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  1. Hi, I'm really desperate, I've been all this month trying to get help from my teacher to help me a little with my internal idea. I wanted to do something that has to do with sound and I thought about sound absorption but I don't know how to formulate the internal in order to get something that could mark high. I'm doing Physics SL. Thank you
  2. hello!!! does anyone know if the bibliography page of the chemistry ia counts for the page number (which is maximum 12)?
  3. Hey everyone, Not sure exactly where this goes, so I'm just posting it here I recently had a situation where the Internal Deadline was reached for my IA, which I only had a draft completed. My teacher, shared on the document, was willing and ready to submit it as my final. In the even of not finishing my work, is my teacher allowed to just send my draft as my final without my consent? Or do they need to ask me first (maybe in the form of some form that I sign "yes, submit this")? Thank you.
  4. Hey! My biology IA is predicted at a high 4 low 5, I am trying to get a 6. However, If I keep a 5, will I still be able to get a 6 overall if I do well in my exams? And how much is the IA weighted in contrast to the exams?
  5. Hi I am not sure whether the topic of I want of to choose is appropriate for my IA. I was thinking of comparing the quality of apple fruits from mechanically thinned plants vs fruits not interrupted by thinning in their growth (my grandma has an apple orchard). Even though my teacher accepted the topic I have an impression she is not very familiar with this process and I am not sure whether it is not too simple. Thinning of the plants is a common way in gardening of improving plants' quality and increasing their development efficiency. Therefore, isn't it too obvious? I could
  6. Hi! Please help me! I want to do my Math IA on something involving Korea and/or K-pop!!!!! I have no idea if I am allowed though to use as I'm not even sure where to find info for!
  7. I had two ideas in mind for my Math HL IA 1) I was thinking about doing it on non Euclidian geometry. I couldn't find a specific topic but I was thinking about proving that the Earth is round using spherical geometry but I am not exactly sure how to do it. 2) I was thinking about the Mandelbrot set. Maybe showing how it was bound by 2, but that would be repeating something that has already been discovered and proved many times before. If you have any suggestions on how I might find a specific topic it would really be helpful.
  8. hey, so, i have a quick question. just a litte background so that you don't think the question is stupid. i was supposed to have my ib exams on November, 2016. but due to some political reasons, my school shut down a few months before the exams. so i had to transfer to another ib school, which none of the ib schools in my city did november sessions and they didn't have the subjects i took such as econ, wh, or ess therefore they also didn't have the teachers appropriate for the subjects. so we were transferred to 2017 May session. ib was contacted about the issue so they know all t
  9. So I chose to make my physics IA on fluid damping. The whole experiment is basically a mass on an oscillating spring and how it damps into a beaker with a different concentrations of sugar water solutions. my teacher want me to find a way to detect the amplitude of the oscillating spring. The whole experiment in the end is supposed to give me an exponentially decaying graph. Any idea on how I can somehow detect the amplitude. This is the website I found my experiment in if you dont get it. Its "Idea 8". PLease HELP MEEEEEE: https://physics.guzled.com/updated-16-ideas-for-ib-physics-i
  10. RHEAA

    Math IA topic

    Hello, We have to write up at least 1 -2 pages of our Math IA by Wednesday. I thought of using the Fibonacci numbers and how they are used in casinos for betting. I researched and it said that this, however, isn't good for the long term as it can cause a lot of money loss so I thought I'd use other types of number ( like the Lucas numbers etc) and compare them. However, I feel like it will be a very short topic and I won't be able to write 12 pages on it. Please help me build on this idea. Thank you!
  11. Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  12. Can someone explain to me the statistical analysis option for the Bio IA (I'm in HL if that helps)... Our teacher gave us a really bad explanation and I don't understand. We talked about IA's in class like once and never again so our teacher didn't really give us any time or help at all with this so I figure this is the easier route -- how do you do this type of IA and what's the best way to go about it??? Plz help. Thank u fams.
