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  1. Hello! So, I know it's probably too early to be thinking about this (considering I haven't even started High School yet) but I want to participate in an international student exchange program in Grade 10. I would be more interested in applying in Grade 9, but you must be 15 and up. I searched for a topic containing something related to a student exchange program on the forum and couldn't find anything, so I'm guessing this isn't too popular with IB students. I'm going to start Grade 9 in a couple of months and have been accepted and enrolled in a Pre-IB/MYP pr
  2. Well, I know IB is demanding, but we should also find time time to relax, socialize and have fun. Anime is NOT the same as cartoon, however it is animated. I have posted this to know what people think about taking breaks, anime, and of course to find people like me who love anime!!!
  3. Hey, I'm from Kazakhstan and currently in the 11th grade (first DP year) and I started to worry about getting in university just at the beginning of this academic year. I'm interested particularly in Japanese and Korean universities because of the culture of this nations, but.. last year I had GPA ~3.2 and generally can not boast of really high academic achievements. I picked Math, Comp. Science HL and Physics SL and aiming to be a programmer (maybe in software development). Also, I want to know what are the chances of getting full scholarships in both countries. I have spent enough time
  4. Hello, I need some help trying to think of some Japanese history that relates to World War 1, World War 2, or The Cold War. I was thinking of writing about the internment of the Japanese but I think that it would be too much on the psychological/moral aspect rather than history, (My question was "To what extent was the Japanese internment a violation of human rights?") If you have any ideas on what would interest me, let me know. Thank you so, so much!
  5. For my history IA, I initially thought of the question "What factors lead to the economic recovery of Japan after MacArthur's occupation?". My teacher said it was good so I found many sources but I found out that almost all the sources available about Japan after WWII doesn't touch the economy, but almost all of them talk about the technological advancements of Japan after WWII. Right now, I'm on my winter break and I can't contact my teacher. So I was wondering, will it be an okay topic if I change "economic recovery" to "technological advancements" in my topic question? Just a quick not
  6. Hi! I currently take the IB diploma program and I am in my second year and planning to apply for Waseda EDESSA School of Political Sciences and Economics, and the Keio PEARL program. Waseda's avg. score is 37.2 / 42 but what is the minimum score to get into these two universities, or is there anyone who knows someone that got into this course?
  7. Does anyone know the ib avg. or the requirements to get accepted into the PEARL Programme at Keio University in Tokyo? I've contacted the admissions office but they only replied saying that they don't have any "cut-off" scores, and I was wondering if anyone knew a friend or student who got accepted to Keio PEARL.
  8. I am a senior currently taking the IB diploma and thinking of applying to either Keio GIGA, PEARL or Waseda SPSE. For waseda, although their IB average acceptance score is 37/42, would a score below that average still be enough to make it into Waseda SPSE? Also, although Keio does not have any IB admission related statistics, if anyone knows, what is the average IB score for people who get accepted to Keio PEARL and GIGA? Do they also look at your math level or if you have a bilingual diploma?
  9. Hello, my teacher introduced EE today and I am wondering what topic I should research on. I chose econ for my EE. I will be in Japan during this summer and am planning to collect data from there. I am thinking microeconomics since its easier to get data. Do you guys have any ideas what I could do? My teacher told me that he is sick of reading the topic of market structure, so I have to choose something else. Please help me...
  10. So I have to come up with a RQ in two weeks, and I've thought of a topic and talked to my supervisor about it, but he said it sounds to boring..? I wanted to focus on the effects of Japanese colonialism in Korea and my RQ is somewhere along the lines of: "To what extent did the Japanese invasion help modernize Korea?" Another topic I was thinking of is the different perspective (Japanese and Korean) on the issue of comfort women during WWII. Which one do you think would be more suitable for my EE? Please help
  11. Hey guys. So i am wondering what happens to me after graduating high school with IB certificate? Can I just apply to university with undergraduate program? Because some people said that I have to take foundation for 1 year before go to university which made me feel like crying so much. I am planning to go to Temple University in Japan, is anyone from there? Do they accept IB certificate? However i would take SAT as well other than my ib subjects. Thanks guys
  12. Helloo! So currently I am in the middle of doing research for my EE and I ran into a problem. My thesis (at the moment) is directed towards studying and analyzing history textbooks from America and Japan. Unfortunately, I don't know how to read Japanese and my online perusing hasn't been fruitful in finding any Japanese textbooks online. I was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest any sources I could use to find some Japanese history textbooks or really any other suggestions. Thank you!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    My redacted essay about the Fall of Tokugawa for History Paper Three.
  14. Fall of Tokugawa Essay 14/20 (7) View File My redacted essay about the Fall of Tokugawa for History Paper Three. Submitter stephleaf Submitted 04/25/2016 Category History
  15. I'm afraid that WWI is a topic that has been overdone and whoever reads my essay won't think it's original. Plus it kind of ties into what we're learning in class, so that takes away some originality as well. Should I tweak it? Thanks!
  16. 6 downloads

