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Found 19 results

  1. Predicted grade: (applying for political science) Global Politics HL: 7 Economics HL: 6 Physics HL: 6 English A Lit: 6 Spanish AB initio: 6 Mathematics SL: 5 36/42 predicted Other Stats: ACT: 35 (retaking for a 36) SAT Math Lvl 2: 770 SAT Physics: 780 SAT US History: 770 A lot of online courses The strongest part of my application are my extracurriculars (run 2 businesses, head 2 impactful non profits and a political startup) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZtfJbl-EWJnfQ-Ze3zvawz1f8fI2KBnPOQ-oh5yAH4/edi
  2. Hi all, I'm currently in my first year of IB and I'm hoping to go to the US for university (mainly ivy leagues). I know that US weights a lot on extracurriculars but unfortunately I don't do much besides studying..:( In college, I would like to study in the business fields, so are there any extracurriculars recommended for this? (it would be great if it counts as CAS as well!) Thanks a lot!!!
  3. I plan on pursuing something in the field of Economics basically Accounting, Finance and Corporate Market. My subjects are:- Mathematics HL Economics HL Business Management HL English Literature SL Spanish SL ab initio Computer Science SL
  4. I am on the verge of choosing my IB subjects: Math HL Economics HL Computers SL/HL Spanish ab initio English Language + Literature SL Should I choose Business Management, as according to popular belief, Business Management is considered a soft subject and my application may not meet the requirements? And if not, which subject should I choose?
  5. I am on the verge of choosing my subjects: Math HL Economics HL Comp Sc HL/SL Spanish ab initio English LangLit SL For my final subject, which subject should I choose to get into the finance field because seemingly Business Management is considered a soft subject by Ivy League and top UK Universities?
  6. Hello everyone , I keep changing my mind about what subjects I want to choose thats why I really need advice. I want to study Neurobiology as an undergraduate degree in an Ivy League University, and then either a Phd in Neurobiology or an MBA. For Ivy League Universities they don't have entry requirements other than to trigger yourself with choosing hard subjects, on the other hand, I would also like to apply to UCL as its known for being very good in Neurobiology. These are my subject choices for now: ENGLISH A LIT. HL SPANISH A SL (Spanish is my first language but ma
  7. I have just finished MYP5 (10th grade in pre-IB) and my last report card had an average of 6.1 out of 7. I am really worried that this will affect my chance of getting into a competitive college. My results were: Italian: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7) English: 6,7,7,7 (final grade 6) Design: 6,7,7,6 (final grade 6) History: 8,8,8,8 (final grade 7) Physical Education: 5,5,4,5 (final grade 5) Science: 6,4,6,6 (final grade 5) Art: 6,7,5,6 (final grade 6) Mathematics: 7,5,6,6 (final grade 6) Spanish: 7,8,8,7 (final grade 7) Are these grades good enough?
  8. So, I really want to go to Yale. It's been my dream for a long time. I'm also applying for Harvard and Princeton, because those are the only Ivy Leagues that offer good financial aid to international students (I'm from Canada). If I get in, I plan on majoring in history or political science. The thing is, I'm in Math Studies SL. I don't plan on doing sciences or math or anything like that, I only want to do humanities. Do I have a good shot at getting into Yale, Princeton, or Harvard's history or political science programs with a 7 in Math Studies, given that my other grades, extra curric
  9. Hello everyone, I have just received IB results, and am wondering whether it is worth applying to Harvard. I do not know the application process terribly well, and would therefore also appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance upon what is involved in it (i.e. interview, SATs, IB results if considered...). I obtained 43 + 7 in my extra subject, for a total of 50/52. I was 1% off a 7 in Maths SL and will request a remark, so I could possibly find myself only loosing one mark overall. Hence, I would strongly appreciate anyone's advice upon applying to Harvard or ANY OTHER IVY LEAGU
  10. I have taken Math SL,and recently got a 7 in my first year exams.But is taking a Math SL good enough for studying Computer Science in Universities in the US.Should I shift to a Math HL where the highest in the class was a 5?Is a Math SL good enough for Ivy leagues or Universities at that level?
