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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, can someone please let me know the format of the front page and the other content pages of Business Management HL IA? If possible, please show me an example of the BM IA format. Thank you!
  2. So I am currently starting the history extended essay and I am wondering what type of format that I should use?? I was thinking of using APA, but I was wondering what others are using for their history extended essays?
  3. Thatguy123

    IA Help

    Hi, so I'm not sure about my research question. I've been told that I need to be extremely specific and that the reader should know everything about my experiment after reading my research question. When I tried framing it, I saw that it was too long, but my teacher said it was okay. I'm really confused, because I've never seen such a long research question before. It is: What is the effect of different sugar concentrations (0.8M, 0.9M, 1.0M, 1.1M, 1.2M, 1.3M, 1.4M of 1:1 glucose/fructose solution) on the percent of sugar fermented by measuring the amount of ethanol when 1.00 ± 0.01g of
  4. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Dear all, At our school we have been panicking about the supposed page limit for the internal assessments. It's a new requirement apparently, but tables and graphs take up way too much space don't you agree? Please let us know if this has been the case for you as well! Pretty much all the IB students at my school are panicking! Thanks!
  6. Ok guys, so what do you think is a good format for an IOC? Im doing mine on a short story For short stories, we are given only a certain extract, so that kind of limits the scope I can go about them. How often can I go beyond the selected extract of the same short story? Moreover, how often can I relate this short story to other short stories? Is this considered a good format btw: Intro Purpose Mood Tone Characterization 2-3 Themes 3-5 literary devices Relating to other short stories
  7. How do I format SAQs and LAQs? My teacher keeps telling me different things and its really confusing Can someone tell me the formats for writing LAQs? Like what to include in the paragraphs I know we need 4-5 paragraphs, intro and conclusion and usually written last Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, So I'll be taking my Math SL exam in a couple days and I would like to seek some clarification on the formatting of the Math SL exam. While doing mock exams, I noticed there is a fixed space (a small box) for Section A answers. Can anyone who previously took the Math SL exam or has knowledge on this topic clarify if the box given is the only space allowed for answers? On the cover sheet it says otherwise but I don't think that it is logical to fit answers for some questions that require multiple parts and work unless u divide the box into two columns which would be rather messy. Tha
  9. Hey there! - This is preeetty important because I've done my whole summary of evidence in a Table format. I am investigating to what extent the counterculture movement of the 1960s (the hippies) changed the role of American women, so I've done a table comparing different statistics and facts about the role of women before the movement, during the movement, and after the movement I've now been told that it may not be a valid format and it is due very soon so I am panicking a little bit Thank you
  10. Hi fellow IBers and grads! I'm doing my EE in mathematics. I have a few problems regarding formatting. I did my EE according to the typical math journal format, and I found it more elegant not to double space the text ....my quesiton is: is it alright if we dont use double spacing? Also, the criteria says, it is importnat to remember that it is an essay that is eing written, not a research paper for a journal of advanced mathematics. Can someone help elaborate? I appreciate your help
  11. I am writing a research-based biology paper hypothesizing on the mutations of ZEBOV (Ebola Zaire) and the potential for a worldwide outbreak, taking into account the likely environmental conditions along with the mutations and reproductive number. I am using a lot of vocabulary that is specific to virology and may not be widely known. Should I define each term in the paper as I am writing (ex: "... a pleomorphic virus, meaning its shape changes depending on its environment") or should I define everything in a glossary. If so, does the glossary play into my word count? Additionally, one more q
  12. I'm literally JUST about to hand my 2014 TOK Title Essay, and I need to know how to format the essay properly. How exactly do I present my name, the date, the essay title number, etc.? Please respond a.s.a.p.
  13. I'm currently in the final stage of doing my Extended Essay in Psychology, and I have only formatting left. I always thought that we have to use the MLA format, though some teachers are telling me that APA is accepted too. I don't want to submit my EE to find out I used a wrong format, so could someone please help me? Which format is supposed to be used?
  14. Does anybody know what format the paper for the Group 4 project should be in? (Paragraphs vs. bullet points, should we include data or verbally summarize, how long...?)
  15. My main question is whether or not it is okay to favor depth over breadth in the TOK essay. My essay is based on prompt number 10; " 'Through different methods of justification, we can reach conclusions in ethics that are as well-supported as those provided in mathematics.' To what extent would you agree?" I wrote the rough draft of my essay and my TOK teacher does not believe that it will receive a good grade according to the grading rubric. The format of my essay involves one primary example that I use to explore several methods of justification. In this section of my essay, my area o
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