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  1. Hi, so i have decided that i would like to do my IA on game theory, the prisoner's dilemma. The question is if it is a good idea for an sl student to do so and if any of you guys have tips for doing this topic. Maybe you wrote an exploration about game theory and have some materials, links, videos that could be useful? I know i am asking for a lot but right now i dont know how to start working on my IA and i should have had at least done some reading by now so i am freaking out. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! What are you guys doing for your math exploration topics? Could anyone suggest a few to me? I really don't know what to do. Thanks! ______________________ IB makes me wanna
  3. I am starting my math IA I have decided to choose the Monty Hall Problem as my topic. I was thinking about explaining the Monty Hall Problem using conditional probability and then expand the Problem by trying it on more than three doors like for example four or five doors in order to try and find a trend or a sequence or a general equation. Is this topic up to the level of the Math SL course and do you have any suggestions about things I should add to the IA. Thank you, your help is really appreciated.
  4. Hi, I was planning on writing my exploration on Fourier Series and its application in music, specifically maybe showing the function of the overtones?? idk because I can't seem to find any good source that would examine this and although I see the link between these topic, I still do not see really the way it intertwines and my deadline for the first draft is in 2 days:) did anyone do their exploration on similar topic? is it doable? are Fourier Series even doable for math ia? please help me
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm in the middle of IA season right now, and Maths has really got me in a pinch. I'm working on my exploration at the moment, and the topic that I have chosen is using linear regressions to predict the outcome of elections. The case specific case that I'll be using is the upcoming Spanish elections on the 10th of November, so that I can compare my results to the final ones. However, I don't really know how I can include exploration and not just proofs an theory. An idea I had was seeing how the timespan of the polls (when I begin taking data points and where I stop - so the
  6. Hello! I am first year IB student, and today was the first consultation about Exploration with my maths teacher. Our homework for the break was to search some topics that we are interested in from maths point of view. Mostly I am interested in fashion. Everything I have found on the internet seems too basic. And there are more aspects of fashion in maths, for exaple at selling, fabric price and sizing ... I guess doing all of them would be incoherent, not specific and still, too basic. Is there any idea that could work for a fashion topic? That is not too basic? Did I miss anything? Other
  7. Hi, I came up with a topic “What type of function will produce the most accurate model of population growth in country X?” I made scatter plot using data about country’s population in given year. Now I want to use quadratic function to see how would it fit as a model and I’m wondering whether there is other way to find (a, b, c, and d for the equation y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d) than applying matrix algebra (X = A-1 B) since matrix algebra is not a part of SL curriculum and I’m worried that using it may lower my mark.
  8. Hey! I have just finished my draft of the Mathematics SL Exploration. I showed it to my teacher and he said that I have to put double space and separate my calculations from the text. I told that if I do that I will exceed 12 pages. Though, he contends that it is okay. Is it really so? In Maths guide there is nothing on double space and all that stuff that we have in EE. Plus it is explicitly written that exploration must fit into the range of 6-12 pages. So I am confused whether I have to do what the guide is saying or what my teacher claims to be true. Help, please!
  9. Hiya For those of you who are struggling to think of a maths IA topic, here are a few examples: (all content taken from Ibmathsresources.com - even more ideas and info re the exploration on there.....) Example Maths Studies IA Investigations: Correlations: 1) Is there a correlation between hours of sleep and exam grades? Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep raises academic attainment. 2) Is there a correlation between height and weight? The NHS use a chart to decide what someone should weigh depending on their height. Does this mean that height is a good indicator of weight? 3) Is ther
  10. hey guys, is it a good idea for me to do the laplace transform for my Math HL IA? I'll base it on simple harmonic motion of bungee jumping, and I need your feedbacks whether this is a good topic or not. There will be some out of the syllabus stuff, but it involves integration by parts, algebra and some basic stuff. I'm displaying the concept in an amateur way. Thoughts?
  11. Hello all, I take chemistry HL and I need a topic for my chemistry IA new syllabus. I have suggested two ideas for my supervisor but he said they are not good. He said that the expire meant should deal with a broad topic and have qualitative data( the one with calculations) he emphasized on the point of the experiment having calculations. And he said it should relate in someway to daily life, it's good to do about food, water , cosmetics, detergins.... Any suggestions for topics???? The two topics he refused and said we're not good are: 1. The effect of temperature on the acidity of lemons 2.
