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Found 15 results

  1. I want to do an investigation into the correlation between rising temperatures in Antarctica and the decreasing size of ice caps in Antarctica over the past decade. However, I am not entirely sure if this is feasible and I just wanted to get some opinions on this. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I really need help on my Math Studies IA. I am investigating the relationship between language ability (the number of languages a person speaks) and academic performance (their most recent IB grade) in Math and English. I want to see if there is a correlation between these two variables of language ability and academic performance, and later on compare to see whether language ability has a stronger impact on performance in Math or English. Can someone advise me the math processes I could use for this. I tried making a scatter plot but since both of my variables consist of whole numbers it
  3. I am writing my math studies IA and am super behind. My topic is on mortality rates in men and women between 1960 and 2010. If anyone could help me with running the data analysis using a chi-squared test I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you!!
  4. There is a section of the maths IA where you have to specify and use a "maths method/process" to delve into and further progress your research and analysis. I was never very good at maths, let alone debunking raw maths data, so I'm really worried that I might butcher my final score! My maths IA is about how different genres of video-games can affect test scores, from a sample of students who play video-games in their free time. I was hoping to get some help/examples regarding which maths methods to use for analysing statistical data. At this rate, any help is seriously appreciated!
  5. hey! if you have a few minutes, please fill out the following survey for my math studies ia: https://goo.gl/forms/iKWcIQo0Rx5hQeKi1 it should only take about 5 minutes. there are around 10 questions - all of which allow you to select where you fall on a scale of 1-10. no short answers here! i am examining the statistical relationship between someone's favorite music genre and their personality. thank you in advance!
  6. So a while back I conducted a survey about career paths and gathered 100 responses from 50 male and 50 female participants. Originally I wanted to have responses from people of all ages to see if men and women's choice of career path differed greatly from those born in the 1950s to the 2000s. I asked participants for their gender, age and chosen career within 13 different professional fields (example: sciences, art, education... etc) but what I realised is that the majority of my participants turned out to be born in the 1990s and I only got a few born in the '70s, '60s and '50s. Does this mea
  7. Hello, I was choosing the Mathematical Processes for my maths studies Internal assessment and I chose the following processes for my project: Simple: Median and Interquartile Range Sophisticated: Correlation Coefficient I'm sure that Correlation Coefficient and the Median both count as a mathematical process, however I am not sure that the IQR counts as one. Could anyone help me? please this is urgent. Thanks x
  8. Hi, I'm doing a practice IA in Math Studies, and basically I need the heights of fifteen girls in each grade of high school. So if you are a girl in grades 9-12, could you please reply to this and tell me your grade and your height? Thanks!
  9. I have to come up with three topics for my Math Studies Internal Assessment as summer work but I am completely lost. My teacher didn't really explain how we form these topics. Can someone sort of explain this to me and give me examples of topics for Math Studies Internal Assessment? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I'm starting out my math studies IA, and I'm not really sure what to do for my topic. I'm leaning towards, investigating the relationship between the genre of music students listen to and their intelligence/grades/GPA. Do you think this is a good topic? Should I change it, and if I were to do it, should I take any other factors in to consideration? Thanks!
  11. Would correlation between the height and time taken to run 100m/s of a person be a good IA topic?
  12. hey! so i was thinking of basing my math IA on the popularity of food in the canteen on different days of the week and making a conclusion on which day has the best sales.... im not sure if this has enough research material to build on :/... HELP please!!!!
  13. Does anyone know of other calculations that can be used in the math studies IA than the chi-square test? I have not understood how it works, and it would be awesome if I could use other calculations that are less confusing...
  14. My IA is due 2moro and i need help. So my experiment was: how long it takes for different cups of hot coffee to cool down to room temperature? So basically i used a glass, foam, and plastic cup. I measured the temperature every two minutes till it reached room temperature. So i get the set of results, and i graphed each cup, Temperature vs. Time. I know u can just compare them with looking at the graphs and saying which cup is the least effective and so on. But i need suggestions for any calculations i can do. Please this is rly important. P.S: For my first draft, i modeled the graphs after a
  15. I am freaking out about my Math Studies IA, I have no idea where to start...our teacher was pretty blunt about telling us what to do, sooo.....yeah. My topic is: Does the number of points won correlate to the number of grand slam titles won, and world ranking in tennis? ....or should I completely pick a new topic? Thank you
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