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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys for my cas project I’m making a small book with a bunch of creative writing pieces and photography so if any of you have anything you’d like be willing to share/send pls send it to this email: [email protected] it can be anything from poetry to a story you write for class... or a photography project or just pictures you enjoyed taking... it can really be anything! Thanks :)
  2. A question that has seriously bothered me is the subjectivity of grading IB essays. The rubrics are at best very vague. I mean according to whose opinion is my essay's organization going to be judged as "well-structured" or "effective?" (mind you these terms refer to two different bands). Clearly, an examiner who's a bibliophile will props have a higher par for what an effective structure means. What do you think?
  3. Hei, people. I'm in need of a lot of advice about HL English essays. My mark in English is okay (low 5), but its been like that for the past 2 years of IB for me. I've gone to extra help with my teacher and asked her many times how can I improve on my skills. She explains it well, and I understand, but then when I go and write my essay, I just get a low 5 again. I've read sample essays to get an idea, those weren't much help. I've read the Course Companion book a few times and it just wasn't helpful. I even tried expanding my vocabulary to see if that would help any, but I don't think th
  4. Hey guys, help me!! HOW DO YOU STOP PROCRASTINATION?? I'm a really, really serious procrastinator and it's extremely harmful. Anyone is/was a procrastinator and have any tips to stop being soo lazy?
  5. Hi everyone. I've written two short guides on IBS: Time managementPreventing and managing stressThe following is about how to create realistic plans. It's adapted from my blog. I hope it helps. There are two easy ways to create feasible plans: Pretend you have 30% the energy you usually have Copy a plan you’ve completed successfully beforeNote that I’ve left out the most obvious way – looking at a calendar and the things you have to do then filling up the hours. Why don’t we stick to plans? It’s simply too difficult For some reason, if we imagine a free day we imagine a lo
  6. I'm applying to the Gates Millennium Scholarship, and I'm still going over my essays. The prompt for Essay 2 is as follows: "Discuss the subjects in which you had difficulty. What factors do you believe contributed to your difficulties? How have you dealt with them so they will not cause problems for you again? In what areas have you experienced the greatest improvement? What problem areas remain?" In my essay, I've only brought up mathematics, but the prompt as for subjects, plural. Should I bring up another course I've had trouble in?
  7. Hi! So I'm taking Psychology HL and I'm in my first year. This december, I'll be given a mock paper 1 exam. To prepare for this, my teacher gave us a 8 mark question to write in class. Despite thinking I did quite well, my score wasn't really good. So as of now, I'm quite confused on how to write an essay correctly to get good marks. Is there anything specific I have to include or are there any tips to help me? Do I have to go indepth into the studies that I'm relating the question to? etc. THANKS!
  8. Hello! Is there anyone who can help me write an essay for TOK? I don't have any idea for doing it. If anyone know, a web page where i can read examples. Another question .... the TOK presentation could be by three people? Thanks.
  9. Hey Everyone, This thread might be off topic, but, IB requires you to write a lot in every subject, and that's exactly what my weakness is. I struggle a lot when writing essays; writing anything more than 250 words become a pain. I know that is horrible, so I really want to improve. I still have 2-6 months left before I begin my IB year 1 (depending on which school I go to) and I really want to use this time to become better at writing. How do you guys/gals write the essays in IB? Any tips? Please help me out, Aniruddh
  10. Hi everyone, So this is my first topic here. I am sorry if someone already asked the same question, but I couldn't find it anywere on this forum. Alright, I am writing my History IA now and I am working on an introduction in the analysis part (D). Is it alright if I include the title in the introduction? (My title is: To what extent was the Second Balkan War of 1913 a disaster for Austria?) Thanks!
  11. I'm a bit confused about the standards for the World Lits. It has to be directly literary, but what does that mean, exactly? Also, how directly does your WL have to be related to a supervised essay that you did in class on that same work? Mine is on "The Outsider", by Camus. My supervised essay was on the topic, "What does Camus mean when he says that Meursault represents the only Christ we deserve?" The topic I chose for WL was Meursault's mental state and its representation in the novel. How do I tie these two in together to the standards? Help! Thanks!
  12. Hi, i'm currently doing my EE on film and I have no idea what its supposed to look like! ive read the guide and criterias but i just dont know what it should look like.. anyone know any sites or have an EE they dont mind uploading? Thanks so much!!
  13. Well, right now I'm trying to be the good daughter. I'm doing the Maths HL/Physics HL thing, or as my friends have dubbed it - "mental crazy suicide" (I get that quite often). The problem is that I don't really like Maths that much. Honestly. I know that I'm quite capable of the HL course (and I like to think that my maths teacher thinks that too) But it does my head in, driving me slightly paranoid and/or passive-agressive. And I don't see too much point to it. Physics is something I like a lot, but I'm afraid I'm not that great at it. I look at things, I break things - not a good start. Eng
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