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Found 23 results

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could look over my History IA question and offer any criticism or concerns that they notice. I've been kinda struggling to get this question to sound good and I'm worried that it could be too judgemental... The question is: "To what extent did Andrew Jackson fulfill his received title of the people’s president?"
  2. My IA is fairly simple. It is a rate of reaction practical, those ones where you can, for example, test the effect of changing temperature or pH on the rate of a reaction. My question is: can it score well? It isn't so basic that it's listed in the textbook's list of practicals but it is basic. The reaction that I am investigating is actually a very interesting one even if it is kind of basic. How would a relatively rate of reaction practical score a 7? Would I have to calculate the rate order for example?
  3. How old can data for IA be? Is 2015 acceptable? I can't find it in criteria.
  4. Hey! My biology IA is predicted at a high 4 low 5, I am trying to get a 6. However, If I keep a 5, will I still be able to get a 6 overall if I do well in my exams? And how much is the IA weighted in contrast to the exams?
  5. Hi I am not sure whether the topic of I want of to choose is appropriate for my IA. I was thinking of comparing the quality of apple fruits from mechanically thinned plants vs fruits not interrupted by thinning in their growth (my grandma has an apple orchard). Even though my teacher accepted the topic I have an impression she is not very familiar with this process and I am not sure whether it is not too simple. Thinning of the plants is a common way in gardening of improving plants' quality and increasing their development efficiency. Therefore, isn't it too obvious? I could
  6. Hi! So I'm doing my internal assessment of finding an optimal route through some points of hte city using the Chinese Postman Theorem. My math teacher says its okay, in fact, he suggested the idea of doing this IA. But I have half of my work now and I think that the math that involves are very easy, so I'm scared that I don't get a good mark because of that. I'm doing the option of calculus, and this is part of the discrete mathemtics, so it's part of the HL syllabus, but do you have any suggestion of how can I do my IA a bit harder? Or do you think it will be enough? Thank you!
  7. I am starting to do my Economics Internal assessment. I take Economics standard level. My batch is the first batch taking the economics IB exam! Any tips for a good Internal assessment? Which sections do you think I should do? What topics should I focus on? What do you think the checker would be looking for in my IA?
  8. Hey! I need to get a research question and I am interested to become a Veterinarian and I want to do an IA connected to it, however, I am confused on the topic I can do for my biology IA.
  9. Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  10. Hi! This is for the new 2017 syllabus IA (just a heads-up, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't change the RQ format). I've already done part 1/3 of the IA (the source identification and evaluation part), so while I'd appreciate phrasing and diction help, I'm sticking with this topic. I had already changed from 1870s US reconstruction policies to WWI US neutrality, and then from that to this. I have a penchant for Canadian history, which we study as much as US history in our Americas HL topic, so here it is: How was Prime Minister Borden’s leadership responsible for deepenin
  11. This survey is for me to collect data for my ESS IA. Anyone related with this class or not can answer the questions, please do! I have to get my data ready. IT IS URGENT! Thank you... https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GK9WJL6
  12. I am doing my Biology IA on the effect of using your dominant and non-dominant hand on reaction times as a response to visual stimuli. If any of you has some spare time, could you do a very quick reaction time test, which will take maximum five minutes, to provide me with some more data? All you have to do is visit this website: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime You do the test twice, once with your dominant hand and once with your non-dominant hand. Every test consists of five reaction times. Once you do it, could you please post them for each hand for me? This will mean 1
  13. hello i need some opinions regarding my math ia. i decided to investigate about the obedience of the preschool children. and my hypothesis is girls is more obedient compared to boys. but i have a problem of analysing my data as i observe their obedience through the designed activity. it is qualitative data. there are 3 activities and if they obediently done all the activities, they will get 3/3. but if they don't do one activity out of 3, they will get 2/3. i decided to do chi squared test but i think it is not enough for my IA. So, i think that i should change my data into quantitative
  14. Hi! I am having some trouble coming up with a topic for my business standard IA, does someone have any suggestions? What did you do for yours? Thanks!
  15. To what extent did the educational systems of Nazi Germany in years 1933-1945 and in Soviet Union in years 1929-1945 differ from each other? View File The predicted grade for this IA was a 7 and as far as I remember it also officially got a 7. Enjoy! Submitter Sceptyczka Submitted 05/13/2016 Category Sample Internal Assessments
  16. Hey guys, My exam session is May 2016, and I'm going to submit my physics and chemistry IAs soon, but I still have some troubles with the formatting. My teachers do not explain how to format the IA according to the new syllabus thoroughly. If anyone has a checklist or a template for the new syllabus IA and is willing to share it with me, I would be very very thankful. Thanks in advance
  17. Hey guys! Do you think that a topic 'TO WHAT EXTENT WAS THE USA HOMEFRONT SUCCESSFUL DURING WORLD WAR II?' would be approperiate for my historical investigation? Or maybe you have any suggestions how should I change it? Cheers i beg of you to tell me something smart Friends of mine said that historical investigation topic should be somhow controversial, so I'm lost and confused :///
  18. Hey! So, how should I go about evaluating sources? Should I include the sources being evaluated as appendices or how should I do it? The information I have under the Summary of Evidence section is basically events and opinions, but nothing I could analyze in depth as in documents and stuff? If I understood well, they examiner does not have to read the appendices, so would it be okay for them to be appendices or should they be in the Summary of Evidence section??
  19. My topic that I would like to focus on for the history IA is the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. So far, my question is... What caused the tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups in Rwanda in the early 1990’s to increase and lead to genocide? I'm afraid that it is too broad and the answer can easily be found in the textbook. (Teacher said not to ask a question that can be easily answered by reading a textbook)... Can anyone suggest any improvements that I could make? And how specific is too specific?
  20. So, our teacher gave us our IA subject today and its... "Investigate a factor of passive transport in tissue" Since i was not in the HL Biology class, I have no idea what is going on and i am wondering if i could get some input and topics and experiments to experiment
  21. Version Final


    Final World Literature 1: Exploration of Marriage in Ibsen's "A Doll's House" and Moliere's "School For Wives". Grade 6
  22. We need to to an Math IA in our SL class. I chose the topic Basketball and want to apply statistics there. Do you have any suggestions what I could do and how I can structure it? Thank You ! Marie
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