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  1. Initially, I wanted to do a Bio EE, however the topics I had in mind (the affects of shoeing on the joints of horses & other biomechanical ideas) were not viable as they were too tricky or I could not get enough primary research for them. However I've shifted my views to History as it has quite a range of potential topics... I have many ideas however I am struggling to narrow them down, and or, choose a definite topic and thereafter question. - I'm interested in the psychology behind historical events... (the cause) - I am interested in dark cases - I'm interested in exp
  2. I've been deciding over the type of topics that I should write my EE on and the following are just some that came up my mind: Events related to Japanese Expansionism Rape of Nanking Events related to China/ Asia Are there any suggestions about these topics (or suggestions about any other topics related to Asia?) and will it be hard to find sources if I write my EE on Chinese history (1900s)? Thx guys :'))
  3. I want to do my EE in History about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Maybe look into the international response, or compare two responses (e.g. China's vs Britain's). I don't know how to formulate a RQ tho, and I'm also a bit lost regarding the analysis part - I don't think I have one yet. Possibly which response was more crucial..? Any help/ideas would be very much appreciated!!
  4. Hi all, I have decided to write my EE in History and I'd love to know your opinion on whether the analysis of the accuracy of a historical movie is a valid History EE topic. To be more precise, I'd like to analyse the historical accuracy of "Schindler's List". Any tips highly appreciated:)
  5. Hi everyone, I am researching for my history EE, and I am having troubles with finding the evidence for an event. The event consists in a conversation between the king and Mussolini, which is mentioned in multiple books but without any reference to a primary source, but always to other secondary sources (other historians' books ) or no reference at all. My supervisor was bemoaning this, however it seems fair that there is no "transcript" of a private conversation. Is it common\acceptable? How can I back this event better? Thank you in advance
  6. I'm planning on writing my History Extended Essay on the rise of the Ottoman Empire or the fall of Al-Andalus and I was hoping to get some feedback on my research questions. They are, to what extent was the fall of Constantinople a cause in the global rise of the Ottoman Empire or to what extent was the Battle of Grenada a cause in the fall of Al-Andalus. Thanks
  7. So I'm writing a Mini EE for Inquiry Skills, and I was wondering if one of these two questions was good? How have laws regarding homosexuals changed over time around the world? OR How does religion affect homosexual persecution around the world?
  8. Hey all, just hoping to get some help regarding my extended essay topic. I'm currently doing my extended essay research question on To What Extent Did the American Red Cross Impact World War One Europe? I've been ok-ed by my teachers for this topic and have been chugging along. I just got my hands on the extended essay guide course companion book and read through some parts, and looked around online for additional information. My problem is I'm starting to think my topic can't really be looked at from other angles. All my research blatantly shows they had a large impact, how would I argue agai
  9. I'm always stressing out on the fact my history IA might be too narrative and not analytical enough, because to be perfectly fair, i'm not sure what that means. what does it mean to be analytical and not narrative in a history assignment? what are some things i should include in my ee to show it is an analysis? thank you!
  10. Hello! I'm currently writing an extended essay for history about Nazi education in Germany and how it was implemented. This is my current research question: "How did Nazi Education Policies affect the growth of the Third Reich in Germany?" However, I've found that the question's phrasing isn't conducive to analysis. My essay is becoming more and more narrative, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I'd love some help with fixing my question! Thank you!
  11. Hi! I'm currently editing my History Extended Essay, and I wasn't sure if I should write my research question in the introduction of my essay, or do I need to reword it? My exams are in November 2018, and I can't find any information on it, and since this is my supervisor's first time supervising an EE, she's not sure either. Thanks 🙂
  12. I've discussed this in a past post, and it has led me here. Rundown of GCR: influx of refugees from Haitian Revolution --> Territory of Louisiana --> GCR (many disputable events because of historians; worries Claiborne that Territory of Louisiana will not become a state of US, so he undermines the GCR to make sure US will accept Territory as a state) --> Louisiana becomes a state For my extended essay I will be analyzing the historiography of the German Coast Rebellion from the following historians in order to understand why the GCR is often overlooked: Charles Gayarre
  13. Does anyone know how many years can be used in a history EE?? I am currently looking at events that occurred in the 16th century and I will properly narrow the time span down later, but I am not sure what the max. amount of years can be??
