But I found Paper 2 quite difficult. What do you think?
  7. Hi guys/girls, So I am writing because I chose: - Maths HL - Physics HL - Economics HL - Chemistry HL - Spanish B SL - English Lang. & Lit. SL Although I believe I could work through this as I have quite good grades (not trying to be cocky), I think this will be too tiring for me... I was thinking of changing Chemistry for something much easier. I would like your opinion as well as a short summary on the following courses please: Geography SL, Business SL (I don't want to take Econ and Business but it's still an option), Computer Science SL (I
  8. Hi Everybody, I wanted to ask whether one is allowed to bring TWO calculators to the IB Exams (only those permitting calculator use goes without saying), the reason being that for the first part of the course I was using a Texas Instrument handheld device and changed to a HP device for the second part, meaning there are operations I am MUCH more comfortable with using one and others I would much rather use the other for. Obviously, I would never be using both at the same time () so it would be like having one, only one that I am entirely familiar with. Thank you! Rebs
  9. Hello, as the title reads today is my second day in the IB and I'm still not sure as to what subjects to choose, other than my languages; Swedish A SL English B HL I want to study medicine after the IB, so naturally I thought psychology would make for a good social science, however, I don't feel all too interested in the subject after having heard former students' descriptions of it. In addition to this I'll need to take both Biology and Chemistry on HL. Alternatively, I could take the irregular diploma with three sciences, but I feel like I would be in way over my head doing that. It co
  10. It's been day 3 of IB and I am confused. I've chosen my subjects but I do not understand the marking system or anything . I've come from a different syllabus. The subjects I've chosen are : Maths HL Physics HL Chemistry HL EnglishL&L HL Psychology SL Spanish Ab Now I've been told that the in the IB 4 HL's are hard to do and actually get decent grades in. But I need those for my career and according to my seniors EngL&L HL is just free credits compared to the SL. I feel pretty confident about maths and chemistry as the things that are being taught right now we
  11. Hi! I'm having trouble with an integration problem. 2π × integral between 0 and 6 of (0.02x^3-0.39x^2+1.77x+0.18) × (sqrt(0.0036x^4-0.0936x^3+0.8208x^2-2.7612x+4.1329)) dx Does anyone know how to solve it or have any suggestions? Thanks heaps!
  12. Hi! How not to hate Math HL!? Math has never been my favourite subject. I have taken Maths HL! I keep forgeting concepts and sometimes I never understand them. I need help. I need to score better. Thanks in advance!
  13. Version Final


    Mathematics HL Type 1 IA: Parabola Investigation Grade: 19/20
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