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  1. It has been about a year I have been studying IB in my school but my school doesn't have any Japanese teachers. Me and my parents have been searching for so long but we couldn't find any. Please help me I am in desperate need of a Japanese ab initio teacher.
  2. Hi, I'm currently doing my written task for ab initio Japanese and I am having trouble finding sources. What are some good websites or places where I might be able to find sources? I have found several sources but they are all very kanji heavy, and my teacher says that they're too complicated and you can get marked down for using a source that is too complicated because it won't look like you understand it properly. Thanks :-)
  3. Hey everyone!! So I (perhaps stupidly?) am doing a Language B Extended Essay in Japanese. I'm SL and my level isn't amazing but i'm super motivated when it comes to Japanese. My EE is in Category 1 and looks at how Katakana works, and how Japanese people's English Learning is influenced by it. Does anyone have any advice? On how to approach it / structure it? I would really really appreciate any pointers in regards to resources so if anyone has any ideas, hit me up please!! Thanks!!
  4. Context: I’m writing my EE in Japanese. How much literature do we have to study? Does it have to be a comparison? Has anyone out there done a language b EE and can you talk to me?
  5. Hi! I currently take the IB diploma program and I am in my second year and planning to apply for Waseda EDESSA School of Political Sciences and Economics, and the Keio PEARL program. Waseda's avg. score is 37.2 / 42 but what is the minimum score to get into these two universities, or is there anyone who knows someone that got into this course?
  6. I am a senior currently taking the IB diploma and thinking of applying to either Keio GIGA, PEARL or Waseda SPSE. For waseda, although their IB average acceptance score is 37/42, would a score below that average still be enough to make it into Waseda SPSE? Also, although Keio does not have any IB admission related statistics, if anyone knows, what is the average IB score for people who get accepted to Keio PEARL and GIGA? Do they also look at your math level or if you have a bilingual diploma?
  7. Hi guys, These are some very useful tools for learning a language. They provide you with all sorts of help related to translation (obv ) proof reading, grammar, examples, and usages. - www.Wordreference.com as many of you may know is a dictionary for many languages and often gives you a few example sentences and basic facts (masc. feminine, noun, etc.) - www.linguee.com is a great website if you come across a word and want to find other forms it's used in. It basically finds real-life websites/articles/etc. that use a word in 2 languages (e.g. English and French) It also has
  8. Hi, I just transferred into IB this year (grade 11) and am still adjusting to the school. I have heard rumors from grade 12s about how crammed their first semester is, and I am worried that I won't be able to manage my time wisely when I get into grade 12. I was going to take IB Japanese, but I had to move it to my grade 12 year because my Japanese is currently not good enough yet. For next year's first semester, I will have History, IB Japanese 11, Math HL, Physics HL, Chemistry SL, and English HL/TOK. I currently volunteer at a salmon hatchery and work part time at McDonald's. I am also on t
  9. Hello, nice to meet you; I'm very new here, so please forgive me if I'm a little weird/rough around the edges lol. However, the main thing is that right now I'm quite conflicted. I'm a British student currenty in Year 11, going to an IB sixth form in 2017, and I have had a massive dilemma for the last few months. I want to do Computer Science at university, or at least a STEM subject to be broader, and my current choices are: SL Literature and Performance (as I like creativity, and Drama appeals to me more than normal English) HL Maths (daunting, I know, but for where I
  10. I'm pretty much done with my Extended Essay but our new coordinator is saying my Extended Essay topic doesn't fit for language acquisition. I'm doing it in Japanese B. And the topic is, "The effect of geographical location and lifestyle on the way colors are named in Japan" For example, green apple that we know in English is described as 青りんご (blue apple).
  11. So it's now my summer holiday and I'm trying to fix up my Japanese B HL grades for next year. The problem is that I DON'T HAVE A TEXTBOOK OR REVISION GUIDE!!! My teacher did give us a bunch of packets throughout the year alongside a list of the kanji BUT I NEED MORE. If anyone has any form of resources (online and offline) for both SL and HL please help!
  12. 13 downloads

    A useful collection of all the Kanji for Japanese B- with practice squares
  13. I just had my oral yesterday and I am worried that I did really bad. First, I feel like I used too many simple structures and made some grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, one time, when I tried to form a bit more advanced sentence, my mind went blank so I stammered for a few seconds. I thought I was prepared, but I could have done MUCH better. My questions are: Is it common for people to make those mistakes in individual oral? Also, how good does the oral have to be to get... let's say a 5 or more? Thank you.
