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Found 23 results

  1. I need some help deciding on my group 3. My school only offers History HL and Psychology HL, so I'm basically being forced to sacrifice one of my HL's to group 3. I'm interested in both, I like learning about history, and I also find Psychology fascinating. Ultimately, the deciding factor for my will be the IA. Which IA is easier? The IA for History HL or Psychology HL? Also workload and what you do in the class. Is there more work in History HL or Psychology HL? What kind of work
  2. HI IM WRITING AN ENGLISH GROUP 3 EXTENDED ESSAY AND MY BROAD TOPIC IS GRETA THUNBERG SPEECHES. I have to come up with a list of 4-6 specificic subtopics to explore in my EE by tomorrow. Have any of yall written an EE about speeches?? Maybe I could compare her to someone else, but I don't know who? Would simply analyzing a few different famous speeches (like her ted talk, her un speech, EU speech, etc.) be enough??? PLEASE RESPOND IM VERY STRESSED RN
  3. Hello everyone, For my EE, I have decided to make it over the Nuremberg Trials and in History/Group 3, since I love learning about history and have am interested in law as well. My current research question is as follows: "To what extent were the Nuremberg Trials hampered by tensions between the Soviet judges and Western ones?" Basically, I wanted to analyze how the beginnings of Cold War tensions and oddities of the trials, such as how the Soviets themselves participated in the invasion of Poland, may have hindered the proceedings of the trials through the relations between the Sovi
  4. Hey. I have to choose my ib subjects sby the end of this month and I can't decide whether to take geography or history sl ?. Some other subjects that im taking are: Chemistry Hl, Biology HL, English A Hl, Spanish B SL, Maths Sl. Im not sure about what I want to do in the future, possibly sth to do with medicine or business. I just wanna keep my options open so which Group 3 subject would you advise me to take?? Also, which one would you say is harder history or geo sl ? Thanks is advance
  5. Hi, I've been having a lot of difficulty in Business HL because although I know all of the theory very well I am not good with the application, and always lose marks on case study questions (especially the 20 mark ones). I also struggle to accurately self-assess my answers based on the criteria. For this reason, I am considering switching to Economics HL because it seems more straightforward, but if I can find a way to get better at this skill then I probably won't switch. Is there any way for me to get significantly better at case study business questions other than textbook questions (w
  6. I have just finished my product for my ITGS IA. I am doing a DTP software using photoshop. However, my client gave me pictures that can be found in the internet. I absolutely have no idea about this. What should I do? Please help!
  7. Hey guys! I’m currently in grade 10 about to apply for IB. I aim to be a medical/law? student and these are the subjects I have chosen so far: English (A) - HL Mando (B) - HL Chem - HL Bio - SL (my school doesn’t allow 2 science HLs) Maths - HL Im unsure of what I should choose for my group 3 subject, my school only offers history in HL so I can’t take it. What would you recommend? Thanks
  8. My school is introducing Social and Cultural Anthropology, this September, as a new subject. I don't 100% trust my school to hire a qualified person, in Anthropology, as a teacher. So I want material to study over the summer, so I don't go into IB fully reliant on the teacher. From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a textbook for IB Anthropology specifically but rather general Anthropology textbooks. Which of these does your school use for Anthropology? Is your school planning to/using different textbooks for the post-may17 syllabus?
  9. Hey guys, I have been kinda exasperated and anxious with my History HL exam now in may: more than being a very demanding subject, it has a less padronised program and so can be considered to be harder to get top marks. Don't wanna seem kinda sponger but if you could give a few tips, talk about your situation with the subject, discuss the subject itself and, if you may, attach some notes or practicing answers to past papers (this was actually something not only I but also more people could benefit from, because for every subject you must have an effective writing, which enables you to get
  10. hi guys, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if people had comments/suggestions/ideas etc. about writing a geo EE on migration. I am most fascinated with EU migration (central mediterranean route, but also inter-EU migration), but am not sure how 1. I will obtain primary data 2. if this would be a viable topic as I feel like I would just be recounting already known statistics.. I feel like this would be edging very close to a Human Rights EE, what do you think? (and if so, how could I make it more spatially orientated?) thank you so much!
  11. Hi everyone.. I'm going to start my DP next academic year and I need your opinions: I have to choose between Psychology and Economics or ITGS and Business and Management (B&M) or ITGS and Psychology or Psychology and B&M... Which set of subjects would you recommend? The other subjects that I've chosen are: Bahasa A Literature English B Chemistry Math SL Thanks! NB: I'm not really good in memorising and I have some knowledge in IGCSE: Business Studies and ICT. I'm going to take Business or Chemical Engineering for my bachelor's degree.
