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  1. I'm mostly just curious, has anyone else noticed that there's been a large amount of students either going partial IB or dropping out entirely? I'm wondering if it is a COVID thing or just a my high school thing.
  2. My EE is in Swedish B and my RQ is as following: 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s use the (Swedish urban vernacular) respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s to clarify/convey messages?'. Is this question appropriate for category 2b or 2a? Is it enough with "...convey messages" or do I have to be specific about that? I'd appreciate any help.
  3. Hey guys, I really want to apply to some top universities and I plan on studying MechE or ECE in the future. I am currently taking: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL Chemistry SL English LangLit SL Spanish ab initio Are these subjects fine for applying to good universities? Thanks for your support!
  4. Hi people! A friend and I are thinking about buying revision guide books for Biology and History, and I was wondering if anybody has bought books from www.osc-ib-com and found them useful and helpful while revision for their exams? Or you might’ve bought books from somewhere else? Anyways, do anybody know of revision books/guide that are worth spending money on? Thanks Laura
  5. I just started my junior year and officially started the IB program, and is it really worth it? Is the pain I have gone through the past couple of years and in the coming years going to help me get into a good college? Will it help me get a secure job? Will I actually be a well-rounded person?
  6. Hello IBians, I have always wanted to create an organization to help IB students and my aim is to bring everyone into the 35 and also help them in giving ideas for doing their CAS and also bringing in a MUN organization so that it can benefit all the students irrespective of their Board. Whoever is interested, Please do put your name and also your country and Skype id too and whether you have finished IB or not..
  7. 1) So, I realised that I've trapped myself in an endless cycle where I often have to frantically write or revise until two in the morning. How do I break out? Personal deadlines don't always work. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep personal deadlines because, number one, the tasks usually take wayyy longer than expected, and number two, if I plan to do something that is due in a few months on a certain day but I have a deadline or a test that same week, I will usually focus on the more urgent task and forget about my plan. But you can only do that so often until it's the week before t
  8. Hi all, I just wanted to know how difficult it's going to be for me to study and succeed in IB. I'm currently studying in grade 10 and I'll most probably start studying according to IB's curriculum next year. I'm currently studying the Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry, English Literature/writing, Biology, and Phyiscs. The McGraw Hill Algebra 2 on top of social studies, Farsi literature/writing and Arabic. I find all of the subjects I'm studying relatively easy (except Farsi. Even though it's my mother language), and I aced all of my finals last term. But I'm kinda stressed to be
  9. Hi! So I'm coming up to the end of year 10, and have gotten textbooks for IB. I would really like to study ahead in the holidays, especially for economics, a subject I have had no experience with. As I have had no experience, I have no idea how to start studying. The textbook I have is Economics for the IB Diploma, published by Cambridge. If anyone has any recommendations, tips or any experience at all related to this, please let me know!! Thank you
  10. I completed SL Math this year and have HL History, Chemistry and English for next year. Was wondering if I could drop HL History and take HL Math instead since it is recommended for me to take HL Math for the University I want to get into. Just wanted to make sure that there are no problems with doing both HL and SL Math.
  11. Hello! I am an IB Year 1 student, and I am aiming to pursue either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. As of now my subjects are HL Math, Physics, Chemistry and SL Spanish ab initio, Economics, and English LangLit. I was wondering if it is possible to either drop chemistry and replace it with computer science HL, or make chemistry an SL subject, and make Economics an HL subject. How would this affect my application for top universities? Would they prefer HL chemistry for what I want to do? Or is it perfectly fine if I make it SL, or change it with Computer Science HL?
  12. I'm aiming to study either in the US and UK, and hoping to try and apply to some top universities. Thanks for all your answers!
  13. Hello! I was wondering what supplies I should get for my first year of IB. My classes: -History of the Americas HL 1 -English 1 HL -Visual Art 1 HL -Math SL -Environmental Science Plus two other non-IB classes. Any survival tips are welcome as well! Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Thank you!
