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  1. Hello everyone, it is urgent. I need to submit my biology lab report on next Monday, if someone is willing to correct it by giving me your Gmail account, it would be so helpful. The lab report is about the yeast respiration (2.8 Cell respiration). Could you please leave comments on my doc? I will share it with you. Thanks for your advance! Yours sincerely
  2. For my IA i need to test the levels of photosynthesis in plants through chromatography. Does anyone know what chemicals and material I'll need ?????
  3. 72 downloads

    This lab has been submitted and graded by IBO. It received a perfect score in all categories. Research Question: How does changing the angle of incidence of light affect the power output of a solar panel? Includes calculations, graphs, steps to linearize data, and a conclusion to an inconclusive lab. Good example for when you don't get your predicted results from the lab.
  4. Hi! I am writing my EE in biology and I would really appreciate getting some advice from people who have done it in the past. What was hard for you in the process? How did you solve it? Is there anything that you think would have been helpfull to know earlier in the process? General advice and so on would be really helpfull for me both regarding the writing of the essay and the lab. Thank you
  5. Guest

    Empirical formula lab

    When processing data, which values should I calculate the average from? Masses or moles of Mg and O, or ratio? Help!!
  6. hey, so I recently started brainstorming on what I can do for my chemistry IA. I am doing HL chemistry and I am going into the final year of IB. I have somewhat of a basis on what I want to do. I want to do titration, having the acid be hydrochloric acid and using various basic solutions. For the basic solutions, I want to create solutions from some antacids and compare how each antacid works by seeing how much of each is needed for the pH of the acid to reach and maintain a neutral pH. I'm not sure if this is going to work because this idea is still in the works. Any ideas or tips on how I ca
  7. Hey guys, I'm doing a lab in my SL Chemistry class called the Heat of Reaction/ Hess's Law lab. Basically we used a polystyrene cup as our calorimeter, and performed three reactions. Calculations were made to determine molar enthalpy. The target reaction was reaction 3 (-54.3 kJ/mol) , and reaction 1 and 2 were used to calculate the molar enthalpy of the target reaction (-50.8 kJ/mol). We then compared the values. What are some limitations of this lab? I'm really stuck. Thanks in advance! (below I have posted the entire procedure) Pour 200 mL of water into a polystyren
  8. Hello, My individual investigation for biology is due next week. My topic was quickly approved by my teacher, but I missed the optional draft due date due to the fact that I was having trouble processing my data. My lab is about exercise physiology, and more specifically, the effect of resting time during running on muscle fatigue, meausred by how long it took test subjects to run a lap around a track after resting for different amounts of times between trials. When researching my topic, I found that a lot of what I was testing was outside of the basic ATP cellular respiration taught in I
  9. I did a practical on radial hydraulic jumps and I need to explain the theory behind it. I know how to calculate the pressure using pressure=phg formula but I don't know how to relate the water pressure and the velocity of water. I searched for some equations but they are way to complicated and I don't understand which one to use since they seem irrelevant to my situation. Could you please tell me an equation that simply relates the water pressure and its velocity? Also mention what each variable in the equation refers to. Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm a physics student and I'm writing my EE in physics. My research question is "how does wavelength of light affect the energy output of a photovoltaic cell?" I will be comparing different types of lights such as incandescent light, fluorescent light, sunlight, and LED light. I bought a small 1W solar panel and now I need to find some ways to control the experiment. My biggest concern is controlling the intensity of all light sources. I believe since my independent variables are wavelengths of different types of light, I should keep the intensity same right? For example, I c
  11. Hey guys, so a few weeks ago I came up with the topic for my Biology SL IA: "the effect of salinity on the amount of oxygen produced by photosynthesis of elodea", but I don't know if it is an acceptable topic, given that one of the prescribed labs was about photosynthesis. In it, we didn't use salinity as a factor, only light and CO2, but I'm not sure if I should do something that is not related to photosynthesis at all, or if my topic is alright given that we didn't try that factor in the prescribed lab. Also, spanish is my first language so I'm writing my IA in spanish, but while lookin