  12. Hi, I am in IB1 this year, and am stuck in between dropping Geography to SL or not. Before I start, does anyone have an effective way of studying Geography? I've not done Geo before and so I am stuck without knowing what to memorise & study. My friends told me to memorise the case studies, but what about case studies? Is it like the location and statistics? I am currently doing 4 HLs (Chemistry, Physics, Math & Geography), and Geo is my back-up subject as from what I know, Math-Chem-Physics HL is a suicidal course. However, I've found that the other 3 HLs are much more
  13. Hi, I posted this post in the wrong forum by accident. How can I delete a post on IB survival?
  14. Hey everyone ! So I'm not sure if the topic I picked is preferable, but I would like to write en EE, examining the media literacy on the American media talking about the clashes in Ukraine. I found my articles and structured an intro, but I would also like to know if there is any points I am missing. I just started my EE and I'm not even sure that my introduction would be good. This is how I planned it. A little background information about Ukraine The clashes Crimea incident Obama and Putin's approach How American media's approach differ (Republican vs. Democratic) (or this can be introduced
  15. Hello Everyone! Could those who have chosen Economics HL give me a true, honest opinion on the subject. These are my current Subjects Maths HL (Will drop to SL) English HL Economics HL Latin SL Music HL Chem HL Will drop to 3 HL and SL's end of this year. I am currently scoring 7 in all exams. Could you please tell me how difficult is ecos HL? Is it a subject where the 'HL' lies in the actual amount of theory work or is it a 'HL' because the actual final exam papers are legit difficult like Maths HL. If a ****load of effort and work is put into ecos HL, will it secure a 7? For example, math
  16. I have to give in my final IB choices soon and I'm currently deciding whether to take psych or history at HL. I'm currently taking both Psych and History (at GCSE level) and doing better in Psych (A*/7) than in History (A/6). I like both subjects equally, but I think I also have to consider my final GPA and course. I also find History slightly harder than Psych. Here are my choices: HL: Eng Lit. Art Psych or History SL: Biology Math Studies (hahaha) French B I'm still unsure about what I'm going to take for university: Art or Psychology or International Relations/Human Rights
  17. Dear IB Students, I am an IB 1 student who was recently called down by my Guidance counselor, and told that I could NOT take ITGS as my group 3 and would be forced to take either IB History or Geo (the only other group 3 courses my school offers) because I did not have the so-called prerequisite for the course. I know several of my other friends and collegues have also been denied for the exact same reason. However, the official IB website, ibo.org , states that there is "no particular background in terms of specific subjects for national or international qualifications is expected or requ
  18. Hello everyone. I'm doing my EE in group 3 of Lang and Lit, which focuses more on media and it's effect rather than a thematic analysis of a book, perhaps. I was wondering if anyone has done this before, and if you could please give me some tips or good references. If you could refer me to where I can read good past papers, that would be amazing. Thank you all. Have a great summer!
  19. Hello everyone. I'm doing my EE in group 3 of Lang and Lit, which focuses more on media and it's effect rather than a thematic analysis of a book, perhaps. I was wondering if anyone has done this before, and if you could please give me some tips or good references. If you could refer me to where I can read good past papers, that would be amazing. Thank you all. Have a great summer!
  20. Group 1: English HL Group 2: French SL Group 3: ? Group 4: Biology HL Group 5: Math SL Group 6: Chemistry HL So, I'm transferring IB schools and my new school has a lot of options for group 3. I want to go into medicine, so that's why I need HL Chem and Bio which are fairly difficult subjects, so I took English HL because I'm good at it and it would be easier than History HL (which my new school also offers) because I find History is a very time consuming subject. So, the option of History is eliminated and now I have to choose a SL Group 3 subject. Which Group 3 subject (Geography, ITGS, or B
  21. Hello IBS. I really hope you all did well in both History papers. For Paper 1, the Arab-Israeli conflict, it seems that the IB followed the chronological order predicted: Camp David. I thought the exam was pretty straighforward: sources were not too confusing and the last question was broad enough to include your own knowledge. Regarding to Paper 2, in my opinion, the question of the Treaty of Versailles was a very interesting option to answer. On the other hand, in what concerns to the Cold War, I chose number 25, which was about Potsdam, Sovietization of Central and Eastern Europe and the Ma
  22. Hei, I'm currently an exchange student in Finland, aiming to continue my studies in this country after this year. I'm not new to the Ib, since I took the Pre-Ib and IB one in Mexico, before coming on an exchange. Hpwever, the school I most probably will study in doesn't offer quite the same subjects than my home school did, so I have decided to tweak my course selection a little. My old one used to look like this: Spanish A Language and Literature - HL English B - HL Philosophy - HL Biology - SL Math Studies - SL SaC Anthropology - SL And these are thhe subjects I'm planning to take next year:
  23. I had originally opened this topic to request help about my EE on World Religions. However, I realised this post was off section so I decided to move it here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/18959-ee-on-world-religions-here-my-top-topics/ Now this space is open to discussion about World Religions, your expectations and thoughts. For all i know, first examinations on it will be held on this year. tat's another great reason to share your feelings. We all want to hear about that strange subject called WL
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