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Found 17 results

  1. I graduated IB in 2018 and studied Math HL with discrete math as my option. I also wrote my EE in mathematics / physics and received an A. I'm currently studying programming / computer science and game design. I replied to a post a few years ago about writing Math IAs where I gave some advice and talked about my paper and a lot of people requested copies of my IA for reference. I've heard that with the covid situation and online learning a lot of people are facing some challenges with their research and are doing explorations based on previous students' work etc. With that in mind I thoug
  2. Hi everyone! I am working on choose the topic for my Math EE, and I wanna write about cryptography. So here is the topic I think about, but I don't know if it can work well or not. The weakness of RSA, and give an specific example or show how to crack it. Talk about how it work The math behind RSA Is is still be using by people or not? I wonder if I can only write about one specific type, like what I said above. If yes, may you help me with some good ideas of the research question? Thank you soooo much!!! I am not very go
  3. Hey, I am planning on doing my Extended Essay in Math. After doing some revision on my previous choice of topic I came up with a new topic: The geometry of GPS navigation My research question would be: What is the role of mathematics and geometry in particular in GPS navigation? Would that research question be specific enough? Or do you have any ideas for improvement or refining it? My approach would roughly be looking at triangulation, explaining with diagrams how it works and what role it play in GPS navigation. Then I would look at trilateration and how this helps Would including how speed
  4. I chose bootstrapping in stats as my research topic and I've already done a bunch of research. Bootstrapping requires computer software to run, and so I'd been planning to use Python and some libraries to create a confidence interval. But when I checked the IB EE guide (https://www.shaker.org/downloads/ibextendedessayguide2018.pdf), I saw "Computer programs may only be included (in particular circumstances) in computer science and physics essays." I'm not sure what to do. My topic is quite clearly math, and I'm not sure I can switch it. Are there any exceptions to this rule about computer pro
  5. Hi everyone! I am an IB senior and was just finishing up the first draft of my extended essay. My topic is based around models on forecasting the stock market, specifically comparing two models and their effectiveness in terms of accuracy on forecasting the stock market. However, I was running into a few issues when trying to sort out my calculations. As I was working through my calculations I realized that a few of my data crunching calcs needed to be done in R/Rstudio. I was wondering if R is permitted to be used in Math EE's as long as there are significant physical calculations for the met
  6. Hey guys! Our school wanted us to submit an EE topic that we are most likely to pursue. I submitted these: 1) Thee use of ancient vs modern mathematics in We by Yevegny Zamyatin in the explanation feelings (something along this line) Problem: This one seems to be more English than Math 2) The usage of euclidean geometry in the relationship of colours based on the modern colour wheelProblem: 4000 words may not be attainable3) The relationship of math and visual arts (fibonnaci sequence, the golden ration, etc.) and focusing on architecture which is what I'd like to pursue in the future. Pr
  7. HELP!!....I am a IBDP Student and Chose to do my EE in Mathematics. My Topic was Graph Theory, where I chose to find the least waiting time for passengers in my Local Metro Rail System. So far all I know is that I need to use Djkishtra's Algorithm. But I have no clue where to learn it from and also If anyone would help me in how to go about the EE..I would be very grateful.
  8. Hi everyone! I was thinking about doing an EE on resource allocation and the lack of accounting for human behaviour in the efficient market hypothesis, which is the underlying principle of the market system we use to allocate resources in the developed world. I was going to explore some out-of-syllabus implications-is this fine? Also, if my math is spare and I don't have a lot of it, will this represent an issue? I am linking all this to a global issue-limited resources/overpopulation.
  9. Hey guys. First post but just need some help narrowing down my math ee topics. I have four: How can the problem, knights tour, be solved mathmatically? How does math define demensions and how does the kleins bottls,mandlebrot set,fractals,and chaos theory support it? Why is e used as a base for logarithms? What math is behind mathmatical card tricks and how can they be shown with an algorithm? Just let me know which one would be good and why. Please voice your opinions and help out. Thanks yall in advance.
  10. I'm in IB1, and have to decide on my subject for EE soon. I wish to do theoretical physics/quantum mechanics in university, so I was thinking of doing my ee in that topic, but I read on several sites that a theoretical physics ee usually scores very low mark because there's no new idea in it. Therefore, I'm also considering doing an experimental physics ee on the topic electromagnetism. However, since experimental physics ee is not very related to quantum mechanics, I was also thinking of doing ee on Maths to research about the Maths involved in quantum mechanics/theoretical physics. Is it w
  11. Hi guys, I am doing a Math EE, and my Research Question is "How did the attempts at proving Fermat’s Last Theorem by Euler, Lame and Cauchy lead to the foundation of Algebraic Number Theory?" I just wanted to ask: how successful are EEs written on the history of mathematics? The May 2010 Extended Essay Report on Mathematics says: I think I covered enough mathematical content to earn marks on the math specific criteria, and I understand all of the content that I wrote, but I don't know whether or not I have made it clear in the piece. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello guys. So as the end of the first year is approaching, I have to arrange a meeting with my math EE supervisor. The topic that I'm thinking of doing my EE on is the same as the topic I already submitted for my Math Exploration (and it got accepted btw). I've heard from other students that doing the same topic on both EE and IA is not permitted. As I will meet my supervisor tomorrow I would appreciate if anyone of you can give me some information about this, so if what is said is true, I can think of a new topic to present tomorrow. .
  13. So my school hosted an EE workshop today and after slamming a bunch of information into our heads we have less than 24 hours to hand in our EE proposal. Naturally, I'm still a bit leery on what would be a good idea to do. I'm thinking about doing a Math EE, and this is what I've thought up so far: Topic: The measurement of angles through different systems Research Question: Are popular contemporary angle-measuring systems more useful as mathematical tools as compared with now-defunct or less popular systems? Now I've looked through some Math EE Reports of previous years, and I've noted that m
  14. Sizqu27

    Math EE

    Im going into my senior year now, and I've chosen to do a Math EE on fractal geometry transformations. But what I really need help with at the moment is how to write my essay, and how to start it. Is there any clear cut format that can help me out in writing this essay? Where can I find it? And will it help me out in scoring higher?Please help me out, I'm very lost and the only one at school doing math! Thank you! Sara
  15. Hey, Although I have identified an idea on which I would like to base my extended essay in math, I still do not know how to formulate my research question. The idea being that I would like to investigate how a sniper has to project his shot with different variables: a) distance to target b) speed of wind c) gravity d) altitude difference e) speed of target f) acceleration of target obviously while taking into account more variables the formula will become more complex and difficult. there are many other variables like temperature which are difficult to take into consideration I thought that on
  16. Hey guys, I'm doing my EE in mathematics and my topic is not yet fully defined, but I know that I'm going to compare the RSA and Elliptic curve encryption methods in some way (I'll need to study both of them a bit more to come up with a clear topic). The thing that bothers me is that how much originality should my EE contain? That is, do I have to choose a comparison topic which NO-ONE has EVER done before, or is it enough to choose an already existing topic and try and look at it from my own point of view, or can I just dump the wikipedia article on to the page (well, not literally of course
  17. Hello, For a Math Extended Essay , is it possible for me to prove the Birthday Paradox ? The Birthday Paradox is a probability theory which states that in a room with 23 people there is a 50-50 % chance of two people having the same birthday. In a room of 75 , 99.99% chance and in a room of 366 , 100% chance of two people having the same birthday. So Is it possible for me to take random samples of different groups of people online ( like baseball teams which have 25 people ,etc. ) or in surveys and try to prove this theory ? Thanks in Advance.
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