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Found 9 results

  1. I need to come up with a question for my business IA but just can't think of anything the business I am focusing on is a business called A-MAP helppp:( https://a-map.net
  2. Hi, I am having a lot of trouble when it comes to choosing my real life situatuion. I don´t even know how real the real life situaution has to be. Allow me to explain, my teacher told us that it has to be real, as in it can happen in real life, but that doesn´t mean it IS really happening. The more I try to explain it it gets even more confusing, what I am trying to say is that I don´t know whether the real life situation has to be an example of something that actually exists or if it can be about a situation the could hypothetically happen. Because I want my RLS to be related to memory and ho
  3. Is this subject combo good enough if I want to study econ at top uni's in the US. Econ hl Bio hl english l&l hl Swedish L&l math sl physics sl I want to keep my options open, hence why Im doing bio and econ hl. will it orherwise suffice for ivy's anyway? Is it too "all over the place" and unclear or does it show that i am well rounded+ "strong" in many areas? Btw, are there degrees which combine econ and bio (or just science and economics) as I am inclined towards both areas. Do you have to declare / m
  4. I'm starting to write my extended essay and I want to do it on a book but I have no idea how to go about it. I know I want to do it on an in depth study of a theme in a literary work. The examples online are lacking at best and none fit what I want to do, does that mean I am offtrack/wrong? I want to do it on Peter and Wendy or Alice in Wonderland, explore the underlying messages of childhood innocence, wonder, naivety or imagination through an analysis of techniques and metaphors. Any help/ideas?
  5. Heyyy guys, I could go on forever about how my school isn't providing any help, and I was only handed a couple of samples for my math IA; with no idea what it is in the first place,and this being the first year with the changed syllabus and format and all that UGHAAKKSDF the IB pulled so I really have no one to help, BUT TO MAKE THINGS SHORTER AND NICER, if you did good on you IA last year please send me a PM and maybe you can help me, or even if you are just working on it this year ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED, you would be helping a desperate soul not to fail ANDD FINALLY THAANKK YOUU <333
  6. So to make this short and sweet, I have about a week to come up with an EE topic. I have been dead set on doing it in either Physics or Chemistry seeing as they are my favourite subjects and my best. However, despite my best efforts I have not been able to come up with a topic that is interesting and that I have the ability and resources to actually do. I'm hoping someone here can help me because I'm really quite worried by this point and really have zero clue what to do for my EE. Any suggestions, ideas, etc. are a huge help thank you!
  7. I got 2 for my english b assignment. And I am really upset about it. I want to improve my grades, maybe someone can recommend what should I do?
  8. Hello guys, I'm a new guy on forum and I basically singed in so I can ask you a few questions about business and management IA. So I need to submit it in a few weeks and I just saw I am completely lost about this and I have no idea what to do. I know what companies I could do but finding the right material and writting a good research question is quite hard. If any of you could give me some tips and hints it would be really great. Some guidelines and helps are really required for me because I think I have no idea how to do it in a good way. What I understood is that it's base are 3 - 5 suppor
  9. Hey guys, so this is my very first post I need some help since I will attend pre-IB class in the upcoming school year, which is my grade 10. I didn't have pre-IB in grade 9 because my school is new to this I will have these courses : - English HL - French ( I have to take 2 French courses due to the miss out of pre-IB in grade 9) - Science HL - History route 2 - Design studies ( Art) - Math HL and an extra course of Vietnamese .___. My average for grade 9 is A- I am so lost right now, like I have no idea what is going on and what is going to happen next year . Can I have some advice :&
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