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  1. So far I've narrowed my topic down to something in the area of how cloud computing has helped businesses establish better customer relations, but I also have another topic similar to this and I don't know if its feasible or not. I’m having a hard time thinking of a research question, so would something like “To investigate how cloud computing can help businesses in establishing better customer relations.” be a decent question or does it need to be more refined? Also, another topic that’s similar to this which I’m having a hard time deciding which I want to do is the idea of social media helpin
  2. Hi! My research question is "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash? For anyone who can give tips, is there a better way to word this RQ? like adding an "in terms of" or using a different adjective other than "practical", etc? Also, for anyone who has done a similar EE or has firsthand knowledge and experience on cryptocurrency, please do leave a reply if you have any tips or recommended links, or if we could even have a quick chat as one of my primary resources (having a real hard time looking for any), any help would be greatly appreciated. Than
  3. The idea I pitched to my teacher was something along the lines of "To what extent will GPU and CPU processing speeds have to be in order to create a gaming experience indistinguishable from reality?" I thought of researching VR, GPU and CPU power, clock speeds, etc. But I was told that doing this exploration would have no use. What does anyone else think? I am thinking of doing something about cryptocurrency. "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash/credit?" I haven't asked my teacher yet, but I think it would lean more towards ITGS (since i'll be talking abo
  4. I’m doing a database for my ITGS IA. I need to decide whether to use Microsoft Access or LibreOffice. Does anybody know or have experience with LibreOffice?? Does it have the same features and tools as Access?? Pleeeease help
  5. Hey everyone, I'm in my first year of DP and I kindly request your advice. My school has set the deadline for our extended essays by the end of summer and hence, I have to come up with a research topic. I'm planning to go into IT after I graduate(hopefully) and I would like to use ITGS as my topic idea for the Extended Essay. However, I have not opted to take ITGS and I am concerned whether I can do an extended essay on it and still get an 'A'. I also take economics SL and I'm very interested in it as well. I was wondering if I can't do the essay on ITGS, could I link both subjects somehow? Th
  6. Official ITGS Thread! Keep all General Questions and questions regarding the Project here please so that they're easy for everybody to find and read Case Study 2011 - Case Study 2012 - Anyone take ITGS? Took ITGS? Are there any good revision sources? As there are no Books! How do you get a good grade?! If 0% get 7!
  7. Hello everyone, I have to choose my IB subjects. My current subjects are: Math AA HL Physics HL Chemistry SL English A LAL, SL or HL Turkish Literature SL (I am from Turkey) Economy or Itgs HL So, I couldn't decide on which group 3 subject I will choose. (I am going to take HL from group 3 subject.) I intended to take Itgs at first, because it is easier than economics (less studying, more points) and I am either gonna study engineering or mathematics/computer science, therefore it fits. But I learnt that Itgs is considered a weak subject and un
  8. I emailed IB support but they just told me to ask my teacher/counselor. Unfortunately, he doesn't know either. Can http://sites.google.com be used to create my IA?
  9. As you know, for the criterion E of ITGS IA, it says I must use at least three advanced techniques from the list. I am making a website, so I think I must focus on the "multimedia" section. The website was created using WIX. I first wrote about html coding, where I created tables to introduce the products. HTML was also used for paragraphs and introducing the company as well. Secondly, I wrote about Integration of components using advanced features from other applications, that is embedding google maps using html. Lastly, I indicated the Proficient integration of the different elements of mult
  10. Hi guys, so this is my situation. for my extended essay, i planned to go for computer science subject on something about machine learning. My research question was about how effective a boosting model was in predicting stock prices. So i asked my teacher, and after reading my outline he said that he considered this an ITGS essay. What do you guys think? Can it be used for CS? What should i alter and how to improve? Thanks. P.S. i am also unsure of this topic is too advanced for me as i am not really experienced in the R language or programming in general, but have someone clos
  11. Hello, I have picked my topic as Surveillance and probably will do it on whether Snowdens actions were ethical or not. I have read about the topic, but how do I start writing?
  12. I have just finished my product for my ITGS IA. I am doing a DTP software using photoshop. However, my client gave me pictures that can be found in the internet. I absolutely have no idea about this. What should I do? Please help!
