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  1. I don't really know how to create a good KQ with this information.. Please help me! RLS: "Jilly Juice" - A juice that is created by Jillian Epperly, claims that it can cure "Candida" the "root "of all diseases. It's created with very dangerous amounts of salt and cabbage, and many people believed that it cured them of their disease. Many also claimed that it worsened their condition. According to doctors and health specialists, when consumed everyday, it can kill you; but her followers believe otherwise and continue consuming the juice. source: https://www.newsweek.com/jillian-mai-t
  2. Hi guys. I just want to make sure whether this is a good knowledge question: "To what extent do ethics play a role in the justice system?". Is this a good KQ or should I change it to something else?
  3. Hey guys! In my TOK presentation, I am talking about how science advances and the ethical issues that come with that advancement. What can I state as a claim and counter claim [in terms of ethics and advance], when I talk about certain experiments that were undertaken in psychology to find more about how humans work? Such as the Milgram Experiment, and the blue eyes, brown eyes classroom experiment?
  4. With reference to one or two organisations that you have studied, discuss how organisational objectives may differ in two cultures you are familiar with. Any help answering will be appreciated
  5. Ethical theories are proposed by different philosophers illustrating dilemmas, often in the mind experiment. What about ethical facts? Are ethical facts = ethical judgment?
  6. I have to do my TOK presentation in 3 weeks and I'm really struggling to come up with a main KQ. I have my RLS and my AoK is ethics. I have a few KQs that I thought of but I don't think they're quite right. Help please? RLS: For 20 years, single mother Donella Knox cared for her severely autistic daughter, Ruby. For years, she fought to get the best health care for her that she could. Donella Knox felt endlessly helpless, and hopeless, about Ruby's deteriorating health and suffering. She travelled across New Zealand, and even to the United States, seeking expert help. In May
  7. Hi, all From recent news and the general reception of large corporations capitalizing on consumers' access to the internet, my partner and I have decided on the topic of net neutrality for our presentation Here's our real life situation: https://www.wired.com/2015/11/comcast-may-have-found-a-major-net-neutrality-loophole/ Subsequently, we were able to form our main knowledge question to be answered, which was: To what extent does the medium of communication impact the relationship between personal and shared knowledge? After some in-depth brainstorming and analysis of
  8. My Knowledge Question is To what extent are we morally obligating to follow others ethical theories?" do you think this question works? Why or Why not. How can I improve it? My RLS are Trump and how he has his own ethical theory and maybe we should accept him. My other RLS is how a shooter believe what he does is justified and ethical.
  9. My RLS is a police violence in Louisiana that caused a death of an innocent man named Alton Sterling and KQ is To what extent can we trust the authority figures. I'm really confused with what my claims and counterclaims could be, and what evidence i could use to support my claims concerning FAITH AND HISTORY ?
  10. Just how should I approach a presentation on ethics, I have constantly been warned against this Aok but I want to give it a shot? What should I do right and what should I avoid?
  11. Love to all IB students I am currently in first IB year, preparing for my ToK presentation. Any interesting articles, topics or any tips that would help me. p.s I would be very interested in viewing your presentation as an example. Help a brother out! my exams start in 21 days, and after I have my presentation. basically a month but I want to get it done asap I'm sure I could return the favour thanks a lot
  12. Hi i am in the process if finalising my topic for my TOK presentation and i would like to know what you think about it please help me out ! My main topic would be Ethics and invention ( knowledge question = how far is it necessary for scientists to create inventions based on ethics.) my main RLS would be about Agent orange and how it was misuses with out being tested properly and how it affected many lives till date. I would like to know whether this topic would fetch me good marks and if Ethics is a good topic to discuss about.SO the main focus is on ethics PLEASE TELL
  13. I am about to finish up on my TOK presentation. Now, we are working on the TOK presentation planning form. The form has a 500 word limit, which it extremelyyyyy difficult to cut down to. I had to remove one RLS (it was not a very strong on anyways). However, is it alright if I am basing it on just 2 RLS? I can't fit it in anything all! A lot of other outlines on the internet seem to have 3 RLS. I am hoping to move up to a 9 or 10 out of 10 for the presentation but am unsure whether if I should have at least 3 RLS. Thanks in advance for your reply, I really do appreciate it!!!
  14. Hey everyone So im working on my tok presentation and i came up with this kq, "to what extent should consequences be considered when determining what is right and wrong?" My teacher has approved it but now i am stuck in spring break not knowing how to correctly approach this. I am not sure how i can relate the ways of knowing to my kq, but then again, do i have to bring in the ways of knowing into this? if so, how do you think i should do this? thanks a lot
  15. Hello! I have just started meetings with my supervisor for my ee, we are both quite confident with 2 of my topics, because of that I'm on a knife-edge. I have no idea which one to pick, one is related to thermoreceptors but then I'd have to test on people (wouldn't bring any harm), and the other one is related to sleeping patterns/quality but then how do I test that and how do I define the terms. I really need help...
  16. I am doing a TOK presentation on the banning of religious symbols in France. My real life situation is this banning as a whole, but more recently in 2014 a Muslim student in France was ordered to remove her hijab during a class at the La Sorbonne university. I am trying to think of a good knowledge question but can't come up with anything. I think I want it to have something to do with ethics and religion. Here is a link to my real life situation: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2014/10/01/Hijab-controversy-returns-in-France-after-student-asked-to-remove-her-thing-
  17. Version 1.0


    A brief summary of a TOK Ethics test. This the summary from the ib TOK book.
  18. Do you guys think this is a good research question To what extent does the manifestation of consent from all parties partaking in a common activity and the proof of its legality shape our opinion about said activity? In my presentation i want to talk about how do we know if girls (and guys) in pornography are always consenting to perform degrading sexual act and also is this consent enough. Thank you
  19. DNA222

    IA Question

    Hey everyone! I finally finalized and polished my question up. Do you have any feedback? It would be much appreciated. Thanks! "To what extent did American doctors violate black patients' rights between the years of 1932-1972 by disregarding the Nuremburg Code and not obtaining informed consent?"
  20. Hi guys I know this might be a common question, but I would like to hear the opinions of others about this. I have a very hard time just to understand this question. It is really wonderful if u guys can help me. "Should limit be put on ethical considerations in arts?"
  21. Hi, I'm trying to outline my TOK presentation and my question is "To what extent does artistic and religious knowledge challenge our ethical beliefs?" My real life situation is the novel Lolita by Nabokov and how he challenges the way we see pedophilia. I need two more real life situations + claims and counter claims and guidance on how to structure it. Please, I'm really lost! Thank you
  22. Starting to plan CAS projects and activities . I reached moat of the learning outcomes already, but was not sure how to do the Ethics one. It reads as follows: "Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions: Students show awareness of the consequences of choices and actions in planning and carrying out CAS experiences." Ideas for projects reaching this leaning outcome, or just help on figuring out what it is would be helpful. thanks
  23. Hey all! It's been over 24 hours since we've done paper 1 of Philosophy (yikes). How did everyone find it? Section A was great with regards to the photograph of the twins! What did you guys do for Section B? I had ethics and political philosophy. I found ethics to be a little bit tricky, whilst breezed through political philosophy. Good luck everyone
  24. Plese tell me if this is a good topic for my tok presentation. My real life situation is going to be Sybil who had multiple personalities and my connections to knowledge would be ethics, data, human sciences. My question would be, Are human sciences reliable? Please give me feedback to make it better
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