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Found 12 results

  1. Predicted grade: (applying for political science) Global Politics HL: 7 Economics HL: 6 Physics HL: 6 English A Lit: 6 Spanish AB initio: 6 Mathematics SL: 5 36/42 predicted Other Stats: ACT: 35 (retaking for a 36) SAT Math Lvl 2: 770 SAT Physics: 780 SAT US History: 770 A lot of online courses The strongest part of my application are my extracurriculars (run 2 businesses, head 2 impactful non profits and a political startup) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZtfJbl-EWJnfQ-Ze3zvawz1f8fI2KBnPOQ-oh5yAH4/edi
  2. So, I really want to go to Yale. It's been my dream for a long time. I'm also applying for Harvard and Princeton, because those are the only Ivy Leagues that offer good financial aid to international students (I'm from Canada). If I get in, I plan on majoring in history or political science. The thing is, I'm in Math Studies SL. I don't plan on doing sciences or math or anything like that, I only want to do humanities. Do I have a good shot at getting into Yale, Princeton, or Harvard's history or political science programs with a 7 in Math Studies, given that my other grades, extra curric
  3. Hello everyone! I just started PreIB and I realised that I dont really know what I want to be in the future. I know it's something in the social science area, but not really sure what. I've been interested in law since I was a kid, but ive never really seen myself studying law. A lot of people that start studying law say that they dont like it anymore and drop out, and im scared that that will happen to me too, so ive never considered it for real. But now Ive started looking at some universities, and im interested in studying law. Currently, I have chosen these 6 subjects: 1. Swe A langlit
  4. Hello everyone, I have just received IB results, and am wondering whether it is worth applying to Harvard. I do not know the application process terribly well, and would therefore also appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance upon what is involved in it (i.e. interview, SATs, IB results if considered...). I obtained 43 + 7 in my extra subject, for a total of 50/52. I was 1% off a 7 in Maths SL and will request a remark, so I could possibly find myself only loosing one mark overall. Hence, I would strongly appreciate anyone's advice upon applying to Harvard or ANY OTHER IVY LEAGU
  5. Hi, I have two questions regarding the department of Economics at Harvard College. 1. I will go to the army in Finland after I graduate from the IB to get a 12 months leadership education and after that apply to Harvard College Economics. Let´s say I don't get in and want to re-apply the following year, will that then lower my chances since I have not attended school for 24 months, I will of course work, do voluntary work, go back-packing, study basics in business and management and go back-packing in South East Asia so I won't just sleep and eat all day long at home. 2. I'm not sure i
  6. I use Harvard style referencing in my History Extended Essay and I am unaware on how to cite official government documents/primary sources. Examples of these documents are provided in the links below. I would be really grateful if someone who has knowledge on citing such documents would show me how to do it. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1939.asp http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1922.asp https://history.state.gov/milestones/1945-1952/creation-israel Thanks.
  7. Hii! I know this is a super general question but I'm in the middle of looking at different uni's. I'm interested in English, but I have nooo idea how to choose the right one since they all offer it. I'm in my first year of the IB program so I still have some time but I really would like to get the best idea of where I can go and then get into said university, so I want to be prepared!! My dream would be Harvard or Oxbridge... Thankyouu!
  8. I recently recieved two letters from Harvard titled 'The Truth About Engineering and Science at Harvard' and 'How Much Will Harvard Cost You?'. Could it be because I started to fill my Common App application for Harvard?
  9. Hey, I am a 16 year old (turning 17). I skipped 9th and 10th grade. I've just graduated and got 40/45 on the IB. I'm taking a gap year now and will be taking SATs (so far I have an 800 on Math 2) and applying throughout the gap year. As a result, I will be applying to US universities with my IB score in hand, as opposed to with a predicted score. I want to get in to universities such as Harvard or MIT. How do universities value actual IB scores in comparison with predicted scores? Also, how much, if at all, will the fact that I did the IB at a younger age contribute to my applications?
  10. Hey! What would the answer to this be? I have a junior asking me about this and I'm not sure what to tell him. Arrowhead.
  11. Hello everyone! I have a question about admission to Yale/Harvard/other Ivy League uni. Do these universities require that a student would have all 7 in his/her HL predicts? I understand that there are more chances that a person will be admiited to these colleges with all 7 in his predicts but can I apply if I have less than 7 in my HL predicts?
  12. Hi, I'm a rising senior and a prospective applicant. A lot of the more prestigious schools seem to value research papers and lab reports written during internships, etc and I was wondering if anyone knew/had opinions on an EE being valid material to send in? As most IBers would know, a lot of supervisors and teachers consider the EE as a piece of pretty legit research writing (...for high schoolers), it's 4000 words of concentrated analysis. Would it be considered appropriate? If it helps, I'm writing mine in English Literature. I'm not going to apply as a lit major though, most likely somethi
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