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Found 13 results

  1. I am doing an interview with one client next week, but I couldn't decide the questions to bring out the client requirements or specifications, and problem statement. What could be some general questions to bring out the specifications like 'What is the most important thing to consider with designing this product'?
  2. Helloo!! Could anyone help with an interview template (from trusted sources)? I need it for my WT1..pleaseeee
  3. Hello everyone!! As I know WT1 for English A is supposed to be a creative writing, not an essay. Anyway, I was wondering if I could do an interview essay instead of a simple interview. Does any of you know if that's allowed?
  4. If I conclude an interview and use it as a primary source, do I need to include the transcript of the interview or something of that sort? thanks!
  5. Hello! I am submitting my History Extended Essay on the Partition of India in 1947 soon. In the essay, I quote and reference an interview I conducted with my grandfather who was displaced as a boy by the events I am writing about, making it a pretty valuable primary source. Where should I put the interview in it's entirety? It's not in published form obviously, so should I put it in an appendix? Is this recommended for History EEs? Thanks!
  6. Hi fellow IB students, Just need a couple of CAS hours? Not sure what do for a CAS project? My name’s Ashley and my online CAS project might be the solution. The idea is to make a website written by IB students, based on exploring cultural differences. Interview questions will be sent out to everyone who will then send back their response (around a paragraph) with pictures and these responses will then be collated on the website. You can be an individual writer, or you can be a coordinator, collecting responses from others in your class. Or if you would like to ma
  7. Hey, so I'm about to start my ITGS IA, I found my client, but I need to have an interview with him, but I don't know what type of questions to ask, and what's the aim of the interview. Can you please help? I did not understand what the IA guide said.
  8. Hello Guys When applying to university, there are many factors that will be considered such as your subject choices and grades however if another student has equivalent grades and subjects, the outer curricular activities that you have done can set you apart from the other applicant and eventually determine if you get accepted or not My question is as follows. How can I really proof that I have done all the activities that I talk about (Athletics, Academic clubs and organisations and other extra curricular activities)? Since I have been actively training martial arts since 7 years and b
  9. Hey guys, I don't know a better forum to post this on, so I hope you can point me in the right direction if I'm wrong to post here. I've been selected for the Final Interview round in the UWC selection process. This is my closest dream to coming true, so I hope you guys can give me some words of advice. How do I convince the interviewers I'm the best candidate for it? What can I do to prepare? And advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey everybody, So i am doing my history IA on ''How was the Hitler Youth an organization vital for the indoctrination of German youth'' not a very original topic but a very interesting one for me personally. To get to the point, i am using ''Heil HItler: Confessions of a Hitler Youth'' as a source for evaluation in part C. Basically the source is a short film composed from an interview of Alfons Heck (a former member of the HItler youth, he also has written a book on the subject) who talks about his days of being a member in the HItler Youth and how succesful it was in indoctrinating him. My
  11. Hi! I'm doing my Extended Essay in English, comparing the element of fantasia (a.k.a. supernatural) in the works of Haruki Murakami and in the works of Nazli Eray. I found many sources for researching the works of Nazli Eray, but, I couldn't find anything related to Haruki Murakami. Do you guys have any websites in which people share essays and projects and so on? Or could you please send me some links that you think would help me in any way? Interviews, critical essays, anything would work. I'm pretty lost here. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone I have already done a written task about Media/language; and I made a political speech However now I have to write the other written task, which is the literature one. I am slightly confused though, because what are actually some of the options for this task? I mean you are not supposed to make a brochure and stuff like that? I had the idea to do an interview with a character, (David Lurie) from the book Disgrace. In which I ask questions about his view (after the disgrace in the end of the book). Do you think this would be a good idea for the task, and if so.. can I truly just
  13. So my history teacher mentioned a few students in the past have either in person or online interviewed an expert in the topic they have chosen. I believe this would be difficult because first of all you have to find an expert and then find one willing and with the time available to answer a few of your questions. It seems like it might be too much effort to pay off also for some topics possibly not possible. Do you think it is worth while searching for the expert opinion?
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