  13. I'm making a video for my IA in ITGS, are we allowed to use any music created by another person? What are the rules on using copyright music and non copyright music? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I am doing the IB program in Chennai, India, and I am halfway through year. My subject choices are: HL Mathematics HL Chemistry HL Physics SL English Literature SL French Abinitio SL ITGS I'm aiming for a 7 in all subjects. When is an ideal time to start working on the Internal Assessments and is there any guide which I can follow to ensure that it matches up to the criteria required? I am also planning to do my EE in either physics or chemistry. Would taking a HL subject for an EE be too stressful? Also, for my ITGS IA, my teacher recommends making
  15. Hey guys! I’m currently in grade 10 about to apply for IB. I aim to be a medical/law? student and these are the subjects I have chosen so far: English (A) - HL Mando (B) - HL Chem - HL Bio - SL (my school doesn’t allow 2 science HLs) Maths - HL Im unsure of what I should choose for my group 3 subject, my school only offers history in HL so I can’t take it. What would you recommend? Thanks
  16. Im literally so stressed right now, I have so much to do and all ive been doing is procastinate and not make proper use of the time I actually spend working. I work on something and go off topic quickly. I have an ITGS client that may or may not bail on me and I have to submite my product next week. I've not yet began filming and they are going out of the country for two weeks. Incase they do bail on me I need a backup plan. How do you fake an itgs ia? What are projects that I can do on my own and act as my own client?
  17. Hello IB-community! I am currently in high school and need to choose my IB subjects very soon. As the title suggests, I would be very thankful if some of you would be interested in answering my question. I am currently in a rough spot mental health wise, in the way that I am unable to tolerate any excessive focus on emotionally draining subjects, due to the fact that I was diagnosed as a highly sensitive person and struggle with depressive episodes. Therefore I am hesitant as to wether choose IB, history SL or ITGS SL. Because last year I did
  18. hey guys, please find parents to fill in this survey about a barbie doll, lol yes i know but i really need it. thanks https://form.jotform.co/72317926842866
  19. How good is the topic of mobile payment for itgs extended essay? what primary data can be used and how can social and ethical issues be evaluated. Thank You
  20. Guest

    ITGS HL Notes

    I've been trying to find notes for ITGS HL but can't seem to find anything beyond blogspot articles which do not work for me. Does anyone know where I can get notes in pdf, powerpoint or word format?
  21. Hello everyone, I am a first year IB student and I have some questions about ITGS course. Becasue of lack of teachers, we were forced to either choose ESS or ITGS as a group 3 in my school. I was wondering how does this lesson benefit while applying for an engineering branch?
  22. Hey there I need to confirm what Group 3 subject I'm choosing ASAP. Currently, I'm doing: English Lang & Lit HL Spanish Lit HL Mathematics HL Computer Science HL Physics SL I plan on studying engineering. When it comes to my Group 3 subject, I'm stuck between B&M, which seems useful in promoting entrepreneurship in the future, but Pre-IB classes have proved to be extremely boring to me, and ITGS, which seems interesting, fun and a solid, easy subject, to make my already pretty hard IB a little more survivable. So, which of them is hard
  23. Hi, I am doing my ITGS IA and choose to do a website to adress my client's problem. I was wondering if it is possible to create your website using WIX website creator, if yes will it bring down my marks??
  24. It's my second year in IB at my school, and it is genuinely the worst. Advice for anyone is that - I find that, unless you're a hard worker, pick subjects you like. Then you have drive and value that will carry through the next two years. - Don't bull**** yourself on maybes and mild interests in subjects, do what needs to be done as soon as possible. My first draft for EE is due in 2 days and I have very little to show for it. · A study of consideration · To what extent Areas including environment (geo tagging, mobile tracking, GPS,
  25. Hey guys, Long story short, Math HL is hard. I'm doing terrible and don't know what to do. I study and all but I missed a month of the subject (personal reasons) and don't have time to catch up. To the point, If i drop HL math what other subject do I take as HL? MY SUBJECT CHOICES: -math HL -Physics HL -ITGS HL -Chem SL -English SL -French AB my school offers BM and economics as well. I don;'t want to take Visual arts. Im interested in computer engineering and mechanics but I know I need math HL for those subjects... Any help would be appr
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