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Found 8 results

  1. kii

    ib help

    hi, what are some good textbooks to use while studying biology hl in ib
  2. Hello, I am about to begin my IB next week and I Just wanted to know. I make art youtube videos, which means my face is not in the video. I know that Youtube videos counts as cas and I make the art videos, to teach people how I do my arts. But will it count as cas even though gave around 5 views only? And will they accept it even though I don't put my face in it? The type of video my make:
  3. WE ARE DESPERATE, WE DECIDED TO DO IT IN A GROUP OF 3 SO WE HAVE 30 MINUTES TO KILL. Our knowledge question: Is it true that sense perception lets the imagination flow and affects the perception of reality in the moment of knowing? We thought about using the tv show the voice or aliens as our real life situation but we still have no idea what to do. We would be very grateful and bake you cookies
  4. Hi, “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. What do you guys think about title 1? By reading the question I understand that it's asking you to explain the idea of how the WOK's link together to help you understand the knowledge in the AOK. I am finding it difficult to find arguments that oppose this idea and disagree on it.. do you have any idea, perspectives, opinions, whatever.... any help is appreciated!!
  5. HI I'm currently doing my TOK presentation. My knowledge question is: To what extent does authority shape knowledge? I have all my claims (regarding the areas of knowledge of: Religion, Human Sciences and The Arts) But I have no idea of what counterclaims I could use, as in how authority does not shape knowledge. Do you have any ideas or examples????? pleaseee helpp
  6. I really need an advice on my topic for EE, I'll be doing it in ComputerScience. Topic: Which Sort and Search algorithms is most efficient in a large IT information database such as the national Library? more info on the topic: Basically i will explain each sort ans search algorithm and compare them with each other, which will take less time, which is most effective when i come to large amount of data, etc. then I will look at information databases, and how these algorithms are used, and which will be most suitable. my concern: is it a good topic? how can i improve it? what can i add more?
  7. My KI is 'how does majority opinion change our perception of the truth?'. The problem is, I don't have a suitable real-life situation. Could anyone give me any suggestions? And help with how to go about this?
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