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  1. hi! i've been trying to narrow down my question for my history ia. my current question is, "Who was to blame for the escalation of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident into the Second Sino-Japanese War?" is this okay? i was already planning to look at both sides, but would it be better to narrow down the question to "To what extent can the [Chinese/Japanese] be blamed for the escalation....etc.?" thank you!
  2. My current topic is: To what extent was the Polish army prepared for defending its borders against Nazi Germany in 1939? aand im not really sure if i still should continue this topic my sources arent really showing different views and thats what im afraid of. Is it important for the sources to be contrasting ones? also they are secondary but quite detailed do i need to have a primary source?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been trying to narrow down my IA question for history. It is on the topic of Fidel Castro and his significance in Women's rights in Cuba. I want my question to be, "How significant was Fidel Castro's role for Gender equality in Cuba". However, I feel as if this is too broad and I won't be able to go into depth for every single aspect of the answer. My question is whether I should be more specific and focus on how he helped women in the workforce or military. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  4. So I already have lots of sources for my IA and I think I can start reading and actually doing the internal assessment already but I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. And it's not even that much, I have like six or seven sources, one of them is super long but I guess I can find the most useful part, and the other ones are like 10-20 pages. I just don't know where to start, Reading all the sources and trying to find relevant information to my question seems so difficult, plus I haven't even decided my question. I know more or less how it will be, but my teacher said that it's easie
  5. Hi! I need to start working on my IA as soon as possible but I'm struggling with the topic. I was thinking about doing it on French influence on fashion in mexico during "El Porfiriato", but my teacher said it was too vague and that i was focusing on other things rather than in history. Then I thought i could write it on "to what extent did Coco Chanel contributr to the womens right movement in the 19th century? This are just ideas, but if you could give me some topic ideas you would really really help me. Thank you
  6. I need help choosing a Research Question for my History IA topic. So far I have brainstormed the following: - To what extent was Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful? - To what extent was the Stalin's First 5 Year Plan motivated by political/economic/ideological reasons? ( I will choose one of the factors) - To what extent were the methods employed in Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful in meeting its aims? - To what extent was collectivisation successful in increasing the industrial output/meeting the aims of Stalin's First 5 Year Plan? - To what extent was the Mar
  7. So, I've been really struggling to come up with a historical investigation topic, but I finally maybe found one? I'm too sure how good it is though: To what extent did Grigori Rasputin lead to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty? (Or something along those lines...I don't really know). If y'all have any feedback (is it a good one? how do I make it better?). I really just wanna get this assignment done cause I'm not that interested in history. *EDIT: So I'm actually thinking about doing something alone the lines of "To what extent did fascism impact early to mid-20th century Italian art?" I'm
  8. I have successfully procrastinated my History IA and the first draft is due tomorrow...I trashed my first one because I found the topic incredibly boring so I was wondering if this is any good : “To What Extent did President FDR Successfully Change the Nature in Which US Presidents Communicate with the Public Through his Fireside Chats?”
  9. Are there any websites or online help on how to structure and create a good history IA? I am also struggling with selecting a topic. I know I am going to do something about Catherine the Great as I believe she was a major influence on Modern Russia. However, I am not sure on which part about Catherine the Great I should do. I feel like the overthrowing of her would have a lot of material but might be too popular so I am looking into maybe the impact of one of her policies/acts (medical influence perhaps?) or how she managed to overthrow her own husband to become empress of Russia. Any sug
  10. hello, i need to start thinking about my IA question and wanted to make sure my question is solid.. i was thinking "To what extent was the introduction of Christan Dior a contribution to society's image of "the ideal woman" in the 1940s/ women's rights" or something similar... I'm really interested in fashion and feminism as my topic/ question so anything along those lines would be great!!
  11. I have been trying to come up with a really good question for my history IA, my topic is the Hitler Youth. I have thought about doing, how they were important to the third riech, How did Hitler influence the youth,how they influenced the nazification of Germany. I feel as though it isnt in depth enough and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for me
  12. 79 downloads