  11. Me and my best friend are applying to the same university: Columbia. We are very similar: we had top grades (which are exactly the same in total) for the MYP and now we are in the DP. We take three of the same subjects: Math SL, English A LangLit HL, and Psychology (SL for her, HL for me), two of which we are in the same class. We have great CVs and SAT scores, and we complement each other very well. Also, what I lack in one thing I make up for it in another, and vice versa. We work very closely in terms of extracurriculars as well. What I wanted to know was, is there a huge likelihood tha
  12. I am an american student that's starting his IB Program next year. I am planning and preparing for great success during these upcoming two years. Many of us ambitious IB students dream about getting straight 7s am I right? As challenging as the IB already is, I will have to find a way to organize my time spent studying for my IB courses and my SAT exam. Is there any advice out there for those of us trying to balance the IB & SAT/ACT together? Here are my class choices: (1)English(SL)- (2)French(SL)- (3)Economics(HL) (4)Environmental Systems & Studies(HL) (5)Mathematics(SL) (6)Hist
  13. Hi everyone, I have quite a few things to discuss in this topic so please please please read the whole thing and help me out! Thank you! So here's a little background on me: I gave my IGCSEs this May and have switched to the IB for the Diploma Program. My subjects were: Math, Bengali, English, Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Physics and Further Pure Math. I got 5A*s and 3As (most notably a 98/100 in pure math). So overall I did quite well. My IB subjects are: Math, Econ and Physics at HL and English Lang. and Lit., Spanish ab initio and Chemistry at SL. It's been so far, so good. My que
  14. Hey, I am a 16 year old (turning 17). I skipped 9th and 10th grade. I've just graduated and got 40/45 on the IB. I'm taking a gap year now and will be taking SATs (so far I have an 800 on Math 2) and applying throughout the gap year. As a result, I will be applying to US universities with my IB score in hand, as opposed to with a predicted score. I want to get in to universities such as Harvard or MIT. How do universities value actual IB scores in comparison with predicted scores? Also, how much, if at all, will the fact that I did the IB at a younger age contribute to my applications?
  15. Hi guys. Here's my sitch. Even before I began the IBDP, I had already decided that I was not going to do anything science-related in college. I made this decision because I identified my strengths in commerce subjects such as Business and Global Perspectives during Year 10 and Year 11 of IGCSEs. So, when it came to deciding my IB subjects, choosing Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) as my only Group 4 subject was a no-brainer. (My subject choices are English HL, Math HL, Business HL, Mandarin Ab Initio, Music SL and ESS SL fyi) After being in this class for a year, I came to really enjo
  16. Hi IB-ers I'm an Indonesian student currently about to finish my first year of IB Grade 11, and I really want to apply to the University of Pennsylvania (my dream school). However, I'm completely lacking in my extracurricular activities..I've done a few things here and there, volunteered for a few events, taught English to underprivileged students, had an internship, etc., but I still feel it's not enough and I've only got one summer left before Grade 12 begins and I have to take the SAT subject tests (which I've never taken before), do my application essays, so on..anyways, I'm pretty stress
  17. Hey! What would the answer to this be? I have a junior asking me about this and I'm not sure what to tell him. Arrowhead.
  18. Hey all! My dance instructor who's like training me for my final showcase for my Kathak degree is a Harvard and Princeton alumnus and she offered to write one of my recommendations to these two schools. I should specify that I am in the last stage of my Kathak degree in Indian Classical Music and it is an accredited course recognised by Indian universities to get into further study programmes for Dance. I'm studying for theory exams (and have given 5 in the past) and everything. So I was wondering, do you think a teacher/supervisor from a non-school academic pursuit can write one of my recomme
  19. I have taken PCM HL and economics SL hindi B and english sL I got 2200 in SAT and 770 in SAT 2 CHEM, 760 in SAT 2 phy, 800 in SAT 2 maths 2 and TOEFL score of 106 extracurriculars: i have been the president of the math club and the founder of the 'science experiments' club head of the school media comittee serviced underprivileged by being a member of the organizing committee of a 'sports day' for a school coached cricket to underprivileged children for an year physics and chemistry award one of the top 3 students ( mock exams); student counseler
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