  14. So my Written Assignment is due next week but I have some questions that need answering.....Please Help 1. First of all, how is the structure: is it structured into three paragraphs with A,B and C? Or is it an essay that just satisfies the three headings 2. I want to do Christmas in Japan and Christmas in India; is that appropriate for a written assignment? 3. 200- 350 words translates to how many characters in Japanese? 4. The first heading " Description" says to state the facts (bit vague here since I dont know whether to state facts about history of Christmas in Japan or jump into w
  15. みなさん、こんにちは! IB Survivalで、フランス語スカイプグループという質問を見たから、私も日本語スカイプグループをしたいので、日本語を話すことができる人を見つける! きみは日本人か日本語勉強している学生で、毎週1時間暇な時がある?私は一緒に日本語だけを喋りたい!日本語を勉強しているば、日本語レベルを気にしないから、ab initioから流暢まで、全部は大丈夫! 見ることができる、私の日本語はちょっと得意じゃないが、
  16. Version pdf


    Japanese (practice) written assignment on the topic relations specifically about marriage trends and finding a partner in Japan received 18/24
  17. I learned about a website on here a few years ago. It has a large community of native speakers of many languages, and it is designed for you to input your writing, so native speakers can comment and say what is wrong or doesn't flow with your writing. I am taking Japanese, so it may have been a site just for Japanese. I don't remember; I just know I excitedly saved the link, and now, when I need it, I can't find it. IF you know of any site like this, please let me know.
  18. Post moved here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/30345-help-with-film-ee-about-godzilla-i-dont-take-film-as-subject-questions-about-rq-and-theory-of-media/
  19. Hi, there I'm currently in Grade 11 and it's my first year in DP. I have a question regarding whether I should drop one of my classes, or continue taking it and earning a lower point. I've thought about it myself, but it would be great if you can just spare a little of your time in helping me make my decision. Currently I take: *English A Lang&Lit HL *Japanese A SL *Psychology HL *Biology HL *Math SL *Chemistry SL (for group 6) I've just got my semester test results back, and I scored a 3 on my Japanese (we had to write a commentary, but it seems my interpretation of the text was d
  20. So I've decided to do an EE on English and so far I'm set on a Japanese novel in translation called Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata. I really like these novel and I don't really want to change but I need to find an English based text which I can effectively draw comparisons with. Anyone whose studied these text or has an idea of some other works that are good to compare this novel with, please help me :/ Initially had my eye set on The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness as the accompanying English text which was released earlier 2013 for the similarities it has with my first novel and I did a little
  21. I study Japanese, and I have been taking Japanese for 5 years now, but I still feel like I haven't found a method that works for me, for revising kanji, grammar, writing and speaking. quizlet works well for me, but it doesn't work as well as I think I could revise if I had another method. What ways do you all use to revise and learn your languages and grammar structures? thankyou
  22. Used to be a huge fan of anime, not had so much time as of late, but currently rewatching one of my favourite ever animes, Death Note - and wondered if any other fans were lurking around here and wanted to discuss.
  23. Hi guys! I'm taking Japanese B SL Paper 1 and 2 exams in May, and I'm kind of freaking out because (long story short, my teacher is kind of incompetent) no one at my school seems to be able to tell me a lot of details, so I was hoping people here might be able to help 1. What are the approximate grade boundaries (how many points is a 7, 6, 5 etc) for the Individual Oral, Writing Assignment, Paper 1 and Paper 2? 2. I've been hearing about a list of kanji/vocabulary necessary for the IB exams, does anyone know where I can get that? 3. Is it true that there has been changes to Paper 1 (the remova
  24. Hey guys, I am currently in IB2 this year, and am in a dilemma. I had picked a topic and question for my extended essay during IB1 last year (History), and my question was "Why and how did Japan invade China and Korea in the early 20th century?" However, my advisor says that my question is too broad and shallow - in short, my current EE is crap. However, he said I could try and tweak the content of my current essay to fit into the History EE criteria, but I feel that he is suggesting I pick a different research question. My question to you guys is, should I stick with my current question, impr
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