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Found 16 results

  1. So guys, i checked turnitin of my TOK essay I got 25% plagiarism - 15% from bibliography and quotes 10% from footnotes and coverpage Other than the quotes, none of my essay body got highlighted Is everything ok here?
  2. I mean if I can avoid doing footnotes I will actually do a backflip, I just hate them.
  3. In my EE for English B, I forgot to add footnotes or in-text citations. However, I have a full bibliography in MLA. Will my work be considered as plagiarism?
  4. I'm currently writing my Extended Essay and have a few questions about citations and footnotes. Note: my school uses MLA 7. When I use a source for the first time in an essay, must I write down the whole citation? If I then use it again later on, should I use an abbreviated version of the citation? If I have several sentences from the same source, should I put the footnote at the end of the last sentence or multiple footnotes after every sentence? Should I place my footnotes before or after a comma or full stop? Can I put more than one footnote in a sentence? Additionally,
  5. As I've been writing my extended essay I've been placing my citations as "comments" so I can do them all at once when I'm done. Seeing as I'm almost done, I would like clarification on one thing: can I use footnotes for citations AND for definitions/additional comments? Or is it more pratical to rely on in-text citations and use the footnotes only for definitions/comments? (Unless there is a better way of doing this. In which case, please let me know) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  6. ElleIB


    Hi, My teacher is confused and doesn't know whether the footnotes count in the word count or no? because he said take off the footnotes to be in the 2000 word limit. please help.
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering: what type of information can you present in the footnotes in a Historical Investigation (apart from page number citations from sources ofcourse). Been seeing some samples which seem to have certain content down there, which is not counted in the word count. Can be really helpful actually. Thanks
  8. Would it be advisable more to use footnotes or APA referencing for my IA? I'm doing the Marshall Plan about how it recovered European economy and there are a lot of stats and figures. Cheers C
  9. I'm having a little trouble with my extended essay. I want to use a figure I found in a psychology study but after looking around how to cite direct quotes, it says I need to ask the person who wrote the paper or something for permission to use it. Is this true? Also does anyone know how I cite direct quotes plus their footnote? I'm having a lot of trouble finding it, because when I search online, I'm given multiple answers and I don't have a clue as to which I use. Here is the site that says copyright footnotes need the "required authorization": http://classroom.synonym.com/footnotes-apa-fo
  10. Hi, I've just started my History IA and I'm not sure what format do to the citations and footnotes in? I read somewhere that you need to use the Chicago Manual style but a lot of people use the Harvard bibliography style! Also, what format do you write the bibliography in? If there's a specific way, do let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, I was wondering if I was suppose when I use a footnote to cite a book, if I am suppose to write the page number as well ?? Thanks a lot
  12. Hey guys, Can someone give me pointers as to recommend how to do my citations throughout my EE? Should I do in-text? footnotes? If so how do I do it? My research question is: Education in Africa: How can the Kenyan government’s focus on the quality of education be the base of improvements in Mozambique for the benefit of the Mozambican youth? Thanks in advance!
  13. IBswerve

    History IA

    So, I've been doing my IA and have a total of six sources, with 20 footnotes in total most being from about 2 or 3 of those sources, on the economic consequences of the peace by john maynard keynes, and umm.. well, i just wanted to know if thats enough so far ( I really want an 20/20), so far im just starting the analysis and my summary of evidence holds a great deal of that footnote count. So , whats your guys's opinions?
  14. My extended essay is due pretty pretty darn soon. I have been cutting out tonnnns and tonnnnns of words, but I have yet to cut out another 300 to reach the 4000-word word-limit. Seeing as I have already cut out almost half of my EE (yes, those smart people can do the math and deduce what I started with), I have tried to be rather sneaky. Below are the questions I have about my sneakyness, and some good answers would be much appreciated. 1) I have used many footnotes, which do not count for the word-limit. My supervisor says it's OK, but I am very worried that they are too crammed. Some of the
  15. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask whether it is allowed to use footnotes in a psychology IA. The thing is that I'm finishing my IA but the problem is the amount of words. I currently have 2100, which is 100 words over the HL limit of 2000, and I cannot seem to be able to reduce the word count any more. You see, I had 2700 words, but it was easy to remove about 500 by taking away some unnecessary paragraphs, and then I removed 100 more by going slowly through the IA and rephrasing sentences and paragraphs so that they would take up less space. Now that I've gone through the IA for so many times, t
  16. 25 downloads

    This is the text of my IOP speech from this past semester for English HL- it's on the use of footnotes in David Foster Wallace's essay Consider the Lobster. First, I used examples from the text to show how the footnotes can be used to fit traditional rhetorical roles (pathos, ethos, logos). At the end I briefly discussed the use of footnotes (why use them at all?), especially as it relates to Wallace's worldview. It received a perfect score but you can judge whether or not it was deserving!
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