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Found 13 results

  1. I'm currently working on modelling COVID deaths within a certain period of time. The scatter plot my data generated looks like a bell curve, but it isn't a normal function (image attached below). I need to know the general template for this graph so I can finish my IA. thank youuu
  2. Hi, I need an urgent help for my math IA. I have the attached graph, for my set of data. I need to find a suitable function for it and I really cannot find correct one. I tried to split the graph to different parts but the teacher said it won't be good. Therefore, if someone knows how to find a function for this graph I would be very thankful. Thank you in advanced :)))
  3. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KKZMguXKnIiGoeYc5XJfzZ9285sJzC5HoG6NWV9ocyI/edit HI everyone! I'm currently working on my math studies IA and I would really appreciate it if you guys could answer a couple of questions for the data collection! Thank you!!! (it's in both english and french)
  4. Hey people! Does the following topic sound suitable for a Math SL IA? An exploration of graphic software to make art through math equations. My exploration would be that of finding the equation of each line or shape that makes up Pikachu. Are there any changes that should be made to make it more complicated to suit a Math SL IA or is it fine as it is? Thank you!
  5. hey guys, so apparently my data consists of both, the x and y uncertainties, and this is becoming a problem as my MS word only has the y error bar. The type of graph I need to make is the line graph. Anyone knows a good app for displaying both error bars, or to overcome this Y only error bar problem of MS word? Worst case scenario, am I allowed to draw the graph on paper and scan it for my IA?
  6. My word count is 4300 with all the tables, graphs, table titles and graph titles.. Should I cut down 300 words or keep it as it is? So eventhough the tables and graphs are included in the main body, they aren't counted as words?? Thank you very much for your answers, I was just confused by my supervisor who saaid I should put all of the graphs and tables in the appendix...
  7. Hi all, I'm having some difficulties over the maximum/minimum trend lines for my graph. Here is the original one with the line of best fit added: And this is after I added the maximum/minimum lines: Now the problem comes in the minimum line, because it goes above the original trend line. The only way I can solve this is if I discount the upper and lowermost point, but they're not really anomalous as the final calculations graph looks like this: If it helps, this IA is about circular motion: the first 2 charts are for the relationship between radius(y) and period(x), and the last cha
  8. hey people, i started doing my commentary in economics and the website i use to draw graph is hard for me to use it. so can you people suggest me some other website or an app for drawing graphs.? (just the link or name of the website)
  9. For standard deviation, are you supposed to just use +/- 1 stdev or a specific standard deviation for every value in a bar and line graph? also, do you need a line of best fit in a bar graph? thank you!
  10. Hi, Is it neccessary to have more than one graph for the economics IA? Every sample IA online that I've seen has at least two graphs. This isn't explicity mentioned in any IB document. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone! I have problem with my Design project in IB Chemistry HL. My research question is: how does the concentration affect the value of experimentally determined enthalpy? I have collected the necessary data, I've created a graph of temperature change versus concentration - it shown the positive linear correlation. After that I have plotted the graph of enthalpy change versus number of moles. As we know, enthalpy is amount of heat changed per mole of a substance. It does not change with the number of moles, it is a constant. Thus, the graph should look in the form y=c, where c=const.
  12. Hi, I was just wondering if someone could explain to me what the difference is between a velocity-time graph and acceleration-time graph? And also, how to convert a velocity-time graph to an acceleration-time graph.
  13. Hello guys, I just performed an IB HL Bio Lab testing systolic and diastolic pressure after the ingestion of Gatorade. Thing is, the data collected was only the blood pressure of the subject BEFORE and AFTER ingestion. So for example, I only have one number that means the difference of the blood pressure before and after. How am I supposed to complete Aspect 3 of the Data Collection and Processing then? How am I supposed to make a line graph with that graph? Is it possible to get the marks by doing other graphs, such as bar graph? If so, how would I make up the points for "THE GRAPH MUST INCLU
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