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  1. Are there any History books that focus solely on Mao's Hundred Flowers campaign? Most of the books that I have concentrate on a huge period of China's history, but I only really need to read about this one event.
  2. I need some help deciding on my group 3. My school only offers History HL and Psychology HL, so I'm basically being forced to sacrifice one of my HL's to group 3. I'm interested in both, I like learning about history, and I also find Psychology fascinating. Ultimately, the deciding factor for my will be the IA. Which IA is easier? The IA for History HL or Psychology HL? Also workload and what you do in the class. Is there more work in History HL or Psychology HL? What kind of work
  3. Does anyone have any notes on the bullet point "Impact of the First World War on civilian populations of two countries from the region between 1914 and 1918" in topic 13 for the History of Europe, Paper 3? If yes, could you please share them with me? Thank you!
  4. Niji

    EE History

    Hi, I am currently in G10 and G11 is about to start in two months. I haven`t decided whether I`ll do EE in Japanese or History yet. I take both as HL. I actually wanted to do it in History because history is more interesting than Japanese to me. And my history teacher told me that the world average for History EE is C and I think it's pretty bad! Is it true that the average is C? And do you have any ideas about the topic for EE Japanese?
  5. I understand that with words of quantity like 'beaucoup de', the 'de' stays the same. But I'm confused as to when I should write just 'de' or 'du/de la/de l'/des', if I have a phrase like "[noun] de/du/de la/de l'/des [noun]". For example: Le chat des enfants. Le chat de l' enfant. versus Mon mode de vie. Une épidémie d' obésité.
  6. For Paper 2 in English A Lang & Lit HL, my class studied multiple poems written by Philip Larkin and Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore". My question is: in Paper 2, we have to refer to two texts that we have studied in class, so, if I choose to cover "Kafka on the Shore" and Larkin, should I talk about only one of his poems? Or can I talk about a number of his poems?
  7. Hi I have to do a supervised writing on women at point zero by Nawal El Saadawi and I have 0 idea wha the prompt will be. Any advice on what to do in order to prepare and how to ace the supervised writing ?
  8. For my History Extended Essay, I use a few websites that have old constitutions of the People's Republic of China. But I have no idea how to cite them! For example: http://en.pkulaw.cn/display.aspx?cgid=52993&lib=law https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/1949-ccp-program.asp Is there a proper way on how to cite them? Or should I simply cite them as websites?
  9. Does anyone know the creators and origins of these two cartoons about Mao's 'Hundred Flowers' Campaign? I can't find any websites that have them but that also mention the name of the cartoonists and when they were created.
  10. How many sources should you have for a History Extended Essay? How many different factors or reasons should you cover?
  11. I am currently in 10th grade and I have to decide between Physics and Chemistry or Biology and Chemistry for the this year. I Chose Physics and Chemistry however I'm not sure If I chose the right subject, due to the fact I'm okay in Math and I usually get a 5 or a 6 in Math in the MYP. I have to decide in a week or so if I want to stay in Physics or move to Biology before the class is too full. The physics in 10th grade is apparently really easy, however I know from my brother that Physics HL is very difficult. I'm stuck between them and have no idea which one to chose, I don't want to waste t
  12. Hi everyone, I will go into my junior year in the coming school simester. My current IB selection is Econ HL, Psych, HL, Bio HL, and the rest at SL. What would be the best Ib combination if i am looking to do a degree in economics/ commerce for university in Canada or Australia. Also should I have physics hl instead of Biology Hl? If I want to maybe keep my options open for computer science? Some help in choosing my subjects would be highly appreciated.
  13. What are your predictions for paper 3 questions that could come up? Market structures (costs) maybe?
  14. Hi, I have my HL biology exams in less than 2 days, and i haven't done much revision for it, since no matter how hard i try, i just don't seem to understand the content, I have just been revising my Option topic to try and get higher marks, so that my overall mark can be higher. Do you guys think this is a good idea?? or what would you suggest?
  15. Hey guys, Do you know what the total marks for paper 2 biology is for HL?
  16. Hello everyone, I am currently in my final months of IB1. I'm taking four HLs as of now. After receiving my mid-term report card, I realised that I was getting less than flattering grades for one of my HLs (while the others were going well). Ever since, I've been contemplating about dropping that particular HL to an SL, but I'm wondering if such a thing will decrease my chances of getting into a top US college (e.g. does it show me in a bad light). I know that top colleges want you to take a hard course load, and thus, will dropping to 3 HLs somehow show that I'm not a capable student for
  17. Hi all, I'm doing physics HL and I am looking for the answers to my book. I am using the Pearson Baccalaureate Higher Lever Physics 2nd Edition. I searched for the answers and I can't fine them. Can someone please tell me where to find the answers.
  18. Hi, its my first time writing here, so i don't really know how this works. Its my first year of IB and in two weeks i have my mid terms. I really want to prepare for my exams and i tried to google some Paper 3 economics practice questions, however, i couldn't find any. I already did all the questions that cover the material we did in class until now (demand and supply, equilibrium, elasticity), but there were only three questions and i feel its not enough. I really struggle with paper 3, i feel like paper 1 its easier because you can explain your ideas more clearly. So my question fo
  19. Historians, I am attending History Higher Level and, since I really enjoy History, I have been pissed because I cannot get more than a 5... I hate Paper 1, the questions are so obvious and brief that I don't even know what to say, should I write like a lot and say a lot of bull****? Or should I say the least as possible and write just a few lines? If so, what should I say then? Under what structure? The Paper 2... well, that one I particularly enjoy as I can say what I want and write a much as I want, and embellish it with those speech connectors that every big answer needs to be org
  20. For my IA i need to derive this equation i dont even know where to start my question is How does the terminal velocity of a sphere through fluid depend on the fluids temperature? i know how to calculate these values, just how to i get to this equation. it was given to me in confidence but I need to prove in the write up thati know how to do this
  21. Hi All, I was wondering for the coming exams, how likely do any of you think that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will come up as a question? As they were due to be 'completed' at the end of 2015 I personally felt that this must surely be the last year they could ask about them and so would be very likely to come up. Anybody else got an opinion on this?
  22. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  23. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  24. Hi guys! I take Indonesian B HL, and I'm really unsure if my writing is up to the standard of HL. I previously took SL, and my work used to get pretty much straight 7s, however, my teacher said that those 7s were more likely to be 4s in HL. I know there aren't many people here who take Indonesian B HL, but if there's anyone here that does take it, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a sample essay you've done (from a past paper or something). I'd really appreciate if someone who takes/took English B HL would send me their sample essays (from past papers or whatever) they've don
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