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  1. Hi! What are you guys doing for your math exploration topics? Could anyone suggest a few to me? I really don't know what to do. Thanks! ______________________ IB makes me wanna
  2. Hey everyone, So I'm currently doing a practice math IA for maths SL and I need help! I chose the topic to do exponential growth and decay and I'm investigating the growth rate of bacteria however, I'm a little stuck. So basically, I've already got the formula for exponential growth of bacteria but that's pretty simple math and idk what else to do like do I just plug in numbers bc that's kinda boring and way too simple. I was thinking about investigating the effect of glucose-salt levels on E. coli bacteria to extend the topic but I don't really know how to do that and all the websites I'
  3. Soo, I did my IA based on Newton's law of cooling (for differential equations) and, although in the beginning my teacher said it was ok, now he told me that it is too simple and that I should somehow expand on it. Does anyone have an idea on how I could make it a bit more complex? Or perhaps something that I could add to make it more diverse?
  4. Would finding the surface area of a hyperbolic paraboloid surface be a good enough topic for Math HL IA? I figured that I could use a pringle chip as my main reference for measurements and I could evaluate on the different ways I can approach the calculation (i.e. instead of using hypothetical measurements to find out the a and b variables of the hyperbolic equations I could graph out the x,y, and z plane individually and find out the variables from there). This involves multivariable calculus which is a topic that is outside of the syllabus, but I'm afraid that it will be too shor
  5. I'm trying to figure out an appropriate difficulty level for my math exploration (i.e. what can be assumed knowledge). I know that anything in the HL core is fine, but will I need to define ideas from the option/further math topics, especially if my math HL class isn't doing that option (We're only doing the calculus option in class)? The IB just took out the matrices section from the core, and I really don't want to define what a matrix is again... Same goes for stuff like bijective functions, homomorphisms, and basic set theory (or anything in the options besides the calculus one).
  6. hey everyone. I came up with an idea for my Math SL exploration but I would like to hear someone´s opinion on how to do it more complex. I have a youtube channel, so I thought that I could find if there is a correlation between video length and watch time by using data from my own videos. I believe that I can get a high mark on personal engagement because the results could really help me improve my channel. BUT, given that I take Math SL, I know that I have to do something MORE, so I have a few ideas, but I don´t know if they are good. So, youtube lets you see how many people
  7. Hi, I am intending to do my Math Exploration for Math HL on Graph Theory, based on the Chinese Postman Problem. Can you suggest some ideas or areas that I can explore? And also how should I go about doing this Math Exploration, especially being Math HL? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! So i'm about to start writing my Math Exploration and I wanted to know if anyone is familiar with Binary Space Partitioning because I'm gonna be talking about this topic but there are some things I still don't understand and I'd like to know if anyone could help me.
  9. I'm trying to write a Math IA on Games and Game theory and specifically on Gambler's fallacy with examples using coin tossing. Is there any sources I can use to write this and what examples should I include in the exploration. Would you recommend my approach to this and if so how should I structure this IA?
  10. Hi for my math exploration I'm hoping to find a function that accurately represents the growing population of China. So far I've fitted linear and an exponential curve onto my data and gotten the equation. However I believe that a logistic curve would be the ideal equation but I'm currently using Logger Pro and I have no idea how to fit a logistic curve onto my data. Any help would be very appreciated as this exploration is due very soon!
  11. I'm a Math HL student and I'm not really that strong in this class so I'm finding this exploration quite difficult and I'm struggling really hard. Each time I choose a topic for my math exploration, I'm either told or I find out that it's too simple for the level of a Math HL student. My current topic is the SIR model but I can't find data values for the parameters and I don't know how to make it more 'HL'. I've decided to change my topic and discuss 'The square root of 2'. Would this be too simple?? If it is, what other mathematical concepts can I discuss to make it the level of HL. I've
  12. hey guys! I have a question for all, is the teacher legally required to look at a first draft for the math SL exploration? Would it be legal for a teacher to make us not hand in a first draft and just take in a final draft? Can I have some input from an admin please? Thank you
  13. 42 downloads

    An official guide from the IBO dissecting each criterion and additional guidance for the Math SL IA, marked 2014 onwards.
  14. Hi, I'm really not at all sure what this exploration is supposed to be, and therefore am having trouble finding a topic. I have a couple of ideas: - Exploring the math in the book A Wrinkle in Time (the tesseract and such) - Which base is the most useful for math (like base 10, binary etc.) - Something about permutations and evolution? Do any of these sound like they might work? I have no idea how to go about this. Any advice would be appreciated! Also I am in HL math but am writing the SL exam, so it will be graded at SL. Thanks!
  15. Hello people of IB survival. I am at that phase that most of you have been through were I need to find a topic for my math IA. I want to see what do you suggest for a good SL exploration I think I am more into algebra and calculus as general areas so I hope you could help me spark up some ideas! Thanks in advance! and those that would tell me that I need to find my own topic please don't bother share your opinion with me because it is not needed.
  16. I'm currently writing my math exploration on Zeno's Paradox. Does anyone know where to find samples of past explorations on Zeno's Paradox (assuming Zeno's Paradox has been written before)? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hey! I was thinkng about doing my math IA about peg solitaire, but I'm not really sure how am I going to do that. Would it be a good topic for math IA or should I think out something else?
  18. Hello! I'm doing my mathematics exploration, and i have to hand in the fisability plan, but i don't know how to state it. I know my question is quite confusing but im completely lost with how to write/structure it. I know what im going to do, its just the formal structure that confuses me. Im doing it on beauty and ratios and to test my hypothesis (if beauty is really in the eye of the observer, of if it is defined in the ratio and angles of the face) thanks!
  19. Hey i dont know how to start my math exploration and the only peorson that knew in this case last years teacher moved away to another school :'( so i have a half topic Hormones but thats as far as i know what to do, i read the section in the book but i still dont know help how do i start
  20. I have chosen Gambler's Fallacy for my maths SL IA ... but im not sure how im supposed to work on it? i have no idea about math explorations so .. i wanted to ask for help, comments, suggestions and so thanks in advance
  21. Hey! So I need to solve this recurrence relation, preferably using generating functions (although another method is fine too, as long as you get a closed formula). Wn= 5(Wn-1) + 2 Any help would be appreciated!
  22. Does anyone have guidelines for math exploration?
  23. As the title states, does anyone happen to know what were the grade boundaries for internal assessment last year?
  24. My math exploration is on the topic of norm distribution curve grading, where i examine how teacher can use norm distribution, z-score to alter students' scores, aka scaling My aim is to see who benefit the most from the class if a teacher do scale a test so ill be using a hypothetical set of raw scores from students as raw data, calculate the average, standard deviation, then i would use them to calculate the z-score of each student's raw mark decide what should teacher's "ideal distribution" would be, and plot in the z-score of raw mark to the new ideal bell curve to see the scaled mark and
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