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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am researching for my history EE, and I am having troubles with finding the evidence for an event. The event consists in a conversation between the king and Mussolini, which is mentioned in multiple books but without any reference to a primary source, but always to other secondary sources (other historians' books ) or no reference at all. My supervisor was bemoaning this, however it seems fair that there is no "transcript" of a private conversation. Is it common\acceptable? How can I back this event better? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi, I am planning to do my extended essay in History. I wish to explore the historicity of a 'mythological' legend by presenting evidences and statistics. Ramayana is one of the greatest stories in Indian history. Most historians believe that Ramayana is just another mythological story. Others consider it as history. My Extended Essay will basically analyze evidences that prove the existence of Ramayana and conclude its historical authenticity. Most exemplars focus on historical events that have definite evidences. However, I wish to explore the thin line between history and mythology. (
  3. Hi IBSurvivors! I'm writing my essay in prescribed title 4. Can i use an evidence for response that the future possbile discoveries cannont be denied, and may lead to changes in our knowledge system. Also can perpetual mobile machine can be concerned non-applied knowledge? And how you define applied knowledge and non-applied one ? Thanks for responses
  4. I was going through my CAS entries on Bacpoint and realised that I'm not actually in many of the photos that I put as evidence. For example if I volunteered for an event I only had photos of the posters because I forgot to take photos on the day and all my photos for baking are of the food themselves without me in it. Is this something I should be worried about and would I need to provide photos that actually show me doing the activity?
  5. Hi everyone, I want to use programming as my CAS project with the end goal to be a fully functioning mobile app or website. The problem that I have with this is that I'm unsure of how exactly I can prove the amount of time that I will be spending on the activity as I won't have someone to supervise me when I'm doing the work. In all the submission forms it says that a supervisor is required, is there any way to get around this, like show them another form of evidence of my work? Also please let me know if there are other ways to show you've done CAS hours without a supervisor, for exam
  6. I'm in the Executive Board for my intra-school MUNs and I train the delegates at my school. Will training them count as service? Being the executive board for MUN will that be creativity or service?
  7. So I'm doing a lab and I'm stuck on this one question, "Present evidence for the existence of orbitals.". So I am provided with this table of elements all the way to fermium with covalent radii, ionic radii, atomization energy, the first, second, third, and fourth ionization energy, bond energy for the element to fluorine, to hydrogen, to oxygen, and to itself. It's due tomorrow so I need an answer or hints fast. Attached is the data which I"m supposed to use to support my explanation. Elements.xlsx
  8. 60 downloads

    A collection of dates, evidence, quotes and historiography on the causes of the Cold War. This kind of stuff is vital to any essay in order to get a 6/7.
  9. For my TOK essay, I'm doing the title about evidence. I want to do an example about criminal law and courtrooms. And I want to fit it into one of the Areas of Kowledge, but I can't decide which one it'd fit in. ANy thoughts?
  10. 73 downloads

    A collection of Details (evidence!) and Quotes (Historiography!) on the causes of World War One
  11. 51 downloads

    Details (Evidence!) and Quotes (Historiography!) on the rise and rule of Mussolini
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