  12. Hello! I have to decide on a math exploration topic but I'm not sure what I should do. I'm very confident in the binomial theorem, arithmetic and geometric sequences so doing something concerning this would be great. I know the rules are very strict for what others are allowed to say, but do you have any suggestions on things that are possible to investigate in these topics? Also do you have general tips and tricks that could help me with the math exploration? Thank you so much!!!
  13. I really need to find a graphing/statistics program to use in my IA. Any suggestions?
  14. I've pretty much written my entire math exploration for SL math, but my only concern is that the math content itself is not difficult enough for a good score. However, I could not find any resources on what math is acceptable. The math in my IA is focused on infinite series and convergence/divergence, but I'm not sure if that is a high enough level in math or if it is commensurate with the course. Any thoughts? Thanks
  15. Ok so like if I get a 7 on the SL math exam and i only get a 1 on the exploration/ia, what would my final mark be approximately???
  16. ---Author's Note--- This is the third draft of a concise guide I'm working on in regards to the new mathematical exploration IA; this started as an HL guide but has now been generalized to include the SL curriculum as well. Please do let me know if there are any improvements you can suggest, or any questions you have after reading through this. I plan to keep this updated and add to it as I work though my own IA. Thanks for taking the time to read through! ------------------------ Table of Contents Preface and Introduction to the Exploration The Process (to be added) Formatting (to be added
  17. I'm trying to figure out an appropriate difficulty level for my math exploration (i.e. what can be assumed knowledge). I know that anything in the HL core is fine, but will I need to define ideas from the option/further math topics, especially if my math HL class isn't doing that option (We're only doing the calculus option in class)? The IB just took out the matrices section from the core, and I really don't want to define what a matrix is again... Same goes for stuff like bijective functions, homomorphisms, and basic set theory (or anything in the options besides the calculus one).
  18. hey everyone. I came up with an idea for my Math SL exploration but I would like to hear someone´s opinion on how to do it more complex. I have a youtube channel, so I thought that I could find if there is a correlation between video length and watch time by using data from my own videos. I believe that I can get a high mark on personal engagement because the results could really help me improve my channel. BUT, given that I take Math SL, I know that I have to do something MORE, so I have a few ideas, but I don´t know if they are good. So, youtube lets you see how many people
  19. Hello everyone, I want to do my Math IA about the nabla (or del) operator used in vector calculus. I'm interested in this because I'm going to study physics at uni and I heard that physics students will need to learn this at uni. So that is a factor that will keep me motivated to do this. However, I don't really know where to go from here. Should I just base my IA on explaining what nabla is and deriving it? Or is there anything in particular I can base my IA on? Thank you.
  20. Hey everyone. So, for my math IA I'm planning to create a mathematical model to represent a leap of faith from Assassin's Creed (a jump from a really tall building), but I have a couple of questions I hope one of you could answer. Given that AC is a videogame, then I won't be able to use air resistance as a factor, so I'm scared that without it my work would be considered too simple. Because of that, I was thinking that I could create the equation and then find the probability of surviving the jump if I were to try it. Or maybe I could simply create the equation for the videogame f
  21. Guest

    Math IA Topic - Art In Math

    Hello! A few of my IA topics have been rejected, so I've become more anxious about having a topic and approaching my teacher about it. However, on some website I found the idea of graphing an image/symbol onto a cartesian plane with functions, and this has greatly interested me as I deal with photoshop often. I was wondering if this was enough as an SL topic? For example, if I'd find functions to graph the IB logo, or several different logos. Thank you for your time!
  22. Hi! I need help to find a good topic for the ib Math exploration HL. I want to have a 20/20 mark. PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!! Let´s do a brainstorm together!!! All the answers are ok. You don´t need to think a lot. THNAK YOU.
  23. My teacher requires that we write a 6 page draft of a Math SL IA by next week. Though he said I could use a Math IA I previously wrote for the Math IA handed in next week, I want to write another one as a backup. The problem is that I have no idea what topic to do. What should I do?
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