  14. Ok. So my math studies IA is on evaluating day lengths of a particular city. I'm trying to predict how long will the summer solstice be by evaluating the day lengths of the past 5 months. The day lengths make a sin curve, but I only picked 180 days or 5 months. The sin curve isn't complete enough for me to calculate sin regression by hand. I did the sin reg on my TI-84. Will IB accept that or will I have to do it by hand? Its just that it take SOOO long to get data for this because I had to go in and refigure all of the data. Like I had to change all the days so Janurary 1st becomes day
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would like to join a group chat on skype with my friend and me, we don't need to video chat, but just chat about IB If you're interested, message me your skype name and I will add you.
  16. Hey, after some research and gathering opinions, I think I have finally decided on my IB course for next year. Any opinions regarding my course selection or anything I should be aware about and would be gladly appreciated. Advice regarding IB would also be helpful. Thanks! Courses: Math HL Computer Science HL Economics HL Physics SL Mandarin SL English Lang. & Lit. SL
  17. I'm in Grade 11, and have currently started my first year of the IB diploma. When I chose the classes that I'd study, I was not (and still am not) sure about what I want to study when I'm older. I chose the subjects that seemed most interesting to me, and the ones that I knew I would enjoy learning the most. My classes: (I have 4 higher levels because I'm going to switch the one I find most difficult to standard) Computer Science HL English A HL Film HL Psychology HL Math Studies Norwegian Self Taught I'm worried that I'm not going to get into a good college because of the classes I c
  18. Hi, I'm starting school soon, and the one subject that I'm most scared about is HL History. I don't enjoy the subject at all, and have horrible memory. So obviously, none of those things are going to help me succeed in HL history. I was wondering what I should expect in HL history. Debates? Essays (oh I know about the essays...)? Presentations? Etc etc. Also, if any of you have any tips for succeeding well in HL History (especially with a terrible memory), I would be so grateful for them. Thanks!
  19. Hi guys! I am in a crisis here. SO basically I have been offered an opportunity to go to South Dakota (SD) as an exchange student for one year, I won a contest so everything is paid for. The big problem is that when I come back I won't be eligible to do the second year of IB as a diplomat candidate, I will be able to acquire the certificates. Do you think I will be eligible for scholarships in the US as a student with certificate? Do you think going is worth it? I really want to go but my parents hate the idea because they think that with the certificates I will have no future What would you
  20. For paper 1 in HL English, is it complulsory for us to write a commentary on the poem? For internal tests, our English teacher says we can only do the poem for some reason, and he gives us a common paper for both HL and SL. Which is easier?
  21. HI everyone, Can some one help me with this question regarding marks and marking scheme. If i want to get 6 for English i need to achieve 69% up ( 2013 mark scheme guide) If i have 17% for my internals how much mark should i be aiming for in my final exams ( how much out of 100 marks ). according to me i should have 52% more in my finals - i am right in my thought process. If some one can help me please, so that i can use this calculation for rest of my subjects ( maths sl, chemistry sl, economics hl, visual hl, Spanish ab and English language and literature) I am planning on doing w
  22. My EE is about the science of cute and I am having some trouble figuring out how to set up my essay. I don't know what information to put in what parts. If someone could help me with general format ideas that would be great.
  23. So I just wanted to confirm, whether the Surveys (Questions, Answers and Analysis of the Answers) that i have made and their responses which will be put into the essay to be analyzed be counted in the official word count, I heard it from someone in my school that they wouldn't be counted and just thought i'd verify? Thanks!
  24. I was having this discussion today with someone and was wondering what you guys think. So, is there a true and undeniable difference between being a realist or a pessimist? Or are they actually the same thing, but seen in different lights?
  25. Hi, I'm a Canadian student in Grade 10 who's going to be entering the IB program next year. Right now my choices are: HL Economics HL Computer Science HL Math SL History SL English SL Spanish Ab Initio I'm pretty nervous about taking HL Math for the next two years. I have always been a relatively good math student, and I do have a passion for stats. However, I keep on hearing people say how much work that HL Math is. The main problem is that most Canadian schools are fine with me taking SL Math (for commerce, the program I want to go into) as long as I finish my calculus credit during the summ
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