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  1. Hi everyone, I didnt know where else to go to and get some help because my parents are not supportive at all. My mom literraly just shouted at me for crying while I was obsessively searching university requirements...she told be to stop whining and exhagurating. So Im into the marking period 3 of IB year 1 and my grades are super low to what the others are getting easily. I have 27 points now while others manage to somehow get 35 and 38 etc. I had always set myself a very high standard for education, I always study very hard but it just doesnt seem to be paying off...What do I do if even
  2. I am currently in my first semester of grade 11's and am getting 3's rather than straight 7's in all my subjects. Is it alright if I'm failing most of my subjects for my first semester? I have taken the subjects HL Maths, HL Physics, HL Comp Sci, SL Bus & Man, SL Eng Lang Lit, and SL Spanish B. Will I ever improve or am I also going to fail my IB exams in May of 2020?
  3. SOoooo I being open here is the IB always this hard. I'm a year 1 and I'm 2 months into school. So far I am doing terrible in all of my classes except Mandarin SL. Can anyone else relate to the first few months being rough annnnnnndddd how do I get out of this bad grade slump because I've NEVER gotten the kind of grades I'm getting right now, like ever, in my life. It gets better right? Because if yes, how did ya'll do it??
  4. Hello guys, so I am currently in year one of IB diploma and in the middle of it, I have to move away to another country. I know that it will somehow affect my study and it will be really stressful for me. I have to change two of my subjects cause the school im moving to doesnt offer the subjects. Im also stressed out because in my current school, we haven't start our EE and IAs yet but the school I am going to started theirs already. How can I be able to cope with this? How am I be able to catch up in a new environment?
  5. Okay so I'm in 10th grade going into JR year after this summer and I'm doing the IB obvi these classes are set - HL - PSYC and SL - Mandarin and Lang & Lit Now I'm deciding between where to place math (ive always been good at math getting A's but last year I didn't pay much attention and barely got an A (also my school doesnt have A-'s so i wouldve gotten a B+)) Then after that I have to decide where to place chem and if i should take bio or physics (still in limbo are chem, bio or physics and math ) - HOW hard are these classes I took AP US history
  6. I'm undergoing my first year but I somehow think that the IB is easier for me than it is for others. I take French, German, Business HL and Biology SL, English A lit SL. Does it depend on the person, or the courses themselves or maybe I'm just not working the way I should be compared to others HELP! Thanks
  7. Hi! I'm starting IB after the summer break and I am really interested in computer science, and it is a subject I will take. I understand the implications of taking it for when it comes to uni and that it will have little impact on any uni courses. I will also be taking econ, I'm just a bit afraid because from what I hear cs at HL sounds crazy hard. I am fairly competent in computer databases, systems and whatnot but I still fear that Cs HL would be too hard would changing Cs HL to sl and econ from sl to HL make sense, especially considering I have never taken any courses in economics?
  8. What IB subject(s) do you find most difficult and easy? For me I find English Literature the hardest. I'm more of a maths/science person so I commonly struggle to interpret literature. My easiest subject is probably Economics, being the subject I spend the least time on, because the concepts are quite simple and require minimal studying
  9. Hi guys. I really need help in my Biology IA. This is my first time doing an IA. I'm taking Bio HL. I'm doing egg osmosis. I know there are many experiments on that. I was thinking how does solute concentration affect the rate of osmosis in eggs. Is this a good IA topic? Should I think of other factors that can affect osmosis? Also can you guys tell me what do you think about Bio HL if you are taking it? I am struggling in that class. I don't have the greatest teacher. I wish I could get out of that class. Hope you guys have a great day!
  10. Eeeeewwwww i really hate physics it is so hard for me, boring, and i didn't understand any thing from the teacher cuz he didn't teach well he just a stuped maaaaaaaaan !!! Tell me how many haters ??
  11. Hi. I am a in 10th grade, about to finish this school year. I would like to know how hard IB is. I am an A straight student, I study and I think IB would help me a lot in the future. But there is a problem, I don´t know if stay at my school and follow the IB program or change schools. My school has a bunch of problems, the good students are going away, the good teachers too. The principals are going crazy firing good teachers and hiring horrible ones. I would like to know if it´s possible getting the diploma without having good teachers and classmates. Do you think tutors might help me? I
  12. hello all, i currently take psychology SL and i have a 7/7 in it (99/100) without scale i also take chemistry HL and i have 5/6 in it (70/100) im a diploma arts student so chemistry is the only science i take. i do really good on all of my subjects except chemistry. i was thinking of switching from psychology SL to HL and lowering the chemistry to SL should i? its mid year now but i read the psychology syllabus and it doesnt seem as hard as chemistry HL at least to me, but the thing is that my school is not experienced in psychology HL id be the first student to take it :/ what do you ad
  13. Hey guys. I'm an ITGS HL student, and i'm planning on doing a CAS website for my school so that students can upload their CAS diaries, and so that the CAS coordinator can manage all the files and check who did and did not submit their diaries. Do you think it is a good IA? Do you have any suggestion? What type of website should i do? Forum,FTP, blog or other?! Thank you very much to anybody who answers 😊
  14. So, I just finished grade 10 pre-IB and am now days away from the real thing... and I'm terrified. Is full IB do-able? (please give me reassurance).