    This IA got a 7. I don't know what exact mark it received, but it is likely a low 7 (I will update the description if ever I find out). It is not very hard to get a 7 in a history IA as long as you follow the format and criteria as closely as possible. My IA serves as good evidence for this as I did not read or buy a single book in my list of sources, instead just read the previews available on amazon or google books. Here is a more accurate list of sources: I do not recommend you do the same thing, I simply did this because of time constraints (our teacher only told us about the IA about 2 o
  13. So I have a question from my History IA, but I don't have a specific time period to narrow it down. Can I get some help coming up with a certain time period for this? To what extent was Christianity (or the practice of) threatening to Rome and its politics? My teacher was telling me to fixate on a certain emperor like Caesar or Nero or the likes, but I don't know what I should focus on, cause I need one that will give me a lot of sources to use.
  14. This is my first time writing a post on these forums, and i am reaching out because I need desperate help. In my school, the class now has deadlines to when you're suppose to submit your criterions of the history IA and the EE for grading. (which makes perfect sense and establishes a system of accountability and forces you to not lag behind.) SADLY, I am a huge procrastinator and barely made it to the criterion A deadline and bullcrapped all of it. !!!CRITERION B IS DUE FOR GRADING TOMORROW!! :( The area i would particularly enjoy writing about and researching is the nature of the f
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is the IA I wrote for my IB history class.
  16. My History IA is due on December but I have to make a proposal which is due on Monday next week. I've been so busy with other subjects that I wasn't able to finish my proposal. I've been stressing out over what topic I should use but now I've found one: Gender Equality in Cuba. I've always been interested in the progressive history of achieving gender equality. Now, my question is "To what extent is Fidel Castro’s involvement in women’s rights between 1959 and 1990 driven by his ideological interests?". Please help! Quick!
  17. My chosen topic is how Nazi propaganda and media contributed to the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler, and my research question was “To what extent did Nazi control of the media and propaganda enable the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler?” However, my teacher has told me that the scope is was too large and it is too broad, hence I need help trying to narrow this down. Any tips or help is appreciated Tysm
  18. So my IA draft is due in about 10 days and I figure I should start on it soon, and my teacher isn't answering my texts, wonderful! I want to do my topic on the how accurately the movie Argo (2012) represents the Iranian hostage crisis and the rescue operation. Is this appropriate, especially with such a recent movie? if anyone has any examples of old IAs done on movies that they could share that would be great! Thanks a bunch
  19. I'm doing my IA this summer, meaning I don't have a way to contact my teacher with questions. Does it matter how many words I have in part A and B and C if the word count all together is 2,200? My total words at the moment are 2,300 and I have 1,600 in my investigation (I know, I've already had like 5 panic attacks about it) whilst the other are shorter but still have everything they need I think? Advice on what I should do? My deadline is on August 10th.
  20. I have to submit a potential History IA topic by July 21st. I'm not allowed to choose anything after 2000. I live in Mobile, AL just in case anybody would like to know so they can help m find a topic. If anybody would like to let me know how they came about their topic idea that would be cool. I currently have no interests or ideas of what direction I'm heading in for my topic.
  21. jessicaglz


    I am so very conflicted in choosing my IA question, I literally have questions regarding VERY different topics. If you guys could help me choose a question or improve a question that would be great! I attached all my possible questions! History IA Topics.pdf
  22. Hi! I need to start working on my HI as soon as possible but I'm struggling with the topic. My interests are Rape of Nanking(Nanking Massacre) and Comfort women. I had some R.Q. but as I researched I couldn't write about it My R.Q. are: To what extent was the rape of Nanking and Anti-Japanise in international press drove colonial Japan to establish comfort stations To what extent how did rape of Nanking lead Japan to surrender in WW2 To what extent rape of Nanking affected on Korea To what extent rape of Nanking had benefits on Japan's army.
  23. DT7


    Can someone validate my IA topic which is, How influential were the secret societies in the rise of 3rd reich?
  24. I am having trouble coming up with the topic of my history IA. I was thinking of doing " How did Caeser's death impacted the Roman Empire?" Do you think this topic will be ok? And if not do you have any suggestions on how I could improve it?
  25. Hey guys, So I would like to do my IA on Benazir Bhutto and for you that don't know who she is, Benazir Bhutto was the first Pakistani Female to become the President, in fact she was the first ever Muslim women to be elected as the President in the Islamic world. I have one problem though, the IA has to be written of an event that took place at least 10 years ago but she died in 2007 so I'm not sure if I will be able to do a research paper on her.. Any advice guys??
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