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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to ask for your advice and to share your experience in the matter. Currently at the second year of IB, I have been faxing difficulties with the registration for the finals. I had to take 7 subjects to study (English B HL, Maths SL and Russian A SL as compulsory subjects, History HL, Psychology HL , Spanish an initio SL and Biology SL as required by the IB). However, I have learnt that I will have to choose one additional subject that will not appear on my Diploma. The only possible subjects for me to choose from are biology and Spanish ab initio, however, for
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk w
  3. Hi Guys, I have my final IOC day after tomorrow, please let me know if you have any tips. Hoping that y'all did/oing a good job. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi, I'm starting IB soon but lately I've heard rumours about the IB finals- where apparently the November papers are easier than the May papers. Is this true and why so? Thanks!
  5. Mine is 40-45. I know 45 is aiming crazy high. But its my dream score after all. I dont mind anything, as long as its in the 40s. 45 is just perfect to be honest. I WIIIIISH. Lol How about you?
  6. Hello guys! one month is remaining for the finals. and every ib student right now needs tips and tricks to do their best. PLEASE HELP! alumni!! PLS PLS HELP
  7. Hi guys, I currently have a 6 from German B SL. My Paper 2's are usually moving around 20 to 22 points out of 25, so basically a 6, however my huge weakness is the Paper 1, which I sometimes even get a 4 on. I have a question. I cannot seem to understand how I can prepare or improve my skills in the Paper 1's, do you guys have any special techniques or any tips? My MYP German teacher was completely useless and I feel I am catching up everything in these two years. I am graduating soon, so any feedback would be appreacited. By the way, I have a lot of vocabulary papers, concerning Grammar
  8. If one gets 7's on the IA's and 5 on the External exams --> what will the final score be?
  9. Is it possible to get a 7 in biology even if you have a 6 in internal assessment (considering that I have studied bio and literally know the whole syllabus)
  10. Hey guys! Emergency help anyone knows or is the person that takes Russian A lit and who lived in China??? Please please
  11. Hey guys, May is coming up real soon. I am wondering, for those who got a 6 or 7 in Biology HL or those who are studying it right now, do you have any strategies in revising Biology? There are a lot of reactions, for example, photosynthesis, respiration, DNA transcription, translation, replication, clonal selection theory, myosin head and actin filaments..... (Personally, I can remember everything, but I am scared not writing all the details in the biology hl exam) Can you give me some advice please? Gracias
  12. so for the past 2 years I didnt do maths homework, understand class and now theres only 3 weeks till finals...I regret not dropping to studies now but its too late for that...I've been predicted to pass all my other subjects but a low 2 for maths sl...I just don't want to get a 1 for maths (i.e. fail the diploma), is there any topics that I really need to learn before finals? Are there any good resources to help people like me that don't have a mathematical mind? any tips will be much appreciated
  13. Hi everyone, can you please do me a huge favor and fill in this survey for my tok presentation. It will only take a few minutes and will mean so much to me as my presentation is tomorrow. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9RTPGPF Thank you
  14. Hello everybody! I know the question is straight forward, but I think it is useful for y'all to know about my chemistry background. In my school, chemistry SL is done in one year meaning that we have been high-tailing on the fast lane, leaving the strugglers behind, and really grinding through the syllabus. So yeah, I have studied the core already but I feel like I have forgotten everything that we did in the beginning of the year because of the galore of information we are getting bombarded at. Also, we are on the verge of studying the options right now ( medicines and drugs, environmental
  15. Hey guys! I'm new here. So glad I found this site! Anyways, I have a question on my HL subjects. I do HL English, Biology and ITGS. I'm just wondering what type of exams I will sit. I mean will I sit one SL exam and one HL exam? Or how will it be? Cuz I want to start looking at some past papers but i dont know whether I should look at the SL and HL papers for my HL subjects or should I just look at the HL ones? Thanks!
  16. Is it true that I need to learn pseudocode instead Java for tomorrows paper 1 in CS??? By the new rules...
  17. Hi IBers, My final exams are in a month, and i need some good tips/study habits that will help me for my finals. How long should I study per day? and such...Just any tips please ... Im in full IB so how should I manage my time to study each subject? My subjects are: Bio HL, Psychology SL, English HL, History HL, Math SL Thanks
  18. So the November exams are finally here (starting tomorrow with A1 English Paper 1, omg). To everyone doing the November exams: GOOD LUCK! We got this Anyone still doing some last-minute cramming?
  19. Hey! While studying for my psychology test I noticed that in the psychology book we use (Psychology Course Companion- http://hintaseuranta.fi/API/image/292391/jpg800x465) for each of the core topics there are extra sections titled "An integrative look at (e.g. criminal behavior/happiness/prejudice and discrimination)". The sections basically analyze a specific behavior through a biological, socio-cultural and cognitive perspective. There are, however, no learning outcomes directly related to these subsections... So I'm confused Do I have to know them and learn the studies? Can they ask some
  20. Hey I only have a quick question, but I've been trying to google this for hours and it seems like I'm never going to find an answer there, soo I came to you guys for help. I read on one of the threads that all of the syllabi changed in 2013..? I got a bit panicky because I realised that I only have the 2009 ones at hand and I can't seem to find the new ones anywhere. I was just wondering if someone could confirm which syllabuses are being used for the May 2014 examinations (does it change from subject to subject or are all of the syllabuses from the same year?), and if the 2013 ones are bein
  21. Hi! I decided to do my presentation on a holocaust and recently there was a movie made on it which caused a lot of controversy, So I decided to make this topic my presentation. This movie got banned in one country and I wanted to use this to show both sides of why it did get banned (so the gov't perspective) and why it shouldn't have (the audience itself) So, what solid Knowledge issue could I come up for this? Thanks! * my presentation is in two days, if you could respond ASAP, that'd be AWESOME!
  22. Hey guys, will somebody please tell me what the 7 points per subject consists of? Is it only the score from the finals, or the average of grades and finals scores or what? How is it calculated? I'd appreciate some tips:)
  23. I can't waiiiiiitttt forrrrrr IB to be over. My last paper is on the 21st of May (Math HL Paper 3)! I'm just curious to know everyone's after exam plans. From submission of last paper (well, you can't really do anything unless you're out of the room) to walking out of the exam hall to at night to one week, one month, etc. It can either be short term (walking out of room) or long term (life after IB before uni).
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