    Very brief notes on Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour, the reasons for it, and the USA's reaction to it.
  17. 16 downloads

    Brief notes on Japan in the 1920s. Done for History SL - Move to Global War.
  18. 14 downloads

    Brief notes on Japan from 1853 (Perry's arrival) to the 1920s. Done for History SL - Move to Global War.
  19. Hi, I am really struggling on finding information about how to go postulate to the University of Tokyo and I don't understand the advantage of the IB diploma. I am thinking in studying an engineering and I am only taking one science in my IB physics. Do i need to study Chemistry to enter to university?. And do i must to take an entry exam for university or just the IB diploma is enough? I will appreciate your help. Please help me.
  20. For those of you reading this and would be willing to devote your time into helping me, thank you very much. Firstly here's the Research Question; To what extend did the abolition of the Samurai's privileged social status lead to the Satsuma Rebellion in the early stages of the Meiji Restoration. Now, the problem I have has nothing to do with gathering resources and not about motivation, in fact Japanese history is what interests me the most. I have the following problems (which I think all originate from one huge issue): I am unsure of my structure Chapter 1: Samurai AscendacyChapter 2: M
  21. Hey guys, I am working on my TOK Essay and my title is: "To what extent does Japanese xenophobia as described by historians and documentary films pertaining to the 1930s and 1940s shape my views of Japan?" What do you guys think? Any suggestions on how I should tackle the topic? Regards, Kenneth
  22. Hi guys! Currently, I am working on this research question: To What Extent is Japanese Media Influenced By the Atomic Bombings of WWII? and the approach is: To What Extent are the Japanese Films Godzilla (1954) and Grave of the Fireflies (1988) Influenced By the Atomic Bombings of WWII? Since I do NOT take Film as an IB subject, I have a few questions to ask and maybe you guys can give me some suggestions or directions? Is the RQ and approach narrow enough? I feel that the research question and the approach are quite similar, so I am not sure if I've phrased it nicely... or not? I'm starti
  23. For my History EE topic I would like to examine The Postwar mindset of Japan, Germany, and Italy following WWII. I plan to examine the reactions of the civilian populations of these countries within a fifteen year span after the war and compare and contrast the reactions. I have a few questions that require an outsider's perspective. How can I refine my topic? Does my topic seem to narrow or broad for an EE? Would a compare and contrast essay be suitable for an EE? Is this topic too overdone? I have sources from my History IA that would also work here. Am I allowed to double dip? If you know
  24. 14 downloads

    An overview of the Tokugawa Shogunate as well as it's weaknesses that would eventually lead to it's collapse
  25. For my extended essay I want to focus my research question on Japanese and United States relations. I was thinking of a topic that was relevant to Pearl Harbour, however, I needed a way to narrow this idea down. Can anyone help me come up with an interesting a specific topic relating to Pearl Harbour and Japanese/United States relations? Thanks!
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