  13. Hello, I have been thinking recentely about my Internal Assessment topic. For now, I have Sierpinski triangle, but I am not sure about it right now, and I am now thinking about connecting it somehow with music. Do you think it is a good idea or maybe the initial topic was appropriate enough for IA? Any comments or advice will be much appreciated
  14. i have a topic for my Bio IA which is, the effect of sugar on seed germination. I don't know what seeds i'll be using yet, but i will place them in a container surrounded by cotton buds and will add water every day, with plain water as the constant. I not entirely sure what concentration levels of sugar to use or how to calculate molars. I'm not sure what the results would be. How many seed have germinated? the growth of the seeds? and how it could become meaningful data, e.g. tables, graphs. if anyone has done an IA or prac similar to this or has some knowledge, any input woul
  15. Hey guys, So we are just starting our biology IAs and actually my lab proposal was due last week but i've jumped around ideas for a long time and discussed them with my teacher but he doesn't give me any real advice and just tells me to research unlike the chem teacher. So i've finally come up with the idea of the effects on different concentrations on inhibitors on enzymatic activity and was wondering if that was a plausible IA question. I'm bio HL so i'm a bit afraid i might be doing something simple. But the idea is that i use some kind of enzyme and substrate and then add diffe
  16. Hey everybody, Well, I'm currently working on my History IA and I decided that I need to change my question for the 3rd time So right now I'm thinking of doing my IA by exploring the following question: In the controversy surrounding the causes of the Great Depression, a clash among heterodox theories still remains ambiguous. What was the US’s strategy towards dealing with social and economic aspects of the Great Depression? What do you think about this Research Question? Narrow? Broad? Cliché?... Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. An
  17. Physics Internal Assessment View File This is the Physics Internal Assessment I did for my Physics SL class. It is on waves and Mersenne's laws. I was projected a 6 for this. Submitter Tazwar Sikder Submitted 06/09/2016 Category Sample labs  
  18. To what extent did the educational systems of Nazi Germany in years 1933-1945 and in Soviet Union in years 1929-1945 differ from each other? View File The predicted grade for this IA was a 7 and as far as I remember it also officially got a 7. Enjoy! Submitter Sceptyczka Submitted 05/13/2016 Category Sample Internal Assessments
  19. Hey guys! I need help for my Computer Science Internal Assessment (dossier). I am planning to make an educational game for the primary school students. My end-user will be 3rd grade English teacher. I wanna make it in the Scratch (not sure, could be in Java as well). So I am not sure about the type of the game so that I can get a good mark. What criterions should I follow? Also my friend wants to create an educational website, like Myimath and what do you think about that? And what about the difficulty level of the game? May you please clarify those issues?
  20. Hey guys! I need help for my Chemistry SL mock Internal Assessment. I have no idea about what to do and how to do. May you please suggest some ideas about the IA? Thank you in advance.
  21. Hi, I have a IA topic in mind, though is it ok to investigate this? To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 Reagan's Cuban Missile Crisis? / Compare (and contrast) the invasion of Grenada in 1983 to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. or To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 in line with the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1905? Would any of these work?
  22. Hi all, im currently taking Design Technology and currently being the leading student in our school for the Major Projects / IA's. I tend to collaborate with my teachers about issues with the guidelines and many of the problems that tend to arise. If you have recently heard about the new exemplar that has been released with a grade of 47/54 you may have many questions of which may be similar to mine, and that the issue you may also be talking with other students is the lack of attention that this subject is getting. I wanted to discuss the formats of the MP and all issues involving it as I nee
  23. Hi, i am replicating Bartlett's (1932) study for psychology IA. The aim of this replicating study is investigating how social and cultural factors influence schemas and hence can lead to memory distortions. My hypothesis is the people with familiar to their culture will recall their memory accurately and people with unfamiliar to their culture will have memory distortions and make some errors on reproducing stories. However, i don't understand the differences of experimental hypothesis and null hypothesis. What are the differences?
  24. Hello all, i finished doing my psychology sl IA yesterday on the stroop effect, and i realized that it is 1550 words not 1500. how do i make it 50 words less, im not knowing how? and what exactly is not included in the word count, i know that the abstract, cover page, references, appendices are not included is that just it? private message me if you can help cut the words down
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