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Found 19 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A list of resources to use for the ESS IA, as well as two planning templates.
  2. I've been struggling with my chem ia topic - every idea I have turns out to be too hard to pursue with my current knowledge and skills or I just have no idea how to come up with an actual method to measure something. My teacher isn't too helpful either - she isn't too keen to give me any tips or help me develop my ideas into a valid research question. Lately, I've been thinking about investigating how does the presence of different metal ions affect the rate of hydrolysis of esters. Is it a good idea, should I take it seriously and look into it? And what method could I use?
  3. Hi friends I need to redo my TOK as I didn't do so well on my previous one. Any ideas? Anything is fine other than the topic of ethics
  4. bombtista

    Physics IA

    Do you guys think speed of wave vs depth of water is a good physics IA topic? I will use something to prop a plastic container filled with water to a certain height, drop the item to create the wave. I will do this multiple times with multiple heights of water. I will also measure speed of wave that has something added to it like salt or pepper, something that doesn't dissolve. Does this sound acceptable? my teacher has been ridiculous and I don't have a strong relationship with her. Any help is appreaciated as i'm very stressed.
  5. Yesterday, we had the extended essay launch, and we made to choose a subject we are mostly likely going to do our essay on. I chose psychology, and I wanted to know how it was for those who wrote/writing their EE on psychology and what topic you did it on
  6. Let's pool our knowledge together of where to find a good IA topic! I only know some ones for math and group 4. Math (suitable for most SL and HL students): https://www.youtube.com/user/MindYourDecisions, More advanced math (possibly beyond HL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1_uAIS3r8Vu6JjXWvastJg (Mathologer), https://www.youtube.com/user/numberphile (focus on number theory, properties of numbers, series), https://www.youtube.com/user/Vihart (geometry-focused) Physics: https://www.youtube.com/user/destinws2 (Smarter every day, suitable for modelling IAs), https://www.youtube.c
  7. Hi, I'm doing my Math HL IA on finding the volume and surface area of a frustum (from a cone). I'm determining the volume in three ways, out of which one is integration. I'm calculating the surface area in two ways, one of which uses integration too. However, though the formula for surface area is out of the HL syllabus, I feel like this is a very simple idea, and might not fulfill the 'Use of Mathematics' criterion as formulae for the volume and S.A. is available online. My Math teacher says this is sophisticated enough, though I feel the opposite. I would like an opinion on this topic a
  8. Hi, I need some help in finding a good Maths HL IA topic. For the past few weeks I have been looking for a good Maths Hl exploration related to discrete maths however I failed to find one good one. Some of the things I looked at were the Chinese postman problem, the four color theorem and Travelling salesman problem, however the problem with these is that, I don’t think there is enough content to write 10 pages on them. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest some topic or even some areas that I could look at for Maths Hl IA, preferably related to discrete maths. Thank
  9. Hey guys, I need a Biology IA due tomorrow! I've been thinking of them for over a month now and I still don't have anything, and it's getting super difficult. What did you do? Were there any topics that you liked but your teacher did not approve ( I can try to get ideas from it). Even discussing topics and things in biology is going to help here THANK YOU SO MUCH
  10. guys, does it matter if you're in SL/HL for IA? Can my IA be "How does the horizontal range accuracy of a projectile depend on its initial velocity at launch?" Measuring horizontal range in real world and comparing it to theoretical/predicted/calculated values. Good enough or too easy for HL?
  11. Hi Guys, I'm from Indonesia and I think I am going to take an EE on Economics. However I'm still blinded on what topic should I write on. I'm interested in having a topic related to economics and technology Thank you for your help
  12. So in my IB English class we are allowed to select from three works for our IA. (Beowulf, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Frankenstein) When the teacher and I had spare time to talk outside of the classroom, we discussed the overuse of Their Eyes were Watching God and Frankenstein for the IOP and unofficially hinted that I should do Beowulf for mine for some originality points. After looking over beowulf once again, i noticed something quite intriguing. It was when the narrator discussed how the dragon gained his wealth and how the race that died from it realized that it had no true
  13. Hi people, I have lots of confusion for this Math IA. So I am in the first class that is going to graduate taking IB in my school and my math teacher has never taught IB..so my question is how many tasks do we need to do for this course. I read some websites and it seemed like to complete your portfolio you need to do TASK I - mathematical investigation and a TASK II - mathematical modeling to complete your internal assessment. is this true?? and we have to do one in the first year and another in the second year? By the way, is the teacher supposed to give us a list of topic to choose from?
  14. Hello, My extended essay first draft is due in 5 days and I have yet to formulate my topic or research question and have not even met with my advisor. I want to do a topic on the economics of the Brazil World Cup and World Cups of the past and determine whether or not hosting a world cup is economically and/or socially beneficial. The trouble, however, is that my school does not offer Economics so: 1. I don't have any knowledge, other than prior and recent research, and 2. I don't have access to a teacher I can ask questions to. So I fear that I won't be able to successfully analyse the
  15. I am thinking of writing my Extended Essay on a book . I want to read a new book and I was thinking maybe an essay , I don't know how or my question, but an essay on Alice in Wonderland and I wanted to know peoples thought as well as ask anybody if there was another book they've read or heard about that would be good/interesting for a Essay Topic.
  16. So i am trying once again to come up with another E.E question because my last one got scratched out so i will really appreciate any help, i just need some help brainstorming with a question on aggression and psychology
  17. Hey there, i just had a random idea... i know that this (probably) is impossible, but just imagine being able to use IB Survival for CAS hours. I bet loads of you would have your CAS done in no time! haha
  18. Hello! So I just started my junior year as an IB English HL student and I was just assigned my first IOP. I think i want to do it on Margaret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale and relate it somehow to the lack of identity, and stripping of individuality in the society. My teacher is stressing how well creative presentations score and I'm stressing trying to pick a good one. I'm not artistic and not able to act or do a monologue so I'm kind of stuck. I could easily do a powerpoint but i really want to make my presentation stand out. Does anyone have any ideas of creative ways to do my presentation?!
  19. So hello fellows! I have searched the internet around to find any good ideas for a design lab in physics since my physics teacher told us today that we should perform the last design lab today (yeah, great planning I know) however we could also do it at home. However my fantasy sucks and since I'm not that good in physics either I have no idea what I should do, we have already done a "ball- design lab" and a "spring- design lab" but now we are allowed to do anything we want. Therefore I ask you if you can provide any help, like a lab with microwave or something and how this may be applied on
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