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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, I am currently struggling a bit. In only a few weeks time I will have to hand in the formula, with my chosen subjects for the IB. But the thing is, that I am really indecisive. The subjects don’t really interest me as much, and I am fairly neutral. And I don’t have the slightest idea on what I would study in university or if I would even want to study abroad. But what I do know is, that I couldn’t see myself going for a scientific of medical profession ever in this life. I was thinking about choosing these following subjects: HL: German, English,Geography SL: Mathe
  2. To what extent can technological advancements be used to measure the difference between progress and change in natural sciences.
  3. Hey, I am confused that the IA topic I am doing is basically copying. Since I am doing database (thanks to covid-19), I realised that I needed various independent and dependent variables. I could not find a topic and had constant rejections so my sir had given another classmate's alternative topic. I have a feeling that its mostly copying since when my classmate had given me the topic, he/she also gave me a research paper for this as a resource. When I had looked through the research paper, the research question was similar to that of the research paper, with same independent and dependen
  4. I need help with my knowledge question on government censorship. My question is: "What role does authority play in shaping shared knowledge?" Is it good enough?I will use the real-life example of China censorship. I'm also having trouble coming up with goods developments, counter-arguments, and rebuttals. Can anyone help me please? It will be very meaningful for me.
  5. Hello. I was wondering wether I should take AI SL or AA SL. I enjoy calculus and algebra more than statistics but I am not that comfortable with non calc. However I am worried that medical unis might not prefer AI SL? Would it be better to take AI SL and get a 7 or AA sl and get a 5/6? Thanks in advance
  6. So I dropped out of IB about two weeks ago and now I feel really unsure because when I dropped out I was really unmotivated and disliked IB but now that I’m past that I feel like I want to stay in IB. I pid the first instalment fee and it’s already been refunded and I’ve already picked my courses for the other school I’m transferring to. I’m in second year pre-IB and I plan on going into Waterloo Mechanical Engineering Co-Op. I originally wanted to drop out but now I feel unconfident about making it into Waterloo without IB. Should I go back and try and re-enroll I only recently dropped out? I
  7. Hi. I need some advice. My IA is about fungi so I have some data for growth over time for two conditions of one abiotic factor. The groups of the fungi in one of my two conditions (they took 2 months to grow bc of various reasons) have no growth of the fruiting body (thus no data). Thus it seems silly to use a statistical test since I know which condition was the *best ( growth was limited by lack of control of other variables) Any advice? Will this limit my chances of getting 7? I worked too much on this and now there is no data for 1 condition, just a load of qualitativ
  8. Hi, my name is Kylie and this year has been really stressful. I transferred into the IB program 4 weeks late so the first quarter was me doing makeup work while keeping up with the work given. The first quarter is ending in two days and my grades are very bad, ending with 2As, 5bs and 1 C in HL BIO. I’m scared I’ve made a mistake and I won’t get into a good college since this is a big difference from my previous grades:( I did go to a very prestigious vet camp at my local university and work at another very selective program at the museum down town, so I’m hoping those extra curricular‘s will
  9. So... I want to do my IA of math aa about the correlation of respiratory diseases and the level of pollution in my country. I don't know if it's a good topic and I want to have a good grade :( Could someone give me more ideas please? I would ask my teacher for help but it is her first year as an IB teacher and my school has just started with the program sooo its kinda messed up Thank you and sorry for my english<3
  10. Hello Everyone i have just started finding an EE Research Question. How can i make it narrow enough? Do you think its appropriate? How can i make it better? My topic iss WWI and my research question is: (actually i have 2) - What are the long-term and short-term causes of WWI that lead to the break of the war and the other question is -To what extent was the blame guilt of the Treaty of Versailles affective on Germany I would appreciate any help as soon as possible:). My thoughts are mixed up! Fawaz,
  11. Hey guys, Draft of my IA due tomorrow - I have just over 12 hours and have barely any words on the page. Don't know where to start. Have all data just need to do some chi sqaured tests which won't take long.. could use some combined brainpower as help if possible? Any tricks to cut corners?
  12. Hey all! So, I'm on my summer break now (before IB2) and I spent like all of last week finishing up my EE. It was done-done. So I sent it to my supervisor who glanced over it and corrected a few typos and sent it back (so she like made no meaningful comment or contribution, all I got was: "It looks good!") So then I like sat down with it and 'tinkered' it for improvements. I just played around with it and rewrote bits and pieces, to make them more insightful and stuff, make the language more concise, get some more points of analysis in. Problem is, I just keep coming up with more and more stuf
  13. So i am doing an extended essay in biology (for sure) - i have narrowed down my options and think I will be doing the effects of submerging a certain type of unicellular algae into different concentrated iron solutions - since this can in fact affect algal growth. My question is what algae are most accesible and useful - dont know if seawater or freshwater algae is better - looking at green algae probably, but still not sure - and am looking for algae with generally bigger cell size so measuring growth will be easy or the cells just will not be visible even with a microscope, im thinking... A
  14. Hi, This isn’t really a question or query, it’s more of just me writing down and expressing a dilemma I’ve been thinking about. Please share your thoughts. Just some quick background stuff/what sparked this thought: I got my IB results a couple of days ago and I was disappointed to say the least. I was predicted a 41 and only got 34 but that’s not the point of this. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Another point I need to mention is that like many others, Oxbridge was my “childhood dream” and after being pooled, I was rejected by Cambridge, on my birthday as well I might add. With a 34, I
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