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  1. Please help! I cannot figure out this question: Let a and b denote the roots of the quadratic equation x2 - kx + (k-1) = 0 (a) Express a and b in terms of k (b) Given that a2 +b2 =17, find the possible values of k.
  2. Hi everyone, I am doing my IA on logarithm and earthquakes Richter scale in particular connection to 2004 south asian earthquake and tsunami. I am half way through my report and i am bit worried that they is not enough maths calculation in it. I have explained and calculated how the formula works and even given a hypothetical example in it. but i am scared it will not meet the maths sl standard. Can someone help me to further develop this please ( i have already invested lot of hours in this report) my teach is of no help. thanks meena ps if you need i can attach draft of my projec
  3. (Sorry this is so long but really need urgent help! Draft due next week!) Hi everyone, So I've been stuck on my Maths IA for a while after having to change topics because my old one was too fiddly. I've discussed doing the Birthday Paradox with my teacher, and she said it was a good topic. However, I'm on holidays now and have sent her an email asking about a problem I was having and possible solutions. In her reply she said she was worried I wasn't doing enough maths. What I was previously planning on doing in the IA was: - Discussing the Birthday Paradox itself and the maths behind i
  4. Summary sheet of formulas Maths AA SL.pdf
  5. I need some urgent guidance regarding my IB subject choices for next year!!! This is what I've entered; English Lit A HL Economics HL History HL Maths SL Environmental systems and societies SL Mandarin ab initio SL However, I still have the opportunity to make changes so I thought I'd ask for some thoughts on them before I finalise. First of all - do they seem optimal for law at Russel Group/Ivy Leauge unis? English Lit, Economics, Maths and Mandarin are more or less definite so I am left with two concerns; I am considering swapping out History HL to G
  6. I was wondering if my Maths IA topic is too hard. I want to do it on "How accurate is the Monte Carlo Method in predicting Schrodinger's Equation?" I asked my teacher if it was a good topic, and he said it's up to me, but I really don't want to get halfway through it and realise that it's beyond me. I also do Physics HL and I did Maths HL for half a year until I had to move to Maths SL because I didn't have enough time.
  7. Hey guys, So I am currently in a maths SL class and I am not doing that bad, but I am considering dropping to maths studies because of the teacher. She is failing me now (apparently it was a mistake and she's lowering my grade for EXCUSED absences when I was sick, but that mistake should take place since it was written on my report card that im failing), and we have this weird thing now, our class is divided into four groups (every group has a leader) and every lesson we have a test or two, and before that a leader has 5-10mins for explaining a topic. We get grades for that, and my group
  8. I have been struggling with my Maths due to how I was changing schools twice before, in and out of different systems and I really need help with the syllabus now but also some of the basics from before. Does anyone know where perhaps online that I may get free tips or help on my maths?
  9. I really need some help rn. I'm thinking of doing a math exploration in the topic of Correlation between GDP Per Capita and Gini Coefficient in Countries. Basically, Gini coefficient is a measure of income equality in a country. The higher the coefficient is, the higher the income inequality. However, the mathematics skills & analyses I will use & do will probably only be from the topics of descriptive statistics and linear modelling. And so far, the IA samples I've seen with similar topics in correlation are only from math studies, so I'm getting concerned. is this topic to
  10. Hi, I came up with a topic “What type of function will produce the most accurate model of population growth in country X?” I made scatter plot using data about country’s population in given year. Now I want to use quadratic function to see how would it fit as a model and I’m wondering whether there is other way to find (a, b, c, and d for the equation y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d) than applying matrix algebra (X = A-1 B) since matrix algebra is not a part of SL curriculum and I’m worried that using it may lower my mark.
  11. Hello everybody, So i did the IB exams may 2017 and I ended up with a final result of 27 points which I am quite pleased with considering how I really struggled throughout the programme and was predicted to fail. However, the only grade I don't like is the grade 2 I got in Maths SL. I really regret taking SL and wish would have taken Studies instead. I am actually going to resit Maths SL and although I have studied, it has been a struggle to do so independently. I am interested in applying for UK unis in 2019 and I have found several unis that accept 27 points. (I want to study archi
  12. Does anyone have an idea for a Mathematics SL IA that I could use? I've been brainstorming for a almost a week right now and my deadline for topic is tomorrow. Please give suggestions if possible. Thx!
  13. adrii_

    Maths SL IA

    I'm starting to write my SL internal assessment but don't know how to structure it or what to base it on, I know I want to write about trigonometry and how it can be related to photography but don't know how to do this...
