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  1. I want to study Constructional Engineering or Building Engineering further in university. But I don't know what subjects do I need to take in Diploma Programme. I'm thinking about such combinations: Physics HL Maths HL English B HL Economics SL ITGS SL (another language) SL Some advices? Thanks.
  2. Calling IBDP Lang & Lit students! This week on www.smashlanglit.com we are looking at Lang & Lit Paper 1, and how to explore the way a writer shapes meaning! This is a really important part of your Paper 1 response - by successfully writing about how the writer shapes meaning you can really score some high marks for Criterion B! On www.smashlanglit.com you can find key phrases to help write about how the writer shapes meaning. You can also download our free SMASHLANGLIT analysis template! You will find this on no other website...and
  3. Hello there, I am currently struggling a bit. In only a few weeks time I will have to hand in the formula, with my chosen subjects for the IB. But the thing is, that I am really indecisive. The subjects don’t really interest me as much, and I am fairly neutral. And I don’t have the slightest idea on what I would study in university or if I would even want to study abroad. But what I do know is, that I couldn’t see myself going for a scientific of medical profession ever in this life. I was thinking about choosing these following subjects: HL: German, English,Geography SL: Mathe
  4. Hi! So for my English Extended Essay I intend to do a feminist analytical comparison of two books, or how they portray against typical conceptions of women at the time. But I'm having trouble choosing which exact books to choose :(( Do y'all have any feminist fiction book recommendations? Any help would be really appreciated!! :))
  5. anyone who’s done ib on pamoja.....I want to switch from cp to dp but am not able to due to seat time requirements. I want to propose making up the time online through pamoja. do you have to pay for the courses,,, and can I just do half the course on pamoja and the rest in school?? PLEASE HELP ASAP!
  6. I am currently in IBCP at my school but thoroughly do not enjoy it. I LOVE learning and regret more than anything taking CP instead of DP. I have been very upset about my decision lately and want to change. We are halfway through the second quarter of the first year but I want nothing more than to join the diploma program. It is regarded more highly by colleges than CP I believe and I want the challenge of the DP and am confident that I can handle it. Have you ever been in this situation of know of anyone that has? Is it possible to make the switch? Please help me out. Thanks so much.
  7. For our internal assessments (e.g. Biology), will you fail IB if you don't do in-text citations, but you did do the works cited at the end? I have a whole list of works cited on the last page but no in-text citations throughout it. It is difficult to go back and find each sentence to in-text citate it. In-text citations are a pain and it's giving me anxiety! Please help! Thank you very much!
  8. I want to do my IA on music (maybe modelling curve using chords) as I am a violinst and a struggling IB student. My interest in both maths HL Calculus and music has bought me till here to do a IA on it. But as of now I am lost about how to start and then go on. And how far is calculus involved and will the IA be a success. I have no idea how to look into this topic and what should I apply it to could I get any advice, resources or any procedures? Please clear my confussions.(much needed of surviving IB🙄)... Thank You!!
  9. Can we please discuss these titles, specially TITLE 2 !!!!!!!
  10. Please answer to the poll
  11. Version 1.0.0


    There are two files: PDF and Pages.
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to take 5 HLs instead of the 4 I have been taking for the past school year. Keep in mind that mocks are in less than a month. The class I want to bring up to HL is Economics, as I think the Paper 3 will benefit me a lot as I'm a very mathematically-inclined student. So far, Paper 1s have really been giving me trouble and all my classmates say Paper 3s are much easier than Paper 1s. Thoughts? These are my classes currently: HL Math, HL Physics, HL Chem, HL Arabic B SL English LAL, Economics
  13. What kind of effect does legislation have on a negative externality of consumption diagram? Do production costs increase and thus supply shifts to the left? Or does demand decrease? Or does it depend on the context and both could happen?
