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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone ! I'm currently deciding on what topic I should choose for my IA in french B and I was thinking about analysing a song or mutliple songs from a french artist. However, most of them contain explicit language and can be quite vulgar. I was wondering if it is much of a problem or if the IB don't mind. Thank you so much
  2. 9 downloads

    A few tips for the oral section of the French B SL asessment where you need to comment on an image. The document is fully in french! Quelques conseils pour la partie orale de l'évaluation de français B SL où vous devez commenter une image. Tout en français!
  3. Hey there, My EE is in Swedish B and I have my RQ as 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s use 'the sociolect' to clarify messages?' I tried translating it to English but instead of 'the sociolect' I have actually mentioned the sociolect itself and the rappers namnes as well. I decided to use 3 lyrics (as artifacts) of each rappers and I was supposed to analyse the vocabulary/word choices, then compare them. I have a total of 3 books to support me (excluding other internet resources), where one of them is a researcher into this specific sociolec
  4. If you are a native German speaker (preferably one that is May or November 2018), could you please message me to indicate interest in being a penpal, before the Language B exams. Danke.
  5. Can someone confirm the word count for Spanish B HL Written Assignment rationale? My teacher said it's 150-250 words but on the official IB site (ibpublishing.ibo.org) I found that the maximum is 150 words.
  6. I had a quick question about the remark for the SL French exam. Would the remark include remarking of the written assignment since it was uploaded on upload.ibis.ibo or does it only include remarking of Paper 1 and Paper 2 and not the written assignment?
  7. Hey guys, I am stuck on researching on how Goldstein feels throughout the book for Hate week, The Book, 2 Minute Hate? Please help me with this, I need to use this subject on my WA on Language B English, or if you have ideas how can I change or improve my topic. Thank you
  8. Hi there, My school in NZ is teaching a new course as part of our IB Programme next year in that we are offering English as Language B to our Chinese students. I will be teaching the course and am trying to put this together now. I would be extremely grateful if anyone on this forum that already teaches this course has any course outlines and any tips for a point of reference as much as anything. Thanks so much!
  9. I'm pretty much done with my Extended Essay but our new coordinator is saying my Extended Essay topic doesn't fit for language acquisition. I'm doing it in Japanese B. And the topic is, "The effect of geographical location and lifestyle on the way colors are named in Japan" For example, green apple that we know in English is described as 青りんご (blue apple).
  10. Hey guys, so just wanted to know whether this extended essay idea fits category 2 (culture). I wanted to investigate the extent of how a certain country's culture impacted another specified country, and the evolution of how this certain culture got endorsed there. And also if anyone has tips on how to avoid becoming narrative while writing please share below...I heard that's a pitfall. Any help is much appreciated!
  11. Hi, I am wondering what should I pick for IB group two. I will be doing Eng lit for group one, and have to pick one between Spanish language B (I am currently studying it at IGCSE level), and Russian ab initio. I will do both group one and group two in SL. So I just want to pick one that is generally easier and more likely to gain a higher mark. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys! I really struggle doing paper 1 English B HL. For the questions like matching the headings with the paragraphs, I think as if all the headings suit to the paragraphs May you please help me? I cannot get more than 80%. Mostly, I get 60-70% What should I do in order to increase my score?
  13. Hello All! I hope exams are going well! Just wanted to open a topic about the German B exam (if anyone indeed takes this language!) How did everyone find the papers? I believe not all language B exams have been sat,so please refer to the exam discussion schedule to make sure your exam is allowed to be discussed!
  14. Hi guys, I'm planning to take Spanish B SL. I'm currently in Spanish Advanced ( prerequisite class for Spanish B) in my school. I'm not good at grammar and writing specifically. List of strengths: - Oral - Reading comprehension and understanding conversationally Spanish List of weaknesses: -GRAMMAR - Finding synonyms in reading comprehensions What novels do you guys suggest reading in Spanish? And how can I improve my grammar? Thank you for all your
  15. So, hi! I need to turn in my EE topic for English B this week, and i have been researching a lot the past month and i'm more than lost in this! i can´t find a suitable topic! one of my friends is doing "the influence of superheroes comics on young children" and i thought i could do the influence of the tv show Glee in teenagers but i don´t think thats right... another thing i thought about was the influence of popular music on the language in the US or something like that im really lost and need help on this! i would really appreciate it
  16. Hi. As the title says it all, is N5 level in any foreign language equal to Ab Initio. As I'm learning Japanese N5 along with French AB, i'm curious whether they both fall under the same level
  17. Does anybody know whether we are allowed to attach images, photographs or video recordings as part of the Extended Essay? Please reply soon, this is urgent. Thank you.
  18. My friend has studied Hindi from first grade and now he's confused if he needs to take Hindi at the HL or is SL okay?
  19. hello everyone; I will be doing my EE in English B and I narrowed my topics down to two but I'm not sure which would be easier so I would love to hear your ideas my first topic is symbolism in Yann Martel's Life of Pie and the other one is the influence of fairy tails on children. (i know there completely different topics thats why I had trouble picking) thanks for the help
  20. I really need help for my extende essay. i am planning to do English B HL for my EE and it will be from a book ''Looking For Alibrandi'' and i want to relate it to multiculturalism that we are discussing currently in class. can anyone help me to decide the research question and the topic? Thank You so much!!
  21. Hi, I came to Australia(Sydney) from Korea in June this year and started the IB about 4months ago. I chose Korean B HL because its the easiest subject to get a 7(in my case). The language itself is easy for me and while I went to middle school and high school in Korea, I studied a lot of literature so I don't have problem with the that. However, I've read the language B syllabus but I'm still not sure what the syllabus wants me to study and how I have to do the internal assessments. Could somebody explain to me what and how I have to study for the exams and what am I supposed to do for the IA.
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