  12. hey guys, so apparently my data consists of both, the x and y uncertainties, and this is becoming a problem as my MS word only has the y error bar. The type of graph I need to make is the line graph. Anyone knows a good app for displaying both error bars, or to overcome this Y only error bar problem of MS word? Worst case scenario, am I allowed to draw the graph on paper and scan it for my IA?
  13. Hi everyone, So I'm doing a lab on the mass relationships between the reaction: 2AL(s) + 3CuCl2 * 2H2O (aq) ---> 3Cu(s) + 2AlCl3(aq) + 2H2O(g) Basically, I found my raw data, which is the mass of beakers with the CuCl2 * 2H2O solution, as well as the beaker mass, and the beaker mass with the solid Copper inside after the reaction has taken place. Now the aim of the lab is to pretty much find the percentage yield however, in my IB Chem HL Guidelines that my school provides, I'm told to create a graph of the processed data. No idea what to show though. I've converted all my masses to
  14. Please help me. I really like this subject but my teacher don't explain me how to do a lab.
  15. Hey, I am doing a lab on the effects of temperature on the enzymatic affects of Catalase, and I am trying to find a way to analyze my data. I have means of the reaction rate for each of the temperatures (10, 20, 30, 40 ,50), but I am confused on how create some analysis on them. If you could give me some tips that would be great!
  16. Hello there, I just wanted to ask if my IA idea is ok and if I'm good to do the experiment. My teacher doesn't know the approval process and doesnt know what to approve and what to decline. My topic is: Measuring the Amount of Acid in Vinegar by Titration with an Indicator Solution. And any other information you think would be helpful is also appreciated Thank you in advance
  17. Hi IB Survivors! I need feedback on my IA RQ: "What is the physical workout influence on respiratory system?" . Is it appropirate and can I go with it? I wanted to measure how different intenses influence amount of breath in's , and different kind of sports. Looking for feedback Take Care
  18. I'm doing a lab and I'm a bit confused by the significant digits in the final processed data. For example, suppose I was determining the heat lost by a system and the data in the first trial was: ​ m: 0.500 kg c: any constant, let's say 0.800 temp. initial: 25.0 temp. final: 21.0​​ ​​ Q = (0.500) * (0.800) * (25.0-21.0) Q = (0.500) * (0.800) * (4.0) Q = 1.6 ​​ My final answer has 2 significant figures according to the calculation shown above but, my raw data all had 3 significant figures. I've heard people say that keep the same amount of significant figures as the raw data. So w
  19. Recently my chemistry teacher pulled up a grade sheet and wrote down the grades of our labs that we did since DP1. My grades were usually a 2 or 3 from the beginning because she was strict. She even marked us for plagiarism once because we were expected to look for online sources to write a good introduction. Seriously, a lab of thousand over words every single time and she gives us a regular 3, she rarely thinks that it deserves a 5 so it can be overwhelmingly stressful. I always kept in mind with my chemistry teacher's comments and applied to my biology lab report I could easily get a 5 or s
  20. can someone help me to fill up a quick survey for my biology ia please it is only 6 short questions<3 thxxxxxx https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WSFX83D
  21. Does anyone have any suggestions on interesting lab ideas for a biology IA? (Preferably nothing having to do with insects or nutrition)
  22. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has a fool-proof formula for writing a lab report hypothesis? I have seen different opinions from everywhere, but I am trying to create a detailed and proper hypothesis, that follows whatever the correct format is. thanks!
  23. 53 downloads

    Don't remember the exact grades achieved on this lab, however they were all almost full marks.
  24. So we have a lab on the heat of neutralization of NaOH and HCl given: mass of NaOH = 48.01 g Volume of NaOH = 1000.00 mL Amount of HCl = 83.3 mL of 12.0 M of HCl in 1000.00 mL solution And we found the initial temperature, final temperature Temp initial = 21.5 degrees C Temp final = 25.0 degrees C And we have to find the heat of neutralization using this equation: ΔHθneutralization = (-specific heat capacity of liquid water x mass (acid solution + base solution) x change in temp) / mole of limiting base or acid And I should be getting an enthalpy of around -58 -ish but I'm wayyy of
  25. Why does the dissociation constant change with temperature?
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