  14. Hello everyone! I need some help, apparently because I started coming late to school for 3 weeks (I know it's my fault), my school is dropping me to IBCP, but my uni wants IBDP, what do I do?! How do I convince them not to drop me?? I'm really freaking out, my career depends on this plz help!! ;(
  15. Okay so a year ago a joined this school which had just started IBDP. I thought because it's new it will be better and they will pay more attention to us. We are only five kids. Four of us are not from India, (this is a school in India). Three of us are from Thailand and one is from Canada. So it's been a whole year and so far there are only some subjects we have done IB related. the rest the teachers are trying to make it as bookish as possible, because (a) The teachers have not trained according to the IBDP curriculum, (b) they are teachers of the CBSE board and they don't like the IB way of
  16. Hi! I currently need to choose subjects for IBDP year 1. I am having some difficulties since I am not exactly sure what I really want to do and I understand that choosing right subjects is very important when applying to universities. I think I am pretty much into engineering and computer science. However, I am also very passionate about Arts so I want to keep the industrial design as an option. So here's my question: 1) Do universities usually require Visual Art HL for industrial design? What are some requirements that I would need to fulfill in order to take ID? 2) What s
  17. Hello I am currently in year 1. I have contemplated to redo the IBDP course as my family decided to move to another country and I heard that it is hard to restart IBDP in new school. However, I am not sure whether I am already registered IBDP in my current school. So I was wondering, when are students usually register through IBDP? *The email that I got from new school asked me to check whether I am registered IBDP. I am guessing that this means IBDP exam... but I am not to sure Please help me!!! Thank you very much
  18. Hello guys! one month is remaining for the finals. and every ib student right now needs tips and tricks to do their best. PLEASE HELP! alumni!! PLS PLS HELP
  19. Hi everyone, This might sound very retarded and I know I messed up a bit. I got my IBDP in May 2016 with a 35/45 with a 3/3 for TOK+EE. My 2 best subjects were Bio and chem HL throughout the 2 years as I had continuous 7s. Unfortunately I had a surgery a few months before the final exams which cost me 2 months of classes missing out on time to do my IAs, EE and I also missed a lot of the portion for the exams. My 2 best subjects ended up having the worst grades in my finals. (I know i hate my luck) I got a 5 in bio (missed a 6 by 1) and Got a 4 in chem (I WAS HORRIFIED). I'm applying for
  20. hi, I'm a fellow ''IBBER'' and I had a question. So I wanted to do my presentation on WikiLeaks. In general how does the format of the presentation look like, so next to the knowledge question (if someone could help me formulate one, would be great because I still don't understand them), and the real life example of Wikileaks and ways and areas of knowing , how do we set up our presentation? Do we introduce the topic? then say a couple sentences of the question and then go to the areas and ways? Our teacher never really told us to do them and how they should look like. I am shooting for a
  21. Hello all, first post so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm currently part of the IBCP (Career-program) in field of art, having just started IB2. However, I am currently thinking of switching to medical for various reasons, and would need to drop to DP and catch up on Chemistry, Bio (HL) and Math (SL), and probably switch from English L to L&L (as Lit is too confusing, even with a PG 6). So four subjects to learn. The remainder 2 subjects I'm quite confident in. I am not 100% strong in sciences/math (personally know I'll enjoy physiological and anatomical aspects mor
  22. Hi! I really wanted all the latest subject reports. I thought by reading them it would really help the student community with their IAs, EEs and written papers. Could someone please provide a link here or post them or email them to me. Please share whatever subject reports you have, especially May 2016 Thanks so much!
  23. I am about to enroll the IB DP programme by the end of summer. I am a little concerned about my subject combination for being too rigorous. I am up for a challenge, yet a bearable one. In the future, I would like to study at uni in the US. However, I am not sure in what area I may want to study in. But I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance and/or environmental sciences. (Hence why I have both Econ and Bio at HL). Overall, I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on what you think about my subject combination. Is it reasonable considering my future plans? Also, as English is my
  24. Hello everyone, I'm currently a sophomore investigating the difference between the IB Diploma and AP courses and my started the IB Diploma this past year. I live in a urban area and there has been a lot of hype towards the IB at my school and considering it's new there is a lot of pros and cons towards the programme. Pros: - The UC's (University of California) award 30 units if the candidate gets a 30 out of 45 in the program's exams - Good preparation of college apparently - More rigorous than AP - Develops critical thinking skills - Saves money on
  25. Hey guys, the subjects I have chosen so far (I'm starting the DP in August) are: HL German Literature HL Biology HL Economics SL English Language & Literature SL Mathematics Originally, my plan was to take French B SL as my sixth subject, since I am an absolute language person, but this is no longer offered as not enough people have elected it. Now, I am not sure what to pick. The possibilities are: -Drama -Spanish B -Geography -Chemistry I really cannot decide! Right now, I've opted for geography because I've heard from multiple sources that it is fairly easy, although I
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