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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! So I'm coming up to the end of year 10, and have gotten textbooks for IB. I would really like to study ahead in the holidays, especially for economics, a subject I have had no experience with. As I have had no experience, I have no idea how to start studying. The textbook I have is Economics for the IB Diploma, published by Cambridge. If anyone has any recommendations, tips or any experience at all related to this, please let me know!! Thank you
  2. Hey guys, Exams are one month away, and I was just wondering, for diagrams do we draw these in pencil or pen? My teacher hasn't really told us specifically how we should draw them.. I was just thinking that if it was in pencil, how would the examiner be able to see it since it gets scanned and the writing lines on the paper are thick.. Thanks
  3. I'm currently writing my extended essay in History, and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has already written it that would be willing to share their experiences? For example, how did you choose your research question/topic? How many sources did you read vs how many did you actually use? How did you collect your research and then how did you transfer it onto your essay? Anything that relates to the process of completing your EE! Your wisdom will be SO helpful as it can help us (those who haven't finished it yet) see that the EE is doable instead of a daunting mountain tha
  4. How can I develop a knowledge claim or issue for my IB TOK Presentation? My knowledge question is How do personal and shared knowledge influence the process of artistic creation ? And my subsidiary question is "At what point does inspiration become plagiarism?" With that being said, my topic is Plagiarism or Accusations of Plagiarism. One of my real life situations is the case of Kaavya Viswanathan, whose book, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life, had been withdrawn for questionable similarities to other authors work. I want to connect this RLS to the idea of Cryptomnesia
  5. What is the best way to answer a 'how and why' literature question? Obviously, the how will focus more on the literature aspect and why will be more about context. Do I work on both aspects together, or separately?
  6. Hi guys I am an 11th grade SL literature student and am very happily getting a 7 so far in lit as I have done well in presentations and notes. The problem though is that now I'm expected to be able to write a level 7 essay and can't get above a 5! AGHH! can anyone help me or give me any tips on how to write level 6-7 literature essays? :3 Thank you!
  7. Version PDF


    Here are some helpful phrases and tips for writing your IB literature Reflective statement which is worth and overall of about 3% of your IB grade. I am a level 7 IB literature student.
  8. Hello everybody! I know the question is straight forward, but I think it is useful for y'all to know about my chemistry background. In my school, chemistry SL is done in one year meaning that we have been high-tailing on the fast lane, leaving the strugglers behind, and really grinding through the syllabus. So yeah, I have studied the core already but I feel like I have forgotten everything that we did in the beginning of the year because of the galore of information we are getting bombarded at. Also, we are on the verge of studying the options right now ( medicines and drugs, environmental
  9. Hello fellow IB lads! I'm currently on summer vacation and my IB1 year starts in August. I'm really scared for next year because I'm afraid of not doing well in school because of the increase in difficulty and demand that the IB makes. I have questions about how to do well in my subject choices? Tips and tricks to nailing good scores? And general IB programme tips... My subject choices are: Mathematics HL Physics HL Finnish B HL Psychology HL English A Language and Literature SL Chemistry SL I have four HL classes at the moment; but, whenever school starts I will drop down Finnish B HL o
  10. Hellooooooo IB lads! Do any of you IB survivors have any effective study methods for Math HL? I haven't started IB1 yet but I would really like to hear some study tips for doing well in math. I'm a real noob at studying and I would love to hear some of yall's study-methods.
  11. Hello IBers, I am working on my Works in Translation essay and have my thesis. However, I am not too sure as to how I am to structure this essay. Is it like any other essay? If not, what are other details that I need to include in my essay? It would be great if someone can outline what should be done for the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Thanks!
  12. So, I need to do a lab report for next week. My teacher advised me to do it based on a data based. We did a lab with a database long time ago and I do not remember how to work with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would also want to have my lab in the topics of Homeostasis, Option G Ecology. This lab is very important because we might send it to IBO. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello Everyone! I need some help picking out what Labs I'd like to do for my lab reports if anyone has any ideas to suggest please do I dont know which ones are the most relevant for IB and usually my results don't turn out that great, so I need to repeat all the IAs are due at the end of the month so the sooner I finish the better ! Please and thank you
  14. Hello! I am stuck, and I hope you can share some great advice! I am currently working on my business EE, and I am doubtful how to structure my SWOT. Should I make a table and add points? then discuss it later on or should I make a sub heading for each letter, eg. strength , and then discuss the strength further under the heading? I am going to use the swot to determine the success of a marketing strategy, and for further analysis in a porters generic strategy analysis. I hope you can help me
  15. Version 1


    a useful note that to analyze fiction
  16. I'm in my final year of IB and as we all know it's starting to get tougher now. I have a weekend job where I work both Saturday and Sunday, I feel like it is a waste of time because I don't revise for the 11 hours in total that I am there for and I was just curious as to if there is anyone else that has a part time job and what you guys do to revise while at work or anything. I'm not considering leaving my job - I like it. My only issue is that I haven't got enough time to sleep or to just relax.
  17. Version 1


    A short guide containing information on how to write the essay on the unseen passage for Paper 3 in the IB Philosophy exams. Strongly recommended for all IB Philosophy students!
  18. 149 downloads

    Some words on how to structure your lab report.
  19. Hello, to all Ib survivors, Im writing my EE at the moment and I could use help. Now as im sure Im not the only one with this problem, I opened this topic to focus the students with problems writing. Ill start off this thread by posting my question: What is an effective way to "hook" the reader for my introduction? I know how to write, but the elusive snare that makes something worth reading has always passed me by. Any suggestions?
  20. 46 downloads

    A presentation sent to us by our teacher - basics of using a Graphic Display Calculator (mainly, TI-83+/TI-84+/TI-84+ SE). In a form of slides, gives you all the basic things you should know about GDC before starting IBDP.
  21. Version 1.0


    A helpful structure of an essay - print it out, fill in the spaces provided and there, you have a plan for your essays. Simplifies the actual writting of an essay.
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