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  1. In general, Applications and Interpretation covers a broad range of materials, but Analysis and Approaches covers a narrower range in greater depth. Below lists the main topics in each course, by color code from 2014-2020 syllabus Studies, SL and HL (including Further HL). New topics are italicized. HL includes all SL topics of the same course. Common topics in all new Math courses: Algebra: scientific notation, arithmetic/geometric progression, compound interest, annual depreciation, exponents/logarithms Functions: lines, graph of a function, domain/range, definition of inverse
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Not all schools may use this exact outline or its guidelines but this is great to use as a guide on how to structure your Personal Project
  3. Hello IB Physics Students, We are excited to share with you our newest addition: The complete, step-by-step, simple-to-use PaperPlainz IB Physics Internal Assessment Guide! To give you even more support with your IA work, we also launched the PaperPlainz Facebook IA Community where you can ask questions, clarify doubts and most importantly support each other during the IA process. Click here when you are ready to join Just a reminder that our offer to give full access, free of charge to all PaperPlainz
  4. Version 1.0.0


    认识论指南(中文) Theory Of Knowledge Guide 2015 - Chinese 认识论指南(中文)Theory Of Knowledge Guide 2015 - Chinese.pdf
  5. I'm doing my 11th grade right now and I've changed syllabus from a national syllabus to the IB. I'm clueless about the expectations, nature of IB and almost everything regarding it. My current school that I've moved into, by itself is new and not very experienced, hence lack in providing the students with clear guidance. The performance of the previous 3 batches was not satisfactory as well. The students in the school are not very willing to provide me with apt guidance as they are very busy themselves. I understand that it is a lot to ask for but I'd be very, very, VERY grateful if someone wh
  6. Paper 1 The purpose of this thread is to introduce you to Paper 1, the Source Paper. Whether you are taking Standard Level or a Higher Level examination makes no difference as, rather unusually, the sources and questions are the same for both examinations. The reason why I'm doing this is that I've came to notice there's a lot of people here in IBS which don't really understand what's required for this paper. There are three Prescribed Subjects assessed in Paper 1: Peacemaking, Peacekeeping – International Relations 1918–36 The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1945–79 Communism in Crisis 1976–
  7. Hello all! Is there any place I can find the new IB Music guide? The only one I can find is from 2011, and I know that one is outdated because in it they describe the structure of the old exam rather than the new one. Any place I can find the updated one? Thanks!
  8. Thought I’d create this guide because of the general lack of information on the Further Math course (hereafter referred to as Further). Suppose it’ll be useful for three more years, until Further is disbanded along with Studies. Got a 6, so if anyone who got a 7 can improve on this, please PM me, and I’ll do my best to edit in the info. Overall structure: Further consists of six topics. Four are the options in HL, and two are additional subjects. They are as below (order is of no significance): Sets, relations, and groups Statistics and probability Discrete
  9. This guide comes from the website excellentassessment.com where step-by-step IA guide is published and IB experts help with IAs. This is a trial version only (and I received agreement to publish it) but still there are many very useful information. Choosing topic: It is very important to choose the right topic (and then research question) of the Internal Assessment. Students are advised to familiarize with the marking criteria at this stage since the topic can be considered as good when it allows student to easily gain the highest score. For example it must enable students to collect
  10. Hello, I hope you guys are doing well. Does anybody have the official Mathematical studies guide (syllabus) by the IB? I have not found it yet. I will appreciate any response. Kind regards, D.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Syllabus for IB Chemistry, from 2016.
  12. Chemistry Syllabus 2016 View File Syllabus for IB Chemistry, from 2016. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Chemistry  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Guide to the whole physics syllabus.
  14. Physics Guide 2016 View File Guide to the whole physics syllabus. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Physics  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    What the title says basically. It's 2015, so should be relevant.
  16. TOK Assessment Guide 2015 View File What the title says basically. It's 2015, so should be relevant. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Guidelines and Notes  
  17. ---Author's Note--- This is the third draft of a concise guide I'm working on in regards to the new mathematical exploration IA; this started as an HL guide but has now been generalized to include the SL curriculum as well. Please do let me know if there are any improvements you can suggest, or any questions you have after reading through this. I plan to keep this updated and add to it as I work though my own IA. Thanks for taking the time to read through! ------------------------ Table of Contents Preface and Introduction to the Exploration The Process (to be added) Formatting (to be added
  18. kw0573

    EE Guide 2018

    EE Guide 2018 View File The new EE guide! For examinations in 2018 and later. Submitter kw0573 Submitted 12/11/2016 Category IB Syllabus & Data Booklets  
  19. Hi! I've been looking for the Psychology SL guide in Spanish but I couldn't find it. Does someone with access to OCC or wherever is it could send it to me? I'll be grateful with you (IA final draft due on Tuesday)
  20. Hey! I'm might entering the IB curriculum starting this week, so I would appreciate some response regarding my IB subjects; English Lang & Lit HL Economics HL Physics HL Math SL Biology SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL After thorough consideration, I personally figured out that this may be a reasonably challenging combination with a balance of essay writing and problem solving. However, I am concerned about me being prepared for the subjects academically. 1. English is not my first language, however throughout the years I've always attained a good
  21. Hi! So I've taken my history exam in May 2016 but I'm unhappy with my results so I'm going to be re-taking it again in November 2016. I know that there is a new guide for history in 2017. Does this mean that the exam I will be taking in November will still be based on the old guide? Am I right to think that the exam I took in May will be pretty much the same to what I'll take in November? Thank you in advance. P.s. sorry if this question was asked before. I'm new and I didn't seem to find anything on this topic so decided to ask myself.
  22. guys, i'd just like to ask about the IOP since i'll have to present it soon. ive only found like 2 videos online and thats not really much help. so can someone plz give me some tips on what to do and how to do it, and if you could, also review IF i am on the right track with what ive done so far How is love expressed through symbolism in.pptx
  23. Language and Literature Guide (2015~) Mandarin Version View File The official guide for Language A - Language and Literature, Mandarin Version. Submitter pppraz58 Submitted 02/26/2016 Category Language A2 Pre-2013
  24. 8 downloads

    The official guide for Language A - Language and Literature, Mandarin Version.
  25. Hey everybody, My friend and I have created a 10,000 word eBook compiled with advice, effective strategies, and actual IAs to tackle the IB. We had the luxury of working with a bunch of really smart students; we've essentially merged the different skillsets of many intelligent people into one whole eBook. Honestly, if I was just starting the IB I would have jumped at the prospect of buying this book. The best thing is that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you're not happy, just email us and we'll return all your money. Check us out: http://www.ibsurvivors.com/ Before I forg
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