  15. Hi guys Today is my 3rd day of the IB diploma. I'm doing HL Bio, chem and econ and I am doing SL English, French and maths studies. I feel as though I'm struggling already and although I'm trying really hard to grasp things some subjects such as biology Im finding really complex and hard (we are doing biological molecules currently). Also there seems to be a lot of content to learn and my biology teacher goes through things really fast and Im finding it hard to keep up. At (I)GCSE I got 9A*s and 2As but I find this really hard. To anyone who does biology find bio molecules a hard topic and o
  16. Hey, So I sorta have to pick my subjects for the IB, and have concluded in the following: HL Math PhysicsEconomicsSL English A Lang&LitModern Greek (Compulsory)Environmental Systems and Societies A) What should I expect from each of them? B) I'm thinking of substituting Environmental Systems and Societies with Business Management. As to what regards science - humanitarian subjects orientation, I'd say I'm balanced, but maybe leaning towards science subjects a bit. That's why I picked E.S.S in the first place. I only want either E.S.S or B.M to bug me as less as possible, I want to be a
  17. Guest

    IB1 vs IB2

    Hi! I will start IB1 the 18th (have gone PDP this year) and I was wondering if IB1 is harder than IB2 or does it depend on if you do all your homeworks/assignments or not?? The difference between the homeworks, assignments, tests, CAS and everything else you can think of! Is it true that if you do everything properly the first year, the second year will be easier?? If you have any tips, write them!! (Can help me and my class alot - we get very tired of school early!)
  18. I currently have summer and will start IB next year. We have to submit the subjects to school and I am hesitant about my subjects, especially Math Higher Level, so would you rate the difficulty of the following subjects please, on a scale of 1 to 10! (1-10) Math HL Economics HL Film HL Arabic SL English Literature SL Environmental Studies SL Can you also tell me how difficult Business and Management is? Thanks in advance!
  19. I need your opinion on whether I should learn Mandarin or French. I want to learn Mandarin more than I want to learn French, because it is way more useful, but French is way easier. The problem with Mandarin is the difficulty, especially the letters/script/characters, when I look at Chinese letters it just looks ridiculously hard, memorizing them is basically like looking into the night sky and trying to memorize specific patterns of stars, and freaking hundreds of them!?!?!? So what do you guys think? Take an easier language, and probably get a better grade, but waste two years that I could h
  20. Hello guys, I'm going into IB1 in September and I'm not sure which science to take. I don't plan to go into Science at University, so I'll just study one as an SL course. Should I take Bio or Chem? I'm pretty good at memorising, but my other IB courses will be hard so I'd rather have the easier Science course that's less work. This year I took a grade 10 course that had a section for bio, chem and physics and I did really well in all of them (97%), so I'm thinking about chosing Chem because it's more logical than Bio. Is chem harder than bio from your experience? Thanks!! Luisa
  21. I`m about to finish obligatory 10 yrs of school, and considering either studying abroad for my IB diploma or staying in my country (the school here isn`t as good as private international ones abroad). The subjects I`ll take are: 1.English 2.Spanish or Arabic/Mandarin/Other Asian languages Ab inito - (depending on which school I go to, and what they offer, I prefer the latter) 3.Business Management/Psychology - (Again, depending on which school, I prefer business) 4.Biology 5. Math 6. Some art thingy, or choose something else from the other groups, if the school offers that option. I do w
  22. If Arg(z) = 0 , show that z is real and positive.
  23. Okay hi guys! I'm 14 yrs old and I'm in grade 10 pre bac in Canada and will be going into Year 1 of IB next year. I was just wondering if IB is actually worth it? I've heard that IB is only beneficial if you get high grades, and universities don't really care too much. Can someone clarify things? Please and thank you!
  24. Hey there, IB survivors! Well I am currently in DP2 physics SL and I know it's probably not the right time to start but is it already too late for me? I have been continuously scoring 2s in physics and I really need to improve my physics grade to at least a 4 because it's bringing down my entire IB grade. If I take my predictive grade now, the teacher is obviously going to give me a 2, but I desperately require a 4. Hence, I am going to be taking my predicted grade after my January mocks. Whenever I try to study physics, I end up spending a lot of time on something that I don't need to know wh
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