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Found 16 results

  1. for my 11th finals in IB, i got a total of 33/42 which is terrible according to me. i usually used to get like 35-37 but my final grades just dropped for sm reason. HOW IMP ARE THESE FINAL GRADES? DO I STILL HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING GOOD PREDICTED SCORES??
  2. nwvmp


    So I applied for the Pre-IB program and personally think it's a good program for me. The school that I'm applying to (Turner Fenton SS in Ontario) does not have an entrance exam.All you have to do is submit your Grade 7 final report card results, your Grade 8 progress report card, and answer 2 questions.1. Choose one IB learning profile characteristic that best describes you.Explain why. 2. How are you going to make the world a better place? (not exact question) I believe that my responses were one of the best paragraphs I wrote in my life, so I'm not worried about them. I mentioned that I rec
  3. How much would I approximately need to study to get high marks with the following subject combination? English Lang & Lit HL Physics HL Economics HL Bio SL Math SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL Also, kindly give your thoughts on these subjects.
  4. tp1999

    Partial IB

    Hi guys, I'm in Grade 11 and I just dropped to partial IB because I was failing IB chemistry. I was just wondering if my horrible chemistry mark will affect my chances of getting into a good university like UBC, McGill, UofT. I will be taking normal Chemistry 11 and 12 but will my IB Chemistry 11 mark affect my acceptance. I am still in full IB as I have to finish this school year and next year I will be switching to partial. I hope to go into sciences in post-secondary and I was wondering on what IB HL courses I should take as our school only gives us the option of taking HL courses. I a
  5. Hello, So as far as I know, group 4 IA's this year are radically different from previous years'. The IA is out of 24, but what are the cut-offs for 5, 6, and 7? Is there like some global standard, or is it just per class? Thanks.
  6. Would marks ranging from 36 to 39 on 42 be considered good for the first term exams?Is this good enough for Ivy league Universities.
  7. I play violin and piano at LMus and AMus (diploma levels) and want to do Music HL. How does playing 2 instruments work in the solo performance assessment? Will I have to perform both instruments in 20 mins or will I get 40 mins instead? Also, would it be better for me to perform both instruments pretty well, compared to me really perfecting one of the instruments (i.e. the violin) and making the recital amazing? Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi So I've gotten my IB results and found that: English HL (Total= 5 and 1 mark off a 6.) -Paper 1 = 5 -Paper 2 = 7 -Oral and the written tasks = 4 Biology HL (Total= 4 and 2 marks off a 5) -Paper 1 = 3 -Paper 2 = 4, -Paper 3 = 5. -Practical work = 4 Should I remark these two subjects? Also... if i do remark them, do they also remark IAs? Thanks!!
  9. Hello I posted here before about getting 5s and 6s for my first term. I just wanted to share my second term results (IB1 midyears): German - 7 English - 7 Maths SL - 6 History - 7 Chem - 7 Biology - 7 And an A for TOK So, for those who are struggling with the IB, improvement is definitely possible!
  10. Hi everyone I have already checked my results, however I wanted to look at them more closely again but I can't log in anymore. Does anybody know why it doesn't work anymore? Thanks in advance!
  11. English HL - 4 Math SL - 6 Physics HL - 5 Biology HL - 6 Economics SL - 7 Mandarin - 7
  12. Going into the IB next year, I am curious about how it is that the scoring system works. My thoughts are "Why should I do HL Mathematics, if I am likely to get a poor score in it, if I can simply do SL and get a 7?" Is there a cut off for SL, where say, an individual can only get a maximum of 5 for example? I do understand that it is a requirement to study at least 3 classes at a HL, causing the scoring to even out amongst students if that is the case. Even so, if someone could clear this up and provide me and others with some information, that would be fantastic.
  13. Hello, i would like to ask people who know whether the detailed marks on each subject will be sent to the universities. Meaning that whether after the results are published they will receive a report with only e.g. 7 physics 7 economics 7 ... 2 extended essay tok or they will have a detailed view like : 7 economics hl percentage 79% or even more detailed like: economics hl 7/7 total 75% paper 1 78% paper 2 69% .... Thanks
  14. Hey guys, For English, do you have to get a 7 in every single IA and exam in order to get a 7 overall? I got a 6 for my IOP (24/30) and have the chance to have a second go to improve my mark. We did the IOP ages ago and I have so many other IAs, EE, ToK etc. that are starting to become due. Now, I could put in the work to improve my IOP (bearing in mind English is probably my weakest subject) and try to get that 7, or I could chill out a bit, reduce stress levels and focus on all the more recent IAs etc. So if my 6 will not destroy my chances at getting a 7 (keeping in mind that, realistically
  15. There's a saying that's been floating around for years now that says in the IB you are presented with three things and can only choose 2: sleep, good marks and a social life. I was wondering if this were true at all. How much sleep do you get and how are your marks/social life?
  16. Hey guys, I took the math SL exam a couple of days ago for TZ1, and I honestly think it was much harder than anticipated and harder than past exams. For those of you that took in TZ1, what did you guys think of it? Hard, easy, challenging? Also, do you think the mark boundaries will shift downwards because I honestly think I'm going to fail and all i've been doing is crying. Please help!
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