  14. hey, I have been taking maths standard level for the last 6 months and on tests have gotten 4's, 5's and 6's. However on our mock exam I barely achieved a 3. At University I want to study Law, and the only requirement I have seen is HL6 in English and a 4 in a science or maths SL. I fulfill those requirements therefore I was wondering if I should drop to studies? I have emailed he universities I want to attend (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and they said it would not be a problem or affect my admission. (For reference I take SL; Biology, Maths SL, Spanish B and HL; English A Literature, History
  15. Hi! I'm in 1 IB now but I made this mistake and took Maths HL. At the beginning of the year I had 3 HLs: Physics HL, Maths HL and French B HL. My school doesn't allow any changes 2 weeks after choosing subjects, but I managed to change also Arts SL to HL as I want to go for Architecture Design. I can't change the levels of Maths but I still got 4 HLs. I'm afraid I will have a bad grade from Maths on exams. So can I write the November session exams (retake) but with Maths SL? I will still have 3 HLs (Physics, Arts and French B). Because if not, I will be looking for A-levels. To have
  16. Hey So i am currently on holidays but my teacher wants the plan for my maths IA when we get back and i have no clue what to do. I wanted to do something with my heartbeat, like maybe graphing the function that tells me the beats per minutes depending on the speed at which i run. Would this be doable or should i add extra elements to it? Thanks you !!
  17. Hey, I'm just starting the Diploma Programme this year and taking SL Maths. I was wondering if anyone had any study techniques, or any tips in general, in order to do well in the Maths SL course. Secondly, I'd like to know if anyone has any good resources to find Maths SL past papers online. So yeah, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I don't know what to expect, to be honest.
  18. Hi, I'm an pre-IB student and I'm considering taking Maths HL. Other subjects I'm taking are: Polish SL, English B HL, Chemistry HL, Psychology SL and Biology, but I'm not sure yet wether on SL or HL, it'll depend on my maths choice. I'm a good student at maths, I get only A's, I took part in many competitions and did quite well in few of them. My teachers say that I will probably manage to finish Maths HL but I personally think I do not have a chance for anything better than a 5, which will not be enough for my university entrance requirements (i'm thinking about something like engi
  19. I took my official test in 2015 november, and I am thinking of trying for EA retake in May... I've decided to do Biology HL, Econ SL and MATH SL For biology, you have extra chapters to study for paper 3, and I remember it was decided by the school. For retake, how do I know which one to study?
  20. Hey guys! I am doing my Maths IA for SL level. I am exploring a volume of an object using volume of revolution (firstly by obtaining an equation of a line by measuring the object using a ruler). However I have looked over the internet and I´ve seen that people generally say that this topic is suitable for HL rather than SL. On the other hand this topic is in our syllabus.. Can you please confirm me that this is a suitable topic for SL? Thanks!
  21. HI I would like to study economics in the UK. Should I switch B&M HL for Maths HL? my current subjects are are Englisg B HL, Econ HL and B&M HL.
  22. I have to make a decision on my IB subjects next month. I'm thinking of taking the following subjects, but I'm not sure if they're too hard. Chemistry HL Biology HL English Lit HL History SL Maths SL Spanish B SL I definitely need to take Chemistry and Biology in HL, because I'm considering medicine in the UK, but I'm not sure if these subjects are difficult 6/7s or if they're too time consuming. Spanish B in my school last year every single person got a 7, but all the other subjects are more challenging. Do you think this is reasonable?
  23. Hey guys, So I'm doing my maths IA on RSA encryption. Basically, I'm just showing the mathematics behind this form of coding and it was so far so good until I got to decryption. You see, I need to find a number D such that 7(D) = 1 (mod 48). All of the modulus calculators I've been using are saying the value for this is 1. My problem with this is that 27(D) = 1 (mod 40) will give you 81 yet online modulus calculators say that it's actually 1. So are these online modulus calculators wrong or is 1 mod 48 actually 1?
  24. Hey guys, So I'm doing my maths IA on RSA encryption. Basically, I'm just showing the mathematics behind this form of coding and it was so far so good until I got to decryption. You see, I need to find a number D such that 7(D) = 1 (mod 48). All of the modulus calculators I've been using are saying the value for this is 1. My problem with this is that 27(D) = 1 (mod 40) will give you 81 yet online modulus calculators say that it's actually 1. So are these online modulus calculators wrong or is 1 mod 48 actually 1?
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