  14. My process of how I selected this topic: History > Haitian Revolution > Haitian Revolution's refugees influence on slavery in Louisiana > German Coast Uprising I found this interesting article that stated the German Coast Rebellion was fairly overlooked for certain amounts of reasons (French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Nat's Rebellion, Louisiana was not a state at the time). I would like to do my EE on this, but I don't know how I would explain how each of these 5 reasons. Would I do a compare and contrast of the reason to the German Coast Rebellion or explain the impact of t
  15. Hi! I am writing a history EE on media and news coverage effecting U.S. policy towards Vietnam during the 1963 Buddhist Crisis. This is my current "tentative" RQ (which I'll probably work on rewording better soon): How did media and news coverage in the U.S. effect United States policy towards Vietnam during the 1963 Buddhist Crisis? I have multiple questions regarding my paper... From my understanding, this paper cannot be narrative and a summary of events. I'm not really sure how to prevent from doing that because my sources are very straightforward about media and U.S. foreign
  16. I'm currently writing my extended essay in History, and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has already written it that would be willing to share their experiences? For example, how did you choose your research question/topic? How many sources did you read vs how many did you actually use? How did you collect your research and then how did you transfer it onto your essay? Anything that relates to the process of completing your EE! Your wisdom will be SO helpful as it can help us (those who haven't finished it yet) see that the EE is doable instead of a daunting mountain tha
  17. Hi, so this is my first post and I am very, very lost concerning my EE. My first draft if due in a month or so and I am still trying to narrow down a topic. The final draft is due in four or so months. I want to do a question concerning Joseph Stalin's use of historical revisionism and I was thinking to choose either "How did Stalin’s use of historical revisionism vary from other Soviet Union’s leaders use of censorship?" or "To what extent did Stalin's use of historical revisionism and other forms of censorship aid his cult of personality?". Thoughts? Is is too narrow or not narrow enough? Do
  18. So I put a working thesis for my question, "In what ways did classical musicians contribute to the war effort of the United States during WWII?" It was "The purpose of this paper is to show how classical musicians contributed a lot to the war effort in the United States. It was needed in order to keep hopes alive and stable both back in the U.S and in the Home Front. It was used as a tool for battle in the war, whether it was to entertain or to recuperate the soldiers during the war." I think my thesis needs some polishing though. I also don't know what to put in the "body" or analysis secti
  19. (i put this question in general IB questions, but then i saw the EE section and thought id repost it) Hi there! Im not gonna post my exact EE topic incase someone steels it, but im deeling with why a certain egyptian pharao (a woman one) was errased 20 years after her death in approximately 1500 BC, and how the defacing of her monuments affected Historians views on her. I was reading through the IB guide and i saw a certain section that threw me: "A significant number of students have not been sufficiently well advised as to what constitutes analysis and what evaluation of the sources
  20. Hi there! Im not gonna post my exact EE topic incase someone steels it, but im deeling with why a certain egyptian pharao (a woman one) was errased 20 years after her death in approximately 1500 BC, and how the defacing of her monuments affected Historians views on her. I was reading through the IB guide and i saw a certain section that threw me: "A significant number of students have not been sufficiently well advised as to what constitutes analysis and what evaluation of the sources entails. " It continues to talk about how we shouldnt evaluate sources like we did on the IA. I have
  21. I have been researching for my History EE for some time now. I just need to narrow down my research and decide on a better question. The question I have currently is What influenced Art Deco Architecture in North Eastern America during 1910 to 1920? I know that it will change when I begin my writing process, but I'm just having issues with where to begin and how to incorporate a Histroy aspect into my essay. Any ideas???
  22. TOPIC: TOP CAUSE OF THE DECLINE IN POPULARITY OF THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY I have yet to start my EE. It isnt due soon but I am trying to get a start on it now. I have come up with a topic and have enough information to start but i am not sure how to start my outline. What should be included in it and have should it it be structured. I'm just not really sure about how to start the actual writing part of the essay now that my research is done. I'm just looking for some helpful tips.
  23. Hi all, I previously posted a topic similar to this but I have since changed my question (slightly). Please tell me if you think these are adequate questions and which is better!! To what extent did political tension, the youth counterculture, and music influence the popularization of drug use in the late 1960s and early 1970s? To what extent did political tension, music, and mainstream drug use shape the youth culture of the late 1960s? Are they any good? Or should I keep thinking? Please let me know! Your input is appreciated
  24. Hello! I'm lost with my EE at the moment. I plan on writing it this summer because I don't want to worry about it in my final year. But I have nooooo idea what to do, I can't even pick a subject. I keep going back and forth between History and English For English: I was thinking about writing about The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. it's a really amazing book that I read recently and it also won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction so I know it's got 'literary merit'. I was thinking of doing a topic along the lines of, the extent to which art foreshadows key developments in the story and charac
  25. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Extended Essay forum, or this one. I am working on my history extended essay, and i am a considerable way in. Background info; I don't take IB history; I last took history at IGCSE level. My supervisor/mentor for my EE is an english teacher, and is frankly incompetent at the technical history stuff. She has absolutely no idea on how i could tackle the evaluation.. Therefore, my brothers and sisters of this IB forum, could you help me out?
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