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  1. Hi guys, I have been quite frustrated lately with my searches so I came here specifically. I am a pre-IB student in Poland, public school first gen, our first graduates finished IB DP just a year ago or so. Many people at my school are more inclined towards visual arts, history and geography hence why these classes are standard. However I haven't heard of a single person taking HL math and our math teacher said the course is so hard she would only let one person from our class take it. So now we have winter break, I can't really contact her and ask for sure if the class is offered or not and t
  2. The school I'm going to right now is pretty new, our class is going to be the first graduates for the school. So, a new school means no experience, and you can see that with no Math HL offered to students. Well, they actually do now, but last year when I was in DP 1, they didn't offer Math HL, but then they started when I was my second year DP 2. And I wanted to do Engineering, and the university which I want to go to (Technical University of Denmark) accepts IB students who have Physics HL and Math HL. So you can see the problem, I don't have Math HL because the school can't offer it an
  3. I’m going to study the IB next year and I’m thinking of taking Biomedical Engineering in uni. I love Biology, so I was thinking of choosing it as my Science Subject. However, I’ve been told that I have to choose Maths HL and Physics HL in order to be accepted in an university to study Engineering. Is it true? Can’t I take Maths HL and Biology HL, instead of Physics HL? PS I’m going to study the IB in an international school (because I applied to UWC, don’t know if you have ever heard about it) but I’m in the middle of high school right now, so I have already had 2 years of Physics
  4. Hey guys, I really want to apply to some top universities and I plan on studying MechE or ECE in the future. I am currently taking: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL Chemistry SL English LangLit SL Spanish ab initio Are these subjects fine for applying to good universities? Thanks for your support!
  5. Going into jr year and class choices are due in a few weeks, please respond and thank you in advance to the ppl that do What sciences should I take and at what level if I wanna go into engineering or medical. Like what would be the best base for college? Also at what level should I take math? ^ 2 HL spots and 1 SL
  6. Hey all, Currently enrolled in the IB Program, I am still undecided on two subjects that I wish to pursue: engineering and medicine. Leaning more towards the medical field, I had chosen my courses mainly based on that decision; however, I am concerned about the amount of stress it might bring during my junior and senior year. My selected courses include: HL Math, HL English Lang. & Lit., HL Chem, HL Bio, SL Psych, and SL Mandarin Ab Initio My concerns include what subjects are required to enroll in a medical program in the United States or the United Kingdom (mainly for HL),
  7. Hello, I am looking to study civil engineering (and eventually environmental engineering) in Germany (no specific university). I currently take high level physics, ITGS and mathematics in IB1. However, I am not the best at the type of math I am studying and as a result I got a mid-4 on my mid term exam. On the first term I got a 6/7. Although these grades seem sufficient, I personally struggle a lot with the material and know my situation is only going to deteriorate as material becomes extensive and more difficult. I would like to ask if high level mathemat
  8. so i just realized i needed chem for engineering, i had assumed that because i was not going to do chemical engineering i would not need chemistry. but universities coming to my school are saying otherwise. so pls its too late to switch to chem, what can i do?
  9. hey, (English is not my first language so excuse the poor grammar, but I'm sure most people would get what I'm saying here) So I think I am in trouble. I've tried for the past 5 months to solve and understand this issue. Let me tell you the whole story right from the beginning, so I enrolled into IB this year with only two GCSEs in my hand both of which I managed to screw up, D in business and B in math. Now I know I may seem stupid with those grades but I've never cared of school and studies till now and these past 5 months I've been completely reformed. I was forced to be in MATH
  10. The title pretty much says it all. I have UNSW as my #1 preference and it'll be staying that way. However, I'm not sure whether to place USYD #2 or UTS #2 (I'll be including them all regardless). My physics teacher, who has been a professor at Western Sydney Uni, said that UTS is really good because it's more hands-on than theory based. What do people think? Thanks!
  11. I am currently in the process of selecting my IBDP courses, and was curious about subject requirements for engineering at Cambridge University. I intend to choose: HL: Maths Physics Economics Arabic SL: Business English Lit and Lang
  12. Hello everybody, I want to ask you for advice. I am currently doing the IB DP, and my subjects are Czech A (SL), English B (HL), Economics (SL), Physics (HL), Chemistry (HL) and Math (SL). I was thinking if I should do the IB certificate instead of the diploma. I want to work as a chemical engineer, and so the languages and economy are useless for me. I've heard that in the IB certificate you can choose a number of subjects you want to do, so I would choose high levels physics, chemistry, and math. Our school does not teach HL math, which is why I have just SL. I've also heard that you do
  13. Hello all, I am currently in my second year of IB and take Math SL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL. Due to a change in my major of interest I would like to take engineering in the UK but can't satisfy the Math requirement, would I be able to take a foundation year in the UK with these subjects and take my preferred engineering course upon completion? Also, should I retake the IELTS as I haven't done the UKVI IELTS but got an 8.5 on the academic one. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, I'm a month into Year 1 of IB and I just wanted to ask about the specific requirements to get into software engineering/computer science courses in the US and Canada. I currently take HL Math, Physics, Econ, and SL LangLit, Chinese, and CompSci. Would it be possible for me to get into good engineering programs e.g. University of Toronto, Waterloo, or McGill without me taking Chemistry? Thanks!
  15. Which subject according to the overall experience is better? Both of business SL and ess fit my other choice of subjects (engineering is my track btw) I just need to hear other people's opinions about each. When it comes to the IAs, content, etc. so that I'll be aware of all of the aspects before finalizing any decision. YOUR REPLY WOULD BE APPRECIATED!
  16. Can I take HL: Physics, Buis & Man, English, and SL: Chem, Math, Spansh and enter an engineering course in the US. I want to take these courses because I was told that if I take HL math and/or HL Chem, I will fail. I wanted to enter a computer engineering course or perhaps computer science course.
  17. Hi! I currently need to choose subjects for IBDP year 1. I am having some difficulties since I am not exactly sure what I really want to do and I understand that choosing right subjects is very important when applying to universities. I think I am pretty much into engineering and computer science. However, I am also very passionate about Arts so I want to keep the industrial design as an option. So here's my question: 1) Do universities usually require Visual Art HL for industrial design? What are some requirements that I would need to fulfill in order to take ID? 2) What s
  18. Hello, I am a first year IB student and we are about to finalize our HL decisions. I am not sure about my courses so I wanted to hear your ideas. I want to study biomedical engineering in college -but I might also apply to other engineering branches. My courses are Turkish A, English A, ITGS, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Three of my HL subjects are certain: Physics, Math, and Turkish A. The thing is, I wanted to take 4 HLs to strengthen my application. My counselor advised that if I also take Chemistry as HL that would look good. In our school sciences are always taught as HL,
  19. Hi, I am picking my IB subjects in less than 2 weeks and I am at a dilemma. I want to pursue an engineering degree and I am set on taking physics and chem HL. The problem however is I don't know what my 3rd hl will be. I am stuck between geography and english. Which one is harder and which one would be more useful for an engineering degree?
  20. Hello! I'm a tenth-grade student planning on doing the IBDP for my junior and senior year. As we are beginning our second semester soon, we are required to pick out our subjects for IB. I had a couple of concerns as when I told people about the subjects I'm intending to take, they said I would face a hard time. I'm hoping to study engineering at university, hopefully, either chemical and biomolecular engineering. I'm also hoping to get into a top university as it would help me so much! The subjects I'm planning on doing are; -Physics HL -Math HL -Chemistry HL -Economics HL
  21. Hi all, My subject choices for IB are: HL: Literature, Maths and Economics SL: Physics, Spanish and Business I am thinking of doing either engineering or designing for my undergrads, followed by MBA for my masters degree, wishing to go towards marketing as I am very creative. The types of engineering that attracted me are Aeronautical and Mechanical, and I like Graphic Designing, did that for my GCSEs and got an A. So what do you guys say?
  22. Hi, I am doing a physics lab on the deformation of balloons as they stretch, however I am worried I will be focusing too much on engineering formulas and usage in my project. I suppose engineering is really a sub-chute of physics, but I'm worried that if I use too many engineering-specific formulas it will be frowned upon. Am I correct in this assumption? Thanks
  23. Hello, I have decided that its time to drop HL math. I've figured that if struggle the entire year to get a 3-4 in math HL, its not worth it. I rather get a 7 in SL math. My other HL subjects are physics (going good), ITGS (going good). Both subjects 6 or 7 (mostly 7). Question 1) If I drop HL math I can choose from 3 other HL subjects (i'll be taking math SL): Business management, Chemistry or English. I'm good at English, okay at chemistry and have a small understanding in BM. Question 2) I want to be a software engineer. I know both python and Java and have multiple extra cur
  24. Is Chemistry HL or SL mandatory for applying to US universities? Otherwise, how difficult is coping up in foundation chemistry courses?
  25. I take HL Math, Physics, and Economics, and will probably apply for Engineering (specifically Electrical & Electronic) to the UK this fall. My target schools are Cambridge and Imperial College London. Would having Economics at HL instead of a subject like Chemistry put me at a disadvantage?
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