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Found 16 results

  1. I recently received my IB marks a few days ago and I'm not really happy with it at all ( like at all ). My total score is 25 & I missed the upper boundary grade by 1 point in 3 different subjects & both the EE & TOK, meaning that I could have achieved a higher mark. I failed to get into my course by 3 points & am thinking of two options: 1. apply to a different course for now and then transferring to my original course throughout the semester 2. remark some of the subjects where I'm off by 1 point from the upper boundary grade At this point, I don't really
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has good structures of writing paragraphs for both HL English papers?
  3. Hello, I'm new to this whole website so I'm not really sure how it works here. But anyways, I've got a question: What's the best way to practice analysing, comparing and contrasting two texts? Recently I realised that I have this issue with me where I'm not able to think quickly or make sense when I write on paper (my sentences are always jumbled up, disorganised). I perform great with assessment tasks but writing is a bit of difficulty. Conventionally, I use my laptop to write the answers to the questions then transfer it to my paper, however I won't be allowed to do this durin
  4. Hello! So for my art exhibition, I have a piece that features a neon sign with a quote. I designed the quote, the size, color, everything. The company I went to just created the glass neon words and then sent me everything separately. I had to piece everything together myself, from the screwing of the studs that would keep the glass words in place to deciding where all the letter supports would go. I also had to figure out wiring and fitting the plastic cables. Now, 2 days before my exhibition, my teacher is telling me that this can't be counted as a final piece, as I didn't physically ma
  5. Love to all IB students I am currently in first IB year, preparing for my ToK presentation. Any interesting articles, topics or any tips that would help me. p.s I would be very interested in viewing your presentation as an example. Help a brother out! my exams start in 21 days, and after I have my presentation. basically a month but I want to get it done asap I'm sure I could return the favour thanks a lot
  6. If one gets 7's on the IA's and 5 on the External exams --> what will the final score be?
  7. it may sound as a stupid question, You know how we have to put the selected number for the cover sheet right? But I think for the blue cover sheet of English A paper 2 I put "1", although I wrote whole essay about question 2. I also put question 2 for essay paper (it's just cover sheet that I put it wrong) Do you think examiner will know I write my essay about question 2?
  8. So my Bio final is in the first week of june so I wanted to start studying now for them. Any tips on how I should study> For bio or just in general for finals week.
  9. 7 goals? 4 goals in 6 minutes against Brazil, who were at home (and previously had not lost at home in 42 years)? Speechless. Just speechless. I really wanna hear people's thoughts on this game.
  10. Hi, i have just gotten my results and found that i'm 1 mark off a 6 in English HL, and 2 marks off a 5 in Bio HL. The breakdown of my English Marks are: Oral IA moderated mark: 17 (Grade 4) Paper 1 moderated mark: 13 (Grade 5) Paper 2 moderated mark: 22 (Grade 7) Written Task moderated mark: 22 (Grade 4) The breakdown of my Bio Marks are: Paper 1 moderated mark: 23 (Grade 3) Paper 2 moderated mark: 24 (Grade 5) Paper 3 moderated mark: 40 (Grade 5) Practical Work moderated mark: 23 (Grade 4) Are these marks worth a remark?? Thank youuu
  11. The exams are 8 days away Ive blocked all social media, facebook, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp, everything Ive been trying to study my ass off So here are my subjects (bear in mind i had my mocks recently and i have gone through all my material quite a few times with the exception of development economics *yawn*, and human physiology in bio) Business HL (havent started actually studying) Economics HL (done with macro) English Lit HL (read the books for paper 2, gone through literary devices for paper 1, made really awesome notes, so I guess im done with english) Biology SL (done all the draw an
  12. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether anyone knows the final IB deadline for uploading TOK Essays onto the candidates website. My school has set one for tomorrow but I'd quite like to know what the official IB deadline is. Thanks!
  13. Hello, i would like to ask people who know whether the detailed marks on each subject will be sent to the universities. Meaning that whether after the results are published they will receive a report with only e.g. 7 physics 7 economics 7 ... 2 extended essay tok or they will have a detailed view like : 7 economics hl percentage 79% or even more detailed like: economics hl 7/7 total 75% paper 1 78% paper 2 69% .... Thanks
  14. I need to come up with an idea for my final project, and im running out of time, any suggestions? ideas? please help!
  15. Can someone please give me a title for my history IA to do with Edith Carvell? I have to give in an IA topic for history very soon and i would really appreciate it if someone could help me come up with a question to do with Edith Carvell's assassination during world war one and how to cause many people to side against germany. The IA question should begin with "to what extent.." "To what extent did Edith Carvell's death lead to ..." I just have trouble putting the words together, Thank you!
  16. I need help for my tok final presentation. It is supposed to be based on a personal experience. I choose to do when i was walking too late at night, cops stopped us and we had to bribe them. I want to do it about ethics and truth or something related.
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