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Found 8 results

  1. I'm currently working on modelling COVID deaths within a certain period of time. The scatter plot my data generated looks like a bell curve, but it isn't a normal function (image attached below). I need to know the general template for this graph so I can finish my IA. thank youuu
  2. So my Math Studies IA is on gender and desired professional fields and there's only so much I can do with calculations (from what we have been taught to do) when it comes to two pieces of qualitative data. I've also taken into consideration the age demographic of the people who took my survey but the majority were around my age, so I only discuss that bit in the beginning and in the conclusion. I've got like 5 graphs just to make it look good so it looks like I've made an effort because it really did take me months to figure out what data to prioritise, but is there a limit for how many graphs
  3. My word count is 4300 with all the tables, graphs, table titles and graph titles.. Should I cut down 300 words or keep it as it is? So eventhough the tables and graphs are included in the main body, they aren't counted as words?? Thank you very much for your answers, I was just confused by my supervisor who saaid I should put all of the graphs and tables in the appendix...
  4. I'm doing a lab, and my data is very messed up. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm allowed to share the actual graphs on here. So I'll just ask some questions: 1. If I'm looking at only two data points, can I say they have a direct relationship? Or would it be safer to say 'positive correlation'? 2. As for a linear graph with a negative gradient - not an inversely proportional relationship, but is it still an inverse relationship? 3. If the data points have significantly large error bars, to the point not being to plot a maximum line, is it fine to just refer to the minimum value? (There is a
  5. Good day to everyone. I was hoping someone could guide me a little with my Math IA. I planned on doing it on 'Curve Fitting', where you know you have a Curve, or a logo perhaps to be more precise, and you to try to find the mathematical expression to plot the same. For example, if you see the attached screenshot, courtesy of Wolfram|Alpha, you can see a batman logo for which an equation has been provided. How does one get these equations? If I have a particular logo in mind, how should I go about, or what method or technique can I follow to get the equation? If someone could provi
  6. Hey guys! Could some one explain this to me in detail? I have the markscheme but I don't understand.
  7. Hello, I used wolframalpha.com (the premium free trial in order to make the graphs bigger) and Microsoft Excel to plot graphs in my EE. The IBC told me that if I don't cite the software I used, I'll be accused for plagiarism. My questions to all of you math or science EE candidates out there are: 1) How do cite the software used in general? 2) Does the fact that I used the website affect this? 3) Should I just say that I used Mathematica (since the visuals of wolframalpha are the same)? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a question about the Economics Internal Assessment on Microeconomics. I have an article, and have written my first draft. Somehow, my teacher found it to be not so good, and gave me an 80 on the draft. I want to make it better, but can't seem to find enough topics to analyze within the article. Can anyone give me some ideas on what else I could analyze in this article? The link is here: http://www.usnews